Hugo's combos (wiki)

OK, I’ve added some combos for Hugo in the wiki, but I would appreciate if you guys (or gals :P) would add or update/correct some of them.
I would also wish to comment on that if you’re going to add a combo, I would appreciate if the comb you would contribute does a decent amount of damage (& stun if possible).
Peace out!

The combos say ‘jumping hp’, but wouldn’t it be down+hp? His normal air hp has some different properties, though does also combo into SAIII.

Here’s a corner stun combo, if he’s about to get stunned.
Wall throw command throw (or mp if you think he’s gonna try to jump out), mp, mp, mp, mp, lk shootdown backbreaker.

EDIT: OK I changed a few things based on your note, just tell me if I went wrong with the stun combo.