Gouken has EX palm resets now?

I was sitting down in practice mode just now. After watching phunkism’s vid, I decided to do some experimenting.

I’m pretty sure everyone is aware, but Gouken can use EX palm and connect various normals in the same manner you would try to connect a sweep, no FADC required. This includes s.LP, c.LP, c.LK, s.MK, whatever jumping normals, and, yes, c.HP.

Now, with dive kick able to be crouch block and this new thing, there’s a Sakura-like mixup that’s possible. Now I haven’t thoroughly tested this, but after EX palm, c.HP xx HK demon flip, if the opponent blocks low, I’m pretty sure you can cross them up (I tried it on an auto-blocking Ryu and it appeared to cross up). Now, if they stand block, the crossup is not possible, but in doing so, they open themselves up to the flip slide and make their hitboxes larger for the grab. Also, if the opponent is crouching, you can whiff grab over them and create another crossup scenario (This may be why throw whiff has more recovery frames). You can also do this crossup on a standing opponent, but you have to do the throw whiff late.

Note, this is all theory, since I haven’t tested it vs anyone. But good to know, nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Here’s a demonstration of it… [media=youtube]-wKKso8_hxs[/media]

Interesting fact utilizing the reset.

c.HP xx EX palm, c.HP alone is 510 stun. Add in the potential mixup damage afterwards, and if you guess correctly on the reset and get another c.HP xx EX palm, it’s immediate stun.

For 2 bars. I like.

I use the reset after ex palm sparingly on opponents. Especially if they have an srk, then I like to condition them first to not throw them out so haphazardly. I do it in this vid in the 3rd round [media=youtube]OMwZYgCJLaI[/media]

I haven’t really thought of doing anything other than demonflip throw after reset now that I think about it. I mess with it a bit here and there but I’m really not all that comfortable doing it. I wasn’t aware you could use cr. hp to reset, though it was only possible with cr. mp, nice to know.

Also, this was possible in vanilla.

I like the fact that everyone has there own approach with G-dog.
Again I invite everyone to sign up for the mirror tourney…we can all share our insights , we can also see our strats mixups etc in actilon…what are ya waitin for?

Yeah, I actually tested out on Vanilla just the other night. It probably would’ve made Gouken a lot better if everyone used it…because whiff throw was super fast back then…so easy to crossup and land c.HP.

Interesting I will start applying this to my game

what happens if you use light kick instead of medium on the demon flip? does it advance little enough so we don’t get reversal srk’d?

what about fierce demon flip? does it beat people jumping back? does it cross up?

so many questions, cant wait to test at home.

say they reversal lp srk, then they’re at advantage if you lk demonflip slide. But if you’re simply bating it out with a lk demonflip divekick then you’ll be at advantage recovering before your opponent and with enough time for a full punish, or backthrow to whatever.

lk dive kick is what I do to flamekick happy fei longs.

What about if you df throw? should be shitloads of adv for you right? you might be able to punish the srk even.

unfortunately you’ll still be in range to eat an srk whether you demonflip throw high or close to the ground.

The resets were available in vanilla, as well. When possible, I’d use c.HP into demon flip (if they weren’t a shoryu spammer).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the timing down to use it all the time. When I did land that sucker, you start all sorts of high-stun mixups.

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I think this is alot better in vanilla. But now, anybody who’s decent should know that the DF Kick is not an overhead and just crouch block. It’d be better if Gouken didn’t make that sound when he DF’s so it would be harder to tell if it’s a normal jump or a DF.

Well, you can still grab the crouchers, so its still a mix-up.

Yeah, there’s still the crouch block, but I’ve used HK demon flip divekick and crossed up Ryu when set to crouching, so yeah. If the opponent crouch blocks, it’s probably gonna be more beneficial to you because divekick can be made into a crossup, and even if blocked, you still are put at a better frame advantage.

That would be great, but it would be broke as shit. LOL

Ok this will clear things up a little, try putting in air parry after the cr.hp reset, if they srk u parry it plus u cross up plus u recover in time to block if they don’t do a srk. But if u guess right its more or less dizzy >:(

Thats for spam happy shotos but if u play a match a get this one opening an they srk thats it, if u get another opening for it they definitely will not so srk, now its G-time. i will post a vid asap…

srry double post…

isn’t it a reversal if you try to parry a srk immediately after cr.hp reset??

Yes it is, therefore air parry is a bad idea to bait out shoryus.