Hugo thread

Hugo Vs. Urien
my friend just moved from Van so his urien is insane. is this match even possible ? cause honestly uriens throw is like a thousand times faster, his standing feirce or c. medium ruins me. he partions so i eat standing medium punch into ex headbutt farrrrrrrrrrrr to often haha. any ideas on how to play him ?

as of right now i turtle, try to parry anything to come my way and then i attmept to punish. alot harder then it sounds man

another thing is i was wonderin what his taunt does ? a more in debth describtion would be nice please. does his taunt stay until the round is over ? or just the next hit. and what is the difference between his long and short taunt ?

urien’s throw is better? i’d have to say urien’s dash is better so everytime he dashes in on you make sure you THROW…

hugo’s works on urien, couple of’s too. claps…

Hugos short taunt slightly raises his deffense and can be stacked up four times, his deffense bonus I think stays in effect for one round then it resets, his short taunt also slightly raises his offense for non-grab moves and stays in effect for one hit. His long taunt raises his offense for grab moves like MSP. As for Poison im not exactly sure what she does.

As for Poison, it’s just for some distraction

try this when you face urien, by the time you parry his moves use 360 move it got a higher priority than urien’s throw, turtle method is okay 2,when urien release a metal sphere jump in with forward+fp u can reach him this way if he parries a lot do the 360 or 720, try to hit his arms and legs not urien’s body with hugo’s and

I had to do this match-up at the last tourney I went to. Needless to say, I got beasted.

Couple questions to Hugo players…

  1. Is it better to rush down and just do a bunch of OCPs on an Urien to get in those Moonsault Presses or just turtle it out?

  2. Which super do you pick against him? (i go with the Gigas Breaker)

hmm since hugo is so big he can partion ex heatbutt from s. strong which killllls me so bad

you cannot rush down urien …

i use super … any super actuly, 3 the least, i find it only good to get out of aegis if you delay it. but he ends up hitting me no matter what haha

standing short seems to work decent. but theres nothing that can really keep urien away for more then 2 seconds beforeim eating another ex headbutt … any ideas guys ?

my necro can ruin is urien but i wanna learn urien :frowning:

use 720 at wake up, when he execute the aegis.
parry then use your when urien release metal sphere
use then learn uriens pattern.

main problem for me against urien is the fact that uriens mp fireball hits hugo if he is standing or jumping, so starting an offense is nearly impossible. Most the players at my arcade (ff) know and abuse this.

my 2 cents

get in close and when he does mp fireball duck it and hit him

btw a while ago someone said he had a tape of ysb or some other japanese hugo owning everyone… is that video being distributed around? i think all these little tricks that we talk about like standing 720 are nice, but to become real good with hugo it’s all about spacing and being able to poke well… that why i really want to see that video as i hear ysb is real good at poking

duck! when u see urien do this, then, if ever hugo jump in then urien make a mp fireball, parry when hugo is close enough do a 360.

Hmm, i’ll have to give it a shot. Sounds like that would be an oppertune time to tachi as well.

if your good at down parry jump in at urien with f+fp most of them can parry this use it as a bait then urien will follow a sweep parry that then do a 360 if they parry the f+fp if close enough do 720 you dont need to worry at the foot sweep Gigas will do the rest

Any tips on how to own Dudley, i had a hard time with a casual game two days ago. Dudley got a nice range and great damage as hugo does even better coz of combos. can get close enough but when i do get close enough he just blocks jump ins dont work and uoh dont get that far a wrong move coz a round.

against dudley i find jab 360 works nice. grabs him out of most of his normals. other then that … i think dudley gets outpoked by hugo

my friend is a very high level 3S player, im just learning but im getting more decent.

i play very caustiously when i use hugo

i find im too slow to hurt him, and he is strong enough to do good damage on me. pretty much the most anoying fight ever and work good, but uriens s.fp or s. mp hurt me alot

how i usually try and get in is only with standing mp.
pretyt much i use hugo against mostly everybody, and necro when i wanna get close to beating his urien

hes too smart for 720 on wakeup, if he notices i have a super chances are i won’t hit him with it haha. im trying to get faster at parry 720. the timing is insane on it haha, anybody got any tips for that ?

I think Dudley is a hard fight for Hugo… his jump in is too low for you to air grab him most of the time… and it seems hard to grab him even if you parry that jump in

dudley isn’t that hard… dudley is a very good closeup fighter… hugo is a good closeup fighter and zone fighter… stops dud’s jumping game… plus u can’t crouch it making it more effective that ryu’s s.rh… use gigas or hammer… they can both punish after dud’s sa3…

i find dudley probably the hardest opponent for hugo (well, one of them at least). Largely because of his standing fierce which can beat out hugos standing strong a lot, and his jump being so low.

also, for some weird reason, i find parrying his jump ins far more difficult than with anyone else. Which is annoying.