Hugo vs ChunLi & other Top Tier Chars

Hugo belong’s to the Low Tier Characters, but i don’t agree with that, to me it depends on how you use Hugo.

He doesn’t call himself “I’m a monster” for nothing

So peeps how do you play against a bad matchup against Chunli and others like Yun?

Let us bring out the “MONSTER” in Hugo

Vs Chunli
Chunli’s b+fp, fp and,irritates me most, wtf am i saying almost every move she does is hard to counter.

first thing i do at the start of the round is parry,most chunli players do a fp, or taunt if she back dash till the end of the screen, in this way i strengthen my defense but still need to do a couple of taunts.i doesn’t move too much (waiting for the moment to parry then 360), i don’t know if after you parry chunli’s two punches in the air if you can land a 360 is it possible?

after chunli’s wakeup i do a lot of close lp it connects and it avoid’s ex spinning bird kick, a lot of jumpin then 360, if she b+fp parry but its hard to pulloff since its hard to predict when the b+fp will comeout.right now im learning how to do a down parry then 360 after a jumpin to avoid the then super,it scares players when you do that.

VS Yun
Block, I often use SA1 hehehehe, don’t be aggressive. taunts required, mp alot.use 720 at the moment yun uses genei jins in your face, if genie jins in process block wait for it to runs out or use so yun wont get too close

vs yun

do jumpback with mp… just do it trust me either it gets parried or not ur safe, if parried u can parry back… just do random jump back with mp… if yun goes for a dive kick he’ll get hit…i use sa2 cuz it can grab dive kicks too… do the lk version, 360 him as he tries to gen u in your face

vs yun
using s.lp is effective too if you can’t parry or grab dive kicks after yun’s dive kick block then do this u can connect three pokes in this way. or learn yun dive kick then LP,LK,MP,shoryuken then parry his last shot then do a deal of damage.

Good yuns don’t do the shoulder if the first three hits of the chain don’t connect. They’ll usually go for multiple divekicks in order to avoid getting thrown if one is blocked. Try to quickly down-parry after a divekick and throw (this is also to tech if he tries to throw), or you can anticipate follow-up divekicks and try to shootdown/SA2.

good yuns usually do a palm after the first 3 hits because if yun does the chain and doesn’t cancel he has recovery on that mp leaving him open for a 360 or gigas or anything…

whenever u knock yun down he doesn’t have a relieble wake up so 50/50 him for free… 360 on his wake up or… best wake up game ever hehehehe!!! :badboy: :badboy:

Yeah, and I think they can vary the timing on the shoulder(s) too.

vs Akuma
when Akuma releases a fireball use although your a taking a hit so does akuma but a greater damage to him(don’t do this often"gamble") after a dive kick down parry a common akuma does a combo or parry the dive kick then 360 don’t be annoyed by akuma’s air hadou when he does this its time for you to taunt or just jump the thing is don’t get hit or to avoid his setup. there are times when akuma does a air-fireball upclose parry that then 360. learn to parry his hurricane kick if you could parry even one do a throw or 360 even better.

If your Chun is doing s.HP at the start of the round, eat it. Then at the start of next round (with full meter) do walk-tiny-step into partioned Gigas to grab the bitch’s s.HP at the start of the next round.

Really impractical, but looks sweet. :slight_smile:

vs chun: yeah they dont call her chun whore 4 nothing! shes got good priority but so have you.
use and mp but dont be predictable otherwise shell sa2 you.
dont be scared with ex sbk. most chuns wont let you grab er with 360s on wakeup but the hp overhead will stop it.
dont use laggy moves like f.hp cos if whether you get her or not its gonna be sa2 on you.
chuns wont jump (no megaton press) so abuse the others. go gigas!

don’t be afraid of the ex sbk because u can gigas on her recovery… I bait the sbk when i knock her down…

Vs chun
a then dash 360 most of the time will work if you can get chun to block alot. avoid chunli’s parry bait i.e. parry that then just block or 360 to avoid SA2

I dunno, maybe it’s my scrubby comp, but I will NEVER get that to work. I will definitely get hit out of my dash.

I can only get dash>360 to work from afar, and rarely at that.

what do you guys do against yuns that stay back and charge and does a shitload of jump ins? do you even try to parry the jump ins?

vs. yun

let him stay back, he wants u to come to him unless he charges for super… average yun will and wait till they build meter… walk towards him and get in his space MOST yuns will try to s.rh to knock you away… parry and 360… with yun’s jump in game u don’t know if the dive kick is gonna hit or whiff so just jump back with mp… if u use sa2 u can grab the dive kicks… when yun activates sa3 from full screen… wait for a lunge punch or shoulder… if he does lunge punch its 3 parries… gigas after words or whatever… if he does shoulder its 2 parries… gigas or 360… fighting yun with hugo requires more strat… peace

Yun players i play against dont tend to activate at the other end of the screen, normally they do it in combo. Or just right next to me in any case, causing plenty of annoying mixups.

one more thing to add to the anti yun stuff though, dont even bother trying to parry the dive kick, as far as i can see you never get anything guaranteed in any case, unless the yun players spacing is such that he hits you really high, then MAYBE, but they shouldnt really be playing like that if theyre any good.

Heh, and i dont think MOST yuns will standing rh me to knock me away when i walk close to them, far more likely they will jump and Dive kick and all that bollocks. Even if they did though, unless they do it at a very predictable time, the parry-360 seems pretty unlikely.

Can’t agree more. I don’t think I’ll ever try to parry that dive kick unless maybe he tries to hit me really high… other than that it’s totally not worth the parry… better off to get rdy to throw them if they dive kick right in front of you…

BLEH you have no confidence!!!.. ok if ur not sure about approaching yun let him come to you… hugo and Q are the best turtlers in my opinion… they are the only characters that have the ability to just sit there and block most of the round… hugo has the 360 fear factor that makes people keep their distance which gives you the benefit to turtle and block… use jabs and shorts to annoy him there hugo’s main tools… make yun fear the 360 its the get off your ass move… if ur having problems parrying dive kicks block em then red parry the s.jab that starts the chain if u cant do that then learn to block really good and kara throw him when he gets too close with and start mixing up there… yun has no good wake up but the ex kick move but with gen bar they won’t wanna waste it so ur free to be all over em hugo has has alot of wakeup games::, jab 360> jab clap (if they jump thinking ur gonna 360 they get hit and u can juggle after words),> lk 360kick,> jab clap,> lk clothesline, 360

just 360 em when they get up LOL best set up ever, it looks so funny!!!

s.fp(most damaging overhead in the game watch the stun too!! :wow: )

uoh, 360… after getting hit with an overhead it will throw em off and they will not think of jumping away…

clap, whiff, 360

clap, blocked, s.fp

fp clap, dash, do any setup above

you can go through the list and do each one so you won’t get predictable and probably kill em before doing all these wake up games… there are more but I can’t remember right now…