Hugo's best move?

my vote has to go to standing strong… sure its not much to look at, but i end up using it so much and keeping the opponent at arms length so well with it. Also, even if its parried its not always easily punishable… + mixed up with d+mk they should really be too scared to parry.

360… reach… can’t tech it… big damage

i actually used to think it was 360… but the people i play got wise to it. which was quite annoying, its got to the point where they never stay on the ground when theyre around hugo, lots of jumps and little air moves, so little in fact that even if i parry it the 360 is either out of range or theyre in the air again most of the time. Although, that is probably slightly down to the speed of my 360s, i can get it on a lot of jump in moves after parry (and giga sometimes) but when someone is determined to stay in the air no matter what, it becomes rather tiresome when you keep getting a whiffed throw and a hit to hugos face as they come back up :frowning:

against people who arent so good/cheap though, it probably is his best move imo.

don’t play your whole game trying to land 360’s bud… just concentrate on causing damage… another thing is ur timing is off on ur 360’s, after u parry a jump in u get a free 360… unless there’s crouch cancel in this game :O… but yea if u parry a jump in, there is a small frame were they can’t jump as soon as they land on the ground after doing an air attack… thats why if someone jump ins and whiffs a move u get a free sweep attack because u can’t block low as soon as u hit the ground, u can parry low though… if ur not feeling it on 360’s just AA em with other moves…

i realise that… but, the timing is really hard if the opponent does it just right. Especially if its elena or someone else with a 2 hit jump in, and you aren’t sure if its going to be 2 or 1 hits. Also they can often land out of range.

Don’t get me wrong, i love the 360 and i hit it a lot, but when people are wary, it becomes difficult.

when they are wary… then u have to switch your strat… its all bout mindgames… jumpback with mp… one of the best air to air moves in the game it even works for ken’s air ex hk… see with hugo he has alot of AA’s u gotta use em all… c.fp,backjump mp, air grab clothesline… u gotta mix em up… sounds like your opponent is fearlessly jumping at u with attacks… train their mind to try to parry when they jump in just hit em back… so the next time they jump they will try to parry then u airgrab…

doesnt the lp 360 come out faster? i would have said use this if you dont have enough time to do a hp one after parrying.
about the question on “people keep on jumping to prevent me 360ing them”. use 360s and 720s as a fear factor. if you know they are not going to be grounded for long screw em up in the air! shootdown backbreaker or megaton press! :clap:

exactly, thats the stuff… they dont work now and then though, when someone jumps and presses an attack the same time you do a SB you normally take the hit… but still.

my difficulty is, that against my hugo at least, this jumping all the time is the nearest thing ive seen to a tactic that has no decent counter, especially when SBs kept getting interrupted. Even when i change my super to SA2 then it still gets interrupted sometimes. It can be very VERY annoying.

just hit em… jab 360 has same start up frame… more reach but less damage… fp 360 less reach but more damage

use clothes line…
try this, in order to land a 360 after an opponent was knockdown use close then use 360.

Do you mean to do a whiffed before the opponent stands up and then a 360? Because the 360 always whiffs if the connects, eventhoug I’m close. Isn’t it possible to kinda “link” 360 in lk/lp like in Hyper Streetfighter?

Yup!whiff the then 360 it the lk connects follow it up with a clap or a clothes line. do a mixed it up with a UOH whiff then 360