Hugo's mind games

Hey guys, there was probably another thread about this but i’m pretty sure it died a while. So I was down at the arcade today, and as I was playing, I was noticing a pattern in hugo’s mind games. I was wondering if you guys could offer me any more. I’ll list the ones I know.,,s.HP works wonders. I pull this off a lot on people, and it does quite a bit of damage and stun.

Late d+HP,, lp palm bomb, lk meat squasher works very well.

I also find that if you keep pressure in this way, people start to jump every time they get knocked down, so I would do this a few times, then start using shootdown backbreaker and they would jump right into it.

Triple blocked palm bomb, lk meat squasher / dash gigas works well since they’re expecting a

UOH, and 360 after works most times, but sometimes I get thrown out of it.

On a side note, what is the most effective way you guys land gigas? After a while people decided they didn’t like losing half their life to one super so they like to jump whenever I get near them or what not.

For gigas I go for down short into short/forward srk kick into gigas, wiff normal grab into gigas, hcb kick + standing strong and then dash into gigas works wonders.

For yuns I do what hayao does which is a well placed down short wiff into gigas right before they land their short dive kick into 123 gene-jin.

Definitely use standing mk often after a palm setup to take out some stinking srk’s.

s.hp hits someone -> gigas/step gigas is almost a perfect tick.

When you’ve knocked down someone and they dont quick recover, crouch right next to them for a moment (they’ll be thinking you’re going to low hit, so they crouch), then as they’re about to recover,you give them a hammerdrop.

So I was playing yesterday and a lot of the stuff you guys recommended did work, so thanks.

Though the s.HP -> dash gigas was pretty hard to connect.

I find that baiting your opponent to parry one of your moves then quickly canceling into gigas during their parry frame works like a charm as well. Yes I know there’s a debate whether or not they can jump out of it, but as humans we can only react so quickly to what our eyes see, and on reaction to a super flash, most people will hold back to block. Also a short jump in -> gigas works well. People say that jumping gigas is unreliable but if you do a short jump, more often than not they wait for you to land so they can do their own combo/throw you. plus you can always parry if they decide to throw out a shoryuken and what not.

Jab whiff gigas on wake up is priceless. :slight_smile:

On a side note I was beating a lot of SAII chun li’s yesterday, but I found out that the only thing more annoying for Hugo than an SAII Chun li’ is a SAIII chun li. Have you guys ever played someone like that before? I swear that move cancels off of everything and sucks you in like a magnet.

I said step gigas. not dash gigas.

s.HP on hit leaves you at +0 (neutral with your opponent)

so assuming you’re close enough a gigas on your first recovery frame is guaranteed to hit unless they buffer a jump.

in other news:


Wow. He makes that moonsault look so effortless to pull off.

I was kind of hoping that when I saw kuroda playing hugo he’d give me some insight into some new setup that i’ve never seen before or some game breaking tactic with hugo. Though what he did was more or less the latter I myself do not have his talent, or anything close to it, so nailing the timing and predicting how my opponents will act like he did will be near impossible for me. On top of all of that a one hit red parry into gigas? I’m scarred.

Thanks for the great find though.

dude…I’m speechless…seriously I have no words that could describe how insane that was.Instant 360s when that guy dash in while trying to poke AND fucking normal parry into red parry to gigas inbetween a shinkuhaduken :wow::wow:?? seriously??? damn man I fucking came after that video

nice find btw THANK YOU

That Hugo had good timing and was great at reading the opponent but in all fairness the Ryu player made it look really easy. I’m not trying to say the Hugo player didn’t have any skill, far from it, it’s just that the Ryu player looked like his skill level with Ryu was low.

dude. that hugo player was kuroda, the undisputed best player in the world. This is the same guy who basically ocved all of SBO with gouki.

the same guy who played Q with hayao’s hugo and came 3rd 3 years ago?

the dude whom RX is quoted to have said: “I learn from watching Kuroda play Urien”

and as was said, this ryu may look like an easy target, but he most certainly is not.

As was mentioned, 360-ing dash in attempts is no easy feat. perhaps you didn’t see the ridiculous skill of the hugo player.

so obviously that ryu player looks skillless, he’s playing against Kuroda.

I don’t follow top fighting game players so excuse me if I don’t know how awesome this guy is. :rolleyes:

I also said that the Hugo player was good at reading the opponent and timing i.e. he has skill. All I said was the Ryu player looked really bad. Re-read my original post.

dude I noticed that, and when I did my jaw fell down.that the best way you could of used hugo man, try to get a dash in BAAM 360 in your face. seriously he did those 360s in reaction. damn kuroda…too good lol

i’m saying, that anyone faced against the worlds best player is going to look bad.

when you place jwong against top japs, he looks like a scrub too.


I think everyone will agree Ortiz and JWong fared better than the previous Ryu player. Anyway I feel we have de-railed this thread so this is the last time I’ll speak on this matter.


As was already mentioned: (in air) d+hp, c.wk then if you think they are going to block use wk meat squasher. If you think they are going to try and counter use wp palm.

I like to harass my opponents with a lot of palms because they usually become more timid, making it easier to connect with moonsault or ultra throw.

If your opponent likes to wake up attacking I suggest you try this at least once. On their wakeup hp bomb, wp bomb, or if you’re feeling lucky ex lariat. It does good stun and damage. There are obvious risks though, like eating a special or super.

One way I land gigas is (when oppenent is barely getting up) whiff UOH or hp palm into gigas. Usually the opponent will see the palm and think you’re going to do another one and they will just block. Obviously this method also has some risks.

If the opponent is in the corner and I’m sure they will stay defensive I’ll sometimes try to land wk ultra throw, wp clap, wk backbreaker. It does nice stun and damage (and looks cool).

As dumb as this sounds empty jump in into gigas or moonsault also works. If you are highly aggresive many people will try to block/parry your supposed incoming attack. Be ready to parry a counter attack though.

The main keys to Hugo’s mind games are to impose your will on the opponent to make him/her change their playstyle so that you can have your way with them. Being able to read the opponent helps as well.

you have to admit the ryu player could’ve thrown out some srk’s to keep kuroda away.

i sincerely doubt it.