Hugo's taunt



hugo’s taunt do nonething right


yes, it does nothing.


increase a lil bit of def…:woot:


fighting against a hugo with def increase is scary!! :o lol


It boost his def, a bit each time I don’t remember how many time you can do it… The def boost is nothing “bad” but its not as useful/big as Q, I rarely see good players taunt with Hugo.


It only works for the next combo iirc.


4 taunts and it’s for the whole round I think.


A couple of things about taunting with Hugo.
It has 2 types of taunt, the unheld gives an attack increase of about 18.8% for the next hit/combo. Also increases defense by about 6,3% that lasts the whole round. The defense increase can be done 4 times in a round, so he gains 25% more defense.
The held taunt (holding HP and HK) gives an attack increase of about 25% for the next hit/combo/throw
If you press Start during any of the taunts, Poison will appear and you will gain NO BONUS for the taunt you just done.

This information is taken from a post by Jinrai :wink:

And comparing with Q, well, here you have a table done by myself of how much damage the characters can take. 3 times taunted Q still have more defense rating than Hugo, but not that much…

Stamina Values:
* 1. 2050 - Q (with 3 taunts)
* 2. 1870 - Hugo (with 4 taunts)
* 3. 1705 - Q (with 2 taunts)
* 4. 1670 - Hugo (with 3 taunts)
* 5. 1535 - Hugo (with 2 taunts)
* 6. 1400 - Q (with 1 taunt) / Hugo (with 1 taunt) / Chun-Li (with 1 “back stretch” or “shoulder tap” taunt)
* 7. 1385 - Hugo
* 8. 1300 - Gill
* 9. 1285 - Urien
* 10. 1200 - Alex / Q / Ryu / Ken / Dudley / Makoto
* 11. 1120 - Sean / Chun-Li / Oro / Elena / Necro / Remy
* 12. 1050 - Twelve
* 13. 1035 - Ibuki
* 14. 1020 - Yun / Yang
* 15. 985 - Akuma

I guess, because Hugo needs to be close to do damage, taunting its not appropiate for pressuring the opponent, so maybe good Hugo players like Hayao prefers to dash close to opponent when they are waking up than taunting and give them some space.


Jinrai’s info is correct. :smile:
As for using the taunts, its usually better to stick to the opponent and maintain momentum than to taunt. But the only exception is, whenever you’re fighting a Q player, make sure to taunt (unheld) everytime they do(your taunt is faster), if you know you can’t hit them out of it or they are out of range, etc. :rolleyes:


Juggernut Bitch!


Use taunt + start just before you die, then do a parry.

EX Denjin Hadouken

what:confused:…is this guy serious?


Right… :zzz:


i like to start + taunt when i win to get my bitch out.


When you press start while taunting, you will see a Poison (also in Final Fight) come out to distract your opponent. At this time, do :dp::hk: to rush your opponent with bonus damage+defense and finish him.

EX Denjin Hadouken

dude… no…



OMG:confused:…is this guy really serious?


I did a corner taunt into a gigas on someone before. Thats something ppl don’t see everyday, it was hilarious.


Holy shit man…

EDIT: Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute Wait a minute, DISTRACT YOUR OPPONENT??? That fucking hilarious!!! Jesus Christ…

EDITEDIT: TAUNT BEFORE YOU DIE THAN DO A PARRY!!! Roshi, Stop posting, you’re killing me here.


its suprising that he is the best Yang player in the world…do a parry FTW