Hugo wants some hugs! (How to get in?)

Hi everyone!

Hugo is obviously a slow and enormous giant with limited options against turtling or fireball characters. Some characters are faster or have better jumping normals with great hitboxes. I’m not a pro player but I’m not a noob either and it seems I can’t do s**t against 75% of the cast; they can simply zone me all day and I can’t find any options to get in.

I guess I might not be the only one in this situation and I think sharing our tips could be a good idea.

Also, what would be a great launcher combo? I tried some technology like:>clap->cr.lp->>s.hp->launcher but it misses by 2 pixels, any ideas?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Using Monster Lariat to get in helps for me. Usually when my opponent is chucking Fireballs (non ex) I absorb the fireball then dash cancel forward. Then when im in range I start poking with,

Right now, I feel Hugo can get in better then lets say Marduk who has no options besides his slow backhand fist which also has Super Armor.

i just read someones post about landing on a fireball and rolling forward!

seems fucking genius! i will be doing this soon.

Lariat to get in, and for the launcher combo you want to try crouch mp, light clap, stand lp, stand mp, then command launcher

Loll! Never thought about that one! Depending on your position on screen I guess this might be somewhat usefull.

Shame on me! I just realised that NORMAL lariat can absorb one fireball! -_-’ I though only the ex version did! Gotta love that obsolete SSF4 technology! lol

Also, is this launcher combo character specific? I’m pretty sure I tried every possible follow up after crouch mp, light clap and the last hit (launcher) always seems to miss. (Maybe I was drunk as well I don’t know…)

A classic from 3S is to use HK Backbreaker against scrubs, but in SFxT your best bet is to use charged lariat. Hugo has a tough time getting in regardless of that, though, so you usually want him 2nd on your team and bring him in nice and close during a tag combo. S. MP is a good way to get people to respect your normals on top of your command grab, so put that to good use as well.

Also another dirty trick from 3S: whiff clap on their wakeup and raw 360 their face. Gets em 100% of 50% of the time.

Patience is the main key. You only have to get half screen close to be effective. St Lp, Cr Lp, and St Lk have amazing range, priority, and can be canceled into his amazing cr mk for an untechable knockdown. You only want to use these three buttons during footsies. Mainly due to their recovery being fast enough for ex backbreaker to be an option if opponents try to jump over your limbs. His running command grab is also great but only use once you’ve scared them into not pressing buttons.

it dosnt seem character specific, but i noticed that the “hit marker” needs to be over hugos bracelet, otherwise the launcher just misses, so its a spacing thing

Yeah, I played a lot of hugo in a tourney today, and I remembered using that trick from 3S, so I tried it, and it’s awesome. It’s just ridiculous what you can do when whiffing clap. Other than the previously mentioned technique, you can do clap to meat squasher if they roll, and the clap effect will hide it slightly. Whiffing clap to EX backbreaker is also great if you expect a SRK-type move, caught Lili’s EX knee with it. you can use something like s.LP to stop backdashes, maybe even super if you’re ready for one?, or d,d+MK for an overhead, anti crouch tech and anti low. Or just lariat if you expect a quick poke. Or simply delay the clap a little for a meaty. Also don’t forget c.LK xx c.MK. The possibilities are very interesting.

When in doubt: cr.MK. It is such a great tool. For instance, 3x (cr.)LP pause cr.MK knocked down most of my opponents. It’s pretty deceiving. Gives you the opportunity to do a cross-up afterwards (his body press + follow up).

What do use against:

  • scrub shoto crossup tatsumaki
  • scrub shoto j.rh
  • scrub shoto crossup
  • spamming shoryukens

Drop the s.hp and just go into launcher

What are Hugo’s anti-airs besides back breaker? I’m getting swarmed online by people constantly jumping in and I can’t find a suitable normal to get them to sit the fuck down. Of course other than just hitting back breaker but I’m really trying to avoid that being my go to anti air.

And in regards to Srk spammers… Block then punish. My punish combo of choice is xx lp clap , cr. mp xx lk lariat , xx hp clap , mk back breaker does like 400+ you can do ex lariat and tag out with someone like king to do somewhere close to 575-600. Those shotos will stop random Srk when you nail them with that. I’m pretty sure after they do a cross up tatsu you can get them with his lp command grab as a reversal. But I’m not 100% on that. Of course you can always do reversal lariat on the last hit of tatsu if you think they are going to continue to attack with a magic series or something. Then just follow up with st. Lk xx hp clap , back breaker. Then smile.

Wouldn’t you just want to use back breaker or avoid using it? LK backbreaker has 5 frames of startup. He doesn’t have any normals that are faster than that and the one that is 5 frames is c.LP. LK backbreaker deals 160 damage and causes hard knockdown. Seems like a legit anti-air to me. If you have bar then no character should be jumping at you because of EX backbreaker. You just gotta be buffering the DP motion and react when they jump. After 2-3 times of losing 160-200, I would hope they would stop jumping so often.

Dang. I’m going to just stick with that then. Had no idea he didn’t have a normal faster than backbreaker.

The hell do you defend Hugo against people who constantly jump in? I get psyched out man…

When people do this:

  • crossup jab jab tick throw
  • fireball spamming baiters who just run away a lot
  • how do you predict dps?

I have found Hugo to be a HUGE target for getting hit by crossups and constant under pressure by people like shotos. I do not know about you, but I am getting fucken tired of just blocking over and over and over and over. They just keep jumping across constantly and I am getting jabbed out meat squashers. By the time I grab too sometimes, they already jump off to do another set of crossups and the crossup jab strings are pissing me off

I’m in the same boat dude. I had to take a couple of days off this game just because I can’t stop random idiots from jumping in at me and eventually crack and mash out jab or spd (and at that point I’m dead). The sound being garbled doesn’t help at all. Next time I jump on this game I’m setting up an AI dummy for constant attacking and just grinding it out until I can find what works.

For the jab jab tick throw scenario, I would say it depends on the character doing it, but you do have a couple of options. You can go for crouchtech OS if they are going for tick throw setups. Although, Hugo has a 6 frame c.LK though, so I would imagine that frame trapping him wouldn’t be all that hard, gotta watch out for that. Some characters (including some shotos) have a signifcant gap between the jab and the tick throw. Ken’s c.LP is -1 on block and universally all throws are 7 frames, so that leaves an 8 frame gap. Akuma’s is +1, Ryu’s is +2, etc. I am NOT by any means saying mash, but because there is such a gap between the jab and throw, you can get a moonsault press (LP, MP, HP 6f startup; EX 7f) to come out before their tick throw does.

As far as keep away zoning characters, all I can suggest is patience, walk them to the corner, and use the monster lariat armor to bust through predictable fireballs/pokes. Matchups like this are rough, but thankfully this game has you pick two characters, so if Hugo isn’t getting the job done then perhaps the other character you chose makes up for Hugo’s weaknesses or otherwise compliments his style.

There really isn’t a way to predict DPs. You can make educated guesses by looking at your opponent’s tendencies. You can train them to not DP by using safe jumps. Has anyone started working on safe jumps for Hugo? Since this game runs on the SF4 engine I would ASSUME that you can’t safe jump 3 frame reversals. The frame data is different in this game so you might be able to (sweet) or you might not even be able to safe jump 4+ frame reversals (wouldn’t surprise me).

Also, isn’t something like a burst mechanic that allows you to hit your opponent away to get rid of pressure/whatnot?

Now that you mention it, there’s that “counter hit thing” taught by Dan in the tutorial that took me like 15 minutes to accomplish, with me not having a single clue about what was the good timing nor the utility of it. I guess I missed the point on that one but I’m not really sure if it is viable in a real match.

That reversal move is a Cross Counter, used by pressing foward+hp+hk at the same time you block an attack. It is gonna be absolute beast when people figure out how to use it properly. It’s basically an alpha counter and can shorten your block stun, effectively making moves that your opponent uses that are normally safe on block unsafe.The timing is strict as it needs to be used straight after you see your character block, i’m not sure exactly how many frames but it’s less than a throw tech window for sure.

Those who learn to utilize the counter first will have a big upper hand. Still, the game is so new it will be a while before cross countering and dash cancelling are commonplace. Sign of a good fighting game anyone?

On topic, testing needs to be done to see what exactly this means for Hugo and what exactly he can punish with.

Anyone have the official guide with more info on Cross Cancelling?

Edit: Just realised that it automatically does an ex move, which is disappointing as i hoped you could go to a combo of your choice.

Still, it could save your ass in top level play when mastered.