Hugo setups



I feel like we need a thread for this. I’ll edit the first post with a comprehensive list if we ever get enough. I want to know all the safe jumps, wakeup mixups

All I know so far is:

DWU meaty safe claps off any backbreaker:

HP clap (whiff) HP clap

Needs delayed timing, if done right it should meaty a DWU while being able to recovery in time to block, it just whiffs on DWU and is a unsafe meaty if you do the claps frame-perfect ASAP on regular wakeup

midrange Lariat knockup in corner, no DWU:

any clap, instant jumpin for corner crossup
any clap, delay jumpin for jumpin that hits in front
timing varies based on exact distance and which clap, ambiguous as shit tho


aaaaaand I just notice that there is a thread for this, mod delete plz, for some reason it was showing up as there only being two Hugo threads