hugo vs urien

Is this possibly hugo’s worst matchup? :frowning:
I have been unable to find any sources on how to deal with urien. I’ve looked all over for vids and even the Japans best Hugo players erinho/YSB/Hayao from what i have seen (10 matches for different tournaments) they have never beaten urien!
The only time they seem to take a round is when the urien gets too in hugos face but the next round they backoff and play it safe and always win by a large margin.

What makes him so hard over yuns/chuns/kens/dud (which i can deal with relatively ok)?! i’m pretty sure its his normals which possibly out prioritise everything hugo has. The only thing hugo can really do is mixup command grab and trade normals with urien maybe 1/10 times. in that case i might as well use Q -__-
i dont know

1)Headbutts + ex headbutts own Hugo up close. They beat everything and Hugo has to blk even when crouching.
2)J rh owns Hugo. It’s got too much range and since Hugo has a big hitbox it’s easy to mix up the timing.
3)Urien has a quick + long dash meaning they can stay just outside of Hugo’s range and once they see Hugo whiff a move they can dash in throw.
4)Sa3. Hugo is too slow to chase Urien down.

From my experience Uriens love to stay back and charge. They wait for you to go in and would do the occasional j rh mix up. If Hugo gets impatient and whiff mp or c mk here and there then Urien would dash in throw.

What Hugo wants to do here is to corner Urien so he doesn’t get to charge for free. However, it is very important to not whiff mp or c mk. If you get thrown then Urien gets meter + you lose ground. Plus Urien can ex headbutt Hugo if they see a whiffed move. So don’t abuse mp or c mk. Use them when you know Urien is within distance. But then you say Urien is always outside of Hugo’s range? Use clap, c mp, lp and lk. Clap beats most of Urien’s moves including low attacks, the c mp, lp and lk are quick enough to not get punished when whiffed. So that stops the random dash in throws.

Now the j rh. Not much you can do here. Hugo’s c fp is real good if they get predictable with that j rh. That should stop the j rh abuse. But of course you have to mix it up. If they switch it up to empty jumps then you’ll have to start using the air grab. Or just blk. Only parry if they jump in from far such that they can’t really combo you if you miss the parry.

Urien loves to headbutt on wakeup 'cause they think it’s an uppercut w/o the recovery vs Hugo. You can do early mp or c mk to stop his wakeup but it’s easier to react to early attacks. You don’t want them to feel like they can just blk. The clap is alright too since it beats headbutt and Urien can’t punish even when parried. And then you have to mix in the occasional 360.

You simply cannot stop the tackle into sa3. Especially when Hugo is slow and Urien gets to charge easy. But if you play your game right then hopefully you’ll kill them before they get those 2-3 mirrors each round. If you’re 1/2 screen away or more and you think Urien might do tackle into sa3, then do the occasional vertical jump. If they whiff the tackle under you then you might be able to land and 720 after.

If you get hit/thrown too often and give Urien the space + meter then it’s usually gg. You have to poke and zone real well to win. Good luck blking those mirrors =). I would say this is Hugo’s 2nd hardest fight after Ibuki. But not many ppl use Ibuki, plus I can just pick Chun vs Ibuki haha…

i havent played to many ibukis either but like akuma i usually use SA2 to deal with them. the thing is even though ibuki might be able to chip continually on hugo for damage eventually once you land that SA2 ibuki takes massive damage usually winning you the match if not evening it up heavily in your favour.

Urien on the other hand doesnt seem to have that same “gigasability” and yeh they are alot more common with heaps more good players around :confused:
Definitely the hardest match for me. Thanks for the tips!

And i am just shocked that from all video sources doesnt seem to be any hugos beating down on urien :confused: