Hugo Vs Gouki's PUNK Ass



need some very good type on how to beat this random ass nigga


use SA2 to keep him out of the air.
once he is on the ground he is just another shoto.
Note : SA2 is unreliable if done late within the landing arc of a jumping normal. (eg. shoto jump hk / jp). However these can be easily parried -> sa2

parry jump in air fireballs -> 360 as he lands. He lands too fast for sa2 to hit but the 360 still = pain.
demonkick -> sa2
demonflip -> sa2
whiffed dragon punch->sa2

if you are very fast with reaction you can also take him out on
hurricane kick -> sa2
overhead -> sa2

sa2 causes BIG hurt on akuma and often by the time you have built enough meter to execute on him it should be at a point where it will kill him once it lands.




thanks man but this guy no’s wat he’s doing i was playing him lastnight. it was a 5 round match and i almost had him? fucking hurrican kick’s was fucking me up. and i was fucking up on the red parry to. thanks for the info


^ Does he not jump at all? SA2 works wonders ya know. You might not have to red parry. If you’re timing is good, you can catch him right after every blocked hurricane. There’s a split second where Gouki is vulnerable when he lands. Take advantage of that and scare him out of his hurricane attempts. Slap him with a 360 throw, he’ll be wary after that, and probably quit altogether the second time.

You had to know this thread was going to happen eventually.


I’m just posting to say I like the name of this topic. I don’t like Akuma or anything. Harmonaz wishes he could play Hugo.


RaishinX is right. Parrying is too risky especially since Akuma can juggle off it and it’ll hurt you for too much risk. The risk-reward factor for parrying hurricane is not in your favour.

The reason for using SA2 vs akuma is the risk-reward factor for that is highly in ur favour. If you get hit out of Sa2 the kick is barely a touch on Hugos lifebar, you get knocked away and you are safe, whilst if you get through its an almost garunteed GG. Does the akuma player want to gamble that risk with you? Technically if you both are on an even level they shouldnt. Because their ground game is more than adequate to still beat you.
If he is still jumping on you it means he is still alot better than you(to have enough life to survive after a SA2 or is confident enough to) or he is just stupid…

Don’t forget even though you are using SA2 you still have a ground option.
Wall throw > SA2. So in instances where you might do a 360 normally go for the wallthrow into SA2 instead. It hurts more and theyre gonna learn theyre still not safe in the air OR the ground.

Don’t give up! Akuma is definitely winnable.
Its not as broken as like Urien vs Hugo :sweat:


ok i’ve just done some testing :

Hurricane is only safe to 360 if it is done close. You can tell if it is safe or not by how many hits you block. If you block all of them- he will land right next to you and its a free heavy 360. If you block one it means he done it from far and it will land him far from you. if you block 2-3 a jab 360 can still reach him. However if he does do it far - you should have literally a tonne of times to see it coming and can sa2 him CLEAN with no problems. I tested this just then over 20 times on ps2 without him hitting me out of sa2 from both the ground and the air executing sa2 at different intervals of closeness and angles.

I’ve also tested it against the other moves and sa2 works against demon dive/flip clean also.

It is NOT safe to use alone against shoto jumping normals in their landing arc (parry first then Sa2).
He also lands too fast from a jump in air fireball for a sa2 to catch him after parry. However he is still open and you can 360 him for free.

I have updated my earlier posts to reflect the results of these tests.

This is all actually very interesting to me and i will be compiling a short video of things you can/cannot sa2 into from various characters to hopefully give other hugo players some idea on sa2 and not to dismiss sa2 so easily. Watch for it soon :smiley:


Also, I think an EX clap works for an SAII setup.


yep it does
but i didnt really bother mentioning it as its really slow to startup and people can usually see it coming.
i only ever use it for chipping someone to death on wakeup.

as a sa2 setup i think theres better options than to use a full bar after the ex clap.
running clothes line does almost as much damage with no super bar use so i think its the better option to take if u do manage to hit someone with it


I love sa2 vs Akuma since it beats demon flips and air cane clean. Sometimes it can even beat out air fb. That one isn’t always reliable but at least it has to scare Akuma a little. Plus sa2 takes off 40%+ on Akuma so it’s worth it. If Akuma stops jumping then great. Play him like a ryu then. No more annoying stuff in the air. He can’t even mass those ground canes 'cause Hugo can blk and 360. You can even 720 but I can’t do it fast enough so I don’t want to risk it. I would still pick sa1 sometimes and try to parry into 720 or wait for a mistake. It just depends on my opp’s style I guess.

Another thing is to rarely jump in on Akuma, especially when he has super. Hugo’s jump is too slow Akuma can react and do upper into sa1 easily. Never jump in from far as Akuma loves to aa Hugo with air cane cancelled into sa1 if you start parrying. If you have to jump then do it from close. At least if you do it close he has less time to react.


to sa2 air fireball its gotta be pretty early. like before the fireball actually comes out and u just see his palm starting to come out. once the fireball is out it’ll knock u out clean. But yeh sa2 is worth the risk in all cases vs akuma!

on jumping close that is something i do myself sometimes. jump for the cross over heavy punch splash. against people that are use to playing hugo they usually can block the crossover. but what they dont expect u to do is to jump and do it again lol
you just gotta mix it up to keep them on their toes


tonight i fight a strong gouki i’ll let everyone no how it went


i personally use sa1 for the fact that the gigas can just end the match once akuma is at 55 percent life bar… average player gets on a more defensive mode when low on life that a turtle akuma can be a pain…

jump straight up with rh, mp or fp is very good fp has a lot of reach and rh has a large hit box and mp has alot of priority speed and reach.

if akuma teleports to the other side when cornered… ex clothesline and hold it until u reach akuma and wack the troll bastard… keep in mind when u hold the ex clothesline it increases the damage so thats an added bonus…


So how’d it go, mukai?

Also, red-parrying will kill hurricanes entirely. It’s a really mental battle between a Hugo and an Akuma. Yeah you both know Akuma’s statistically better but enough slaps (2 or 3) and whatever the player was doing is going to stop. That’s why I’m almost glad Akuma’s stamina is so weak and Hugo’s so strong.


u dont really need to red parry the hur kicks… .hugo has a free 360 or gigas after a blocked one…

hell i even use hugo’s taunt for extra defense when akuma’s run and jump back with fireball its a free taunt making it even harder for akuma to win…


Exactly what I was gonna say. :rofl:


was beatting him but it’s still was hell-a hard, HE BEAT ME MORE AND SHIT… i need more shit to work with.


wat do you mean you get a free 360 or a gigas? let me no wat your talking about


we’ve been talking about this thru out the thread…