Hugo vs CPU Gill

I know its not a big deal because its the cpu, but I have major gripes.
I tear through everyone without losing a round, yet I get to Gill and the fun stops.
Im constantly getting hit out of 360s.
I see my hands go to grab em and I get stuffed in the mouth. Its just very annoying. no 360s practically. Its a matter of get lucky and land all the pokes or wait till he finally does his knee drop and parry to megaton press.

well… make sure that u are using 360+jab as it’s got better range and grabs faster than the other punches

other than that… good ways to land 360/720 would be after parrying the 2 hit knee drop… or parrying/blocking the lariat… or parrying gill’s jump in attack

I could write a whole guide on how to fight Gill with Hugo! =)

Basically, stop trying to SPD him. He can cheat, essentially, and poke you everytime you try it. As supapuffy said, if you are going to go for SPD, use jab unless it’s guaranteed.

Mostly, use lots and lots of standing strong. He’ll parry it sometimes, but he eats a lot of them and it keeps him off of you. If he does get too close, rapid standing or low jabs always work well to push him out. If he does the knee drop, parry it, then immediately do a fierce clap (while he’s still in the air) and then immediately follow it with a RH lariat. If timed correctly, you should get a 2 hit juggle combo on him that does crazy stun. If you’re near the corner, you can replace the lariat with a forward backbreaker, but that’s mostly just for show. =) (Technically, you don’t have to be in the corner, but it’s difficult to land mid-screen.)

Low forward also works well, of course. Also, random claps from just out of range often tend to smack his random pokes. If he dashes back and does knee drop, you have time to do jump back fierce for not only good damage and stun, but a chance for a free taunt (defense raise).

If he resurrects, you can time a toward+fierce to knock him out of it such that he only gets about 15 - 20% of his life back. It also does really good stun (such that you might even stun him right there if he’s already got a chunk on his meter). You can also use Megaton to grab him out of resurrection. Just make sure you don’t do it -too- early or it can actually whiff.

As for the supers, the easiest way to get him with Gigas is after blocking a lariat (Gill’s) or parrying the knee drop and dashing forward to catch him as he lands. With Megaton, you can use it after parrying the knee drop or even after simply blocking it (though you gotta do it pretty soon after you come out of block stun). I pretty much never use Hammer Mountain, so I can’t say as well on that. Obviously, you can use it in the usual anti-poke fashion or do lots of fierce claps and link into it if one hits.

Yes, I play the CPU way too much. :sweat:

I hear ya Slim.
I know playing CPU isnt as educational as vs humans, but it still helps with reflexes and being able to work combos.
But yea, thus far my only success was spamming strongs and jabs up close, or clap crazy.
And I tried to megaton his resurrection and missed. I guess it was to early like you said.
So what other differences is there besides range and damage on SPD differences? Theres actually a lag time for grabbing them?
I was using jabs often, but he hax and hits me with them pokes of death. Specially the low ones. I was never good at low parrying.