Hugo setups




I am struggling with the setups.
Here is my issue:

Against shotos, when I use the cr.fwd to cause a knockdown, I dash forward and do A: a st.clap to whiff but it gets punished by DP. B: I do a fc.clap and it gets punished by dp. C: I do a jb.clap and they see it and wait then apply appropriate punish. I see that this setup is used alot by Jibbo Corn etc, but for some reason I get different results. I try to use this setup to force them to stop DPing on wakeup and backdash then I can apply the OS > Ultra or BB.

I have tried to use the cr.fwd to cause the knockdown then without the dash, do a standing st.clap and it gets dp’d. The one that does not get dp’d is the jb.clap.

Any suggestions?


Not sure how you do your input, but the input of MP clap after dash needs to be done early, like, while Hugo is in his dashing animation. This works for me at least. If you do it late, which I think it is, you will get DP’d because of the recovery frames, even if you managed to whiff MP Clap.

LP clap has huge recovery frames if I’m not mistaken, I don’t think anyone does that on opponent’s wakeup game.


AFAIK, all the clap setups are vulnerable to DP unless done really early. Clap pressure has varying degrees of success against people with 3-5f reversals. With those characters, you get close enough to be out of normal throw range, but still in spd range and let the threat of SPD do its work (you have to establish this at least once). Once you do that, they backdash, you can, they throw you can spd, neutral jump st.hp. OR if they just stand still because they’re solid they’re forced to deal with xx clap etc. And then of course if they DP and you block SPD if they FADC forward, reversal hp.clap if they don’t FADC.