hugo taunt

how do i do the taunt where the chick comes out in the xbox version of 3s?

Push HP+HK+:u: at the same time. :tup: (if im not wrong, if you hold HP+HK+:u: she’ll do different taunt)

(3 versions of the taunt)

Although 4 taunts gets your defense up to Q level, its not really worth doing the taunt. Really the only time to taunt is when you stun them, or doing a palm bombing juggle twice in the corner (more than enough time to slip a taunt in).

Times you can taunt:

After an air throw

After Super Art III

After down + mk at far range

for the taunt to take effect do you have to hold it or does the quick taunt give you the bonus?

I land most of my taunts when I play against guys who stay back and charge. For example against Yun players, they love to jump back/dash back and charge. Instead of chasing after them all the time, sometimes I just taunt.

The Quick taunt only gives you a Defense bonus. The long taunt powers up your next grapple (Alex Style).

I don’t think the extra time doing the taunt is worth it, however, as you’ll end up eating a hearty combo in that time you’re taunting.

The quick taunt also raises your damage for all non-throw moves. The full taunt raises damage on all attacks.

Even when Hugo is fully taunted, he takes more damage than a fully taunted Q. Hugo takes less damage without taunts than Q takes without taunts, but after one taunt each Q already takes less damage.

It’s still not hard to get 2-3 taunts in a match, and the damage reduction can still make a difference.

Are the bonuses from the taunts incremental? I thought it was no bonus until you hit 3/4 taunts.

The defense bonuses are incremental, yeah.

Hugo’s taunt isn’t as useful as Q’s because it isn’t as effective (since Hugo starts out with better defense and the taunt doesn’t increase his defense as much), it doesn’t take effect as quickly, and Hugo doesn’t want to be away from the opponent like Q does. Not only does Hugo cover ground much more slowly than Q (because of his lack of a fast dash punch-like thing; no, lariat is not as good), but he also usually wants to be up on the opponent’s ass as much as possible, meaning the time used to taunt after a neutral throw or knockdown or whatever is time spent not getting to the position you want to be in. There are a couple times to use the taunt, but they’re relatively rare.

While you probably want to be as close to the opponent as you can with Hugo, it is inevitable because your opponent is gonna want to stay away with Hugo. True, Hugo’s taunt is relatively slow, and not as quick as Q’s, but… uh… Hugo’s hitbox is huge. He’s gonna be eating alot of normals unless you’re a smart blocker. So yeah, while your opponent is playing stay away, or building up meter, sneak in a taunt. It’s not smart to rush in blindly with Hugo with a random lariat/backbreaker. His lag time is horrible.

P.S. When Hugo corners his opponent, you know they’re in for a ride.

From the system mechanics thread :

Here are the damage numbers on Q’s jumping fierce, close standing forward, SAII, fierce dash punch.

Hugo: 86; with 1 taunt - 80; 2 taunts - 74; 3 taunts - 69; 4 taunts - 63
Q:---- 93; with 1 taunt - 76; 2 taunts - 65; 3 taunts - 54

So you can see its not really worth doing it compared to Q. However, if the opportunity arises go for it.

Of course Hugo’s taunt can’t compare to Q’s taunt. NO ONE’s taunt compares to Q’s taunt.

As a SAIII user though, I still find it useful. The main opportunities to taunt are after the air throw or SAIII, and Super Art I users don’t really have that last option.

The great thing about super art three is that it gives Hugo a high-priority attack that will basically stuff out anything. This makes the mobility issue less important because no matter who you’re playing, eventually, a character will have to come in on you to do damage. with SAI, it’s hard to stuff out moves when people charge in on you, but with SAIII, it’s easy with the right timing.

Though it may not be ideal to taunt every time, SAIII users have PLENTY of opportunities to taunt.

The time following a connected SAIII is better used in pursuing the opponent. It’s much better for Hugo to create his own positioning than to rely on the opponent to come in close enough for him; if they’re smart, they won’t. You have enough time to get right up next to the opponent after SAIII, but you don’t have enough time to both taunt and get up next to the opponent. Having good positioning and playing your best gameplan is better than slightly increasing your defense and attack.

But if you are far away from the opponent to taunt safely, you really can’t get ideal positioning anyway. They could just roll back and that would put them too far away from you to set up your moves.

But then again, if you pursued them, it would be easier to pressure them into the corner. So there are advantages to both.

My point though is that if you’re far enough away from your opponent to taunt, you won’t have ideal positioning to use Hugo’s wake up game to the fullest extent anyway–for example, from that distance, Hugo wouldn’t be able to do any cross ups on opponents.

If I ever knock someone down I would usually go in and put more pressure on them. Each taunt gives you less than 5% defensive bonus it’s just not worth trading pressure/wake up game for. Against characters who zone and run away from Hugo all day you cannot afford to give up spacing over a taunt. Not when each taunt does so little defensive bonus.

Hugo is the scariest when he’s close. And you don’t get too many chances to get close to your opponents. The only times you get to do a safe taunt is after an air grab or SA3. I would never taunt after SA3 as you have more than enough time to go in 'cause they can’t roll. After an air grab it’s hard to say, I guess it depends on your position and situation. The only type of Hugo that would always taunt over wakeup pressure is the type that zones all day and wait for people to go in. IMO that’s not the right way to play Hugo.

I do however, love to taunt when my opponent is staying back and charge all day. That way you tell them if they’re going to charge for that super you’ll get your defensive bonus in. That’ll usually stop them from turtling too much.

Just for the record, I calculated the damage reduction based on Lakeearth’s post from above.

1 taunt gives you a 7.5% damage reduction

2 tuants give you 16% damage reduction

3 taunts give you 25% damage reduction

4 taunts give you 36% damage reduction

The damage reduction isn’t tons, but it is certainly more than 5%.

Also keep in mind that the damage system of Street Fighter 3: Third strike is very weird and in some instances, Hugo with 4 tuants takes less damage than Q with all three taunts.

It may not be much compared to Q’s taunt but I still think that if you are far enough way to taunt, Hugo’s wake up game is somewhat crippled. I have seen a few high level videos where the players have foregone all taunt opportunities to play wake up, and then due to Hugo’s shitty positioning, missed the opportunity to do damage on wake up.

Hugo’s taunt can’t compare to Q’s but it is still valuable and it’s not that hard to get 2 to three taunts in a match. Even one taunt gives you 7.5% damage reduction which is significant in itself.

After 4 taunts you save 23/86 = 27% right. I guess that’s a little more than 5% per. But how often do you get to a safe taunt anyway?
If I somehow get to taunt x4 in the beginning of the round then it helps a lot. But that’s usually not the case. Doing a taunt when you have 1/2 life left is not the same as doing one when you have full life.