Hugo specials weirdly difficult?



Anyone else having trouble consistently doing qcf+k and 360k with Hugo? it seems like these special inputs are weirdly strict or something.


I did when I played the game a week before release, all of his inputs overlap you need to make sure you have consistent imputs to play hugo.


No you’re not the only one, i thought that as well! I wonder if there’s anyone who can shed a light on this and if this is a mistake, except for the qcf+k. Every other move he has are consistent except for the meat squasher (360 + k)


Ungh, sounds like Hakan all over again.
QCF+P, “Seriously?”


I can’t get meat Squasher 360+k to come out while standing. A jump kick is performed instead. It makes no sense as I can do 360+p while standing no problem.


I’ve noticed the same thing with Meat Squasher 360+K. It seems to me that unlike other 360 moves, it requires 7 directions rather than the usual 6. If I am fast and include diagonal up in my motion, instead of doing just HCF then up+K, it works out.


Capcom took out the shortcut command on meat squasher as per one of the patch notes. It’s better to learn how to do the full commands anyway.


Weird decision. I can do HCF, then directly up in all other fighting games I have played that has 360 motions, so I wonder why they did this.
(Games with easy 360 input: RB2, Garou, SFA3, GG, BB, TS, ST)


Such a shame they cant remove the shortcuts on everything. Did they ever give a valid reason, or at least add an option to disable?
I remember trying to use Hakan and majority of my slides were 360 whiffs.


Most likely taken out due to overlap. If they had retained the leniency, then trying to do one would probably get the other more times.


hugo’s 360k is indeed really weird. definitely not the same as his 360p.

as an aside: hugo apparently has 8 (!) prejump frames to help with this.

you can test it out if you want - crouch next to rolento and try to jump his u2 after the freeze; you can’t do it with hugo but you can with other characters.


I figured out when i finish towards top left with 360k i can input it much faster. However, towards the right of 360k your forced to input it very slowly to get out the special. You can try my theory with st Lk or cr. Lk. Anyone post here to confirm my theory please.


Meat Squasher is indeed more difficult to input than other specials. OP you were talking about having trouble with QCF + K (Lariat). That motion is actually strict and you have to end in a clean QCF, ending in forward. If you go QCF,UF + K, Lariat won’t register. I know other specials can end in UF but not Lariat. I assume that Capcom did this to prevent people from getting accidental Meat Squashers or whatever.

Honestly I don’t like the fact that Hugo has 4 different special moves for kicks. It leaves alot of room for errors to happen.


Anybody having trouble with the Meatsquasher vs. SPD ( Moonsault press )

  • Moonsault Press can do SPD shortcut, so the inputs 412369 Punch (b, db, d, df, f, uf ) will work
  • Meat Squasher needs to input 1 more direction of rotation, so the input 4123698 Kick (b, db, d, df, f, uf, u) is required at a minimum
  • Lariat requires a strict QCF ( meaning you must end in forward )
  • Ultra 2 requires a strict QCFx2 ( meaning both QCF’s must end in forward )
  • I’m not sure if the Ultra Throw motion shortcut works ( df,d,db instead of f,df,d,db,b ), but will check this out later
  • More often than not, if you muck up the inputs for his Kick specials, you’re going to get a backbreaker ( not the worst in the world since not everybody can punish it on reaction )


Regarding his quarter/half-circle commands, if I remember correctly, the game doesn’t care if you go past strict Back or Forward, as long as you don’t end in an up direction. So for the Palm, you could do d,db,b,ub,b + p. Until now, I’ve never seen an instance in this game (or any other SF) where a command would fail for doing MORE than the required inputs. It’s very frustrating, and I can’t really think of a good reason for this, other than just to make the commands more difficult (which is out of line with Capcom’s trend of facilitating commands). Is there something I’m missing? There should be no issues with overlapping commands, because the 360 commands have input priority over the qcf commands anyway.

It’s also odd that they allow the shortcut on 360p, but not 360k. The strict qcfs on U2, I can see a reason for. This way he cannot continuously buffer the the first qcf while crouching. It’s a strategy-minded decision, and it’s Capcom’s call. But the other stuff I would really like to see fixed, at least the quarter/half-circle issues.


I input HCFUF+K

Backbreaker comes out.



I’m having a hard time doing empty clap to MS. I get BB no matter what. Seriously! then heed to make the buffer window smaller on BB, I swear it’s twice as big as other DPs!


Wish they would take the leniency off his SPD as well, hate trying to do clap then get SPD instead =(


I often get clap when going for SPD in cross-up situations. It’s annoying.


I’ve never had that problem but ever since I got used to doing an input for Meatsquasher, I can’t do SPD anymore.