Hugo vs ChunLi & other Top Tier Chars

vs Dudley

I pick Gigas vs almost everyone else but this is one of the few matches where I think it’s impossible to land it. SA3 is nice to go through Dudley’s pokes once in a while, has better range for punishing his mistakes, and is excellent against jump ins. Especially when Dudley LOVES to jump in on Hugo.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I find Dudley’s jump in being extremely annoying. Dudley Jump in -> parry -> 360/throw whiffs quite often, it just seems like the timing is a lot tighter compared to the shotos for example. That tells me it’s not worth it to parry his jump ins since 360 is not guaranteed and if I miss then 40% of my life is gone. Air grab is nice if they jump from far or if you anticipate it. Also air grab them if you think they’re trying to parry that aa SA3, which rarely happens as ppl has the mindset that Hugo has no good aa up close.

I rarely use Hugo’s qcf+lk but this is one match up that I think it’s useful. Especially when the Dudley you’re playing loves to throw out random pokes/jump in a lot. It has great priority and I often catch them on their way up doing a jump in or beating whatever pokes/moves they’re doing. Of course you don’t abuse it but I do it a few times a match and results have been great so far.

let me know what you all think!

qcf+lk is more useful here 'cause Dudley’s pokes from far are often done standing. Use that move more than once a match vs Shoto/Chun and you’re screwed lol.

does hugo’s d+hp hits dudley’s jump in?which one wins?

vs Yun

Which super do you guys pick and why?

I know SA2 could grab them out of dive kicks has has high prioroty vs any other air attacks that they do. I’ve never actually picked this super vs anyone in a serious tourney fight, but I really like the idea. If you take away that jump in then Hugo can seriously outpoke Yun. For those ppl who have used this super vs good yuns, is it as easy as it sound?

I’ve always picked SA1 vs Yun but it seems impossible to grab him unless I parry that jab,jab…shoulder -> super chain, or if I parry some sort of jump in. I’ve seen someone use SA3 mainly to counter Yun’s SA3. Well he would basically activate Hammer Frenzy if he sees an opening in Yun’s SA3 pokes. I guess SA3 could be use as an anti air as well and not worry about getting hit out of unlike SA2 (even though I think SA2 can grab Yun thru most of Yun’s air attacks).

What do you guys think?

OK, Hugo fairs well against the top tier characters, but what to do against a guy like Remy?

OK, Hugo fairs well against the top tier characters, but what to do against a guy like Remy?

he will try and overcome you with sonic booms which is a problem but because your priority on normals > his once you get in its gonna be a chance to do big damage. he stuns easily - just try one overhead s.hp and watch the stun bar. claps and s hp will mess up most of his pokes anyway.

while on the subject: everytime i see a hugo vs chun in a vid (eg ysb) it always looks as a piece of cake for hugo. must be somethig to do with how hugo has more range?

Plus that air throw seems to have pretty good reliability against chun li too.

nope… i think ppl just don’t bother putting up vids in which chun owns hugo as it’s no fun to watch…

vs yun… yea the lk version of sa2 grabs the dive kick… has to be deep cuz its an instant grab… if there is travel time on the way up the dive kick will stuff ur super… good part is that u can watch and see if he dive kicks or not… another good thing is that yun cant do close up whiff dive kicks… yun will have to stay on the ground… 360 usually gets me out of the gen from yun… thats good enough… and if I so happen to parry i just do the wall grab into sa2 for max damage.

What do you do if Ken decides to down medium kick # 3 all day?

haha… i play against ryu players that does c mk & sweep from max distance all day… there’s not much you can do really… :sad:

i used to poke back with c mk and s mp but those moves come out slower than ryu’s c mk/rh so they’re no good… plus if you whiff a c mk they can do sweep/c mk -> super

what i do now is if i’m just within/outside of shoto’s c mk/rh range i would poke back with c short… it comes out really fast and has great recovery… i only use c mk if i know at least they’ll have to blk it… s mp & c mp are ok if you don’t abuse them… jab sucks if they keep their distance since it has longer start up & recovery & does less damage compared to c short

i don’t think hugo can play footsie with ken/ryu all day… especially if they keep their distance… it’s best to poke back a little with c short and whatnot then try to blk their stuff and get close to them…

I laughed out loud when I read this, just picturing yun going aaaaaaaaaaaw geneijin! and then that look on Hugos face LOL!
hilarious, and a good strategy too! :tup:

vs ken

main tool is… it has weird hit box, he lifts his leg to do a shin kick and ken.s will go under hugo’s and hugo will hit ken’s body… another tool is… it stuffs nearly all shoto moves including ken’s s.rh… add claps… or just block and let ken come to u :badboy: … or … uoh over the and 360 with jab cuz it will reach that far… hehe or gigas if u have meter :badboy:

I just have a random question. I was in training mode practicing all kinds of resets for SA3 (this super is so awesome), and I was doing choke grab in corner -> reset with c. mp -> SA3. It’s a reset and not a combo, but the SA3 (2/3 hits would connect) does chip damage. Any idea why?

reset combos still get damage reduction

Usually when people ask this sort of thing, it’s a ‘challenge’, but in this case it isn’t:

eddieW, you got some videos of yourself?

Also, thanks for the info on the standing short. I’m guessing it’s about 3 million times harder than it looks (to use).

why u ask?? I know matchups cuz i use to play hardcore at austin were mopreme and fubar played til they moved to japan… my hugo is pretty goodI placed top 5 with hugo in all the tournies I do attend which is rare, i got 3rd at a tx showdown one year with hsien and choi being top 2 and mopreme 4th so there u go

when fighting shotos that just stay at sweep range just walk towards them and do lk’s and watch for them and block em till they finally whiff one cuz u can them on whiff sweeps. don’t just throw’s out…

I just realized that if you parried a sweep you can m clap -> l clap -> sweep/mp against some characters. 54 points damage on Ryu (1/3 damage) so for those of us that uses SA1 we have another option.