Hulk Advance combos



Yea I was looking to see if hulk had any expert combos or advanced combo because im really not understanding his combo methods so can someone help me out


You might just wanna look through all the other threads.

Most of his combos are really basic, but do massive damage.

Example: Jump in RK, d+lk, d+lk, RK Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush

That’s a simple one that does like 75% damage on an average vitality character. I don’t recommend using this combo. I just used it for an example, because experienced players know you can mash out of the Crush.

Like I said before check the other threads that date back from the last year or two. I’m sure you can find some helpful advice in those.


Crazy Damage!!!

In this order Hulk Storm(Variety) Whoever u want after that.

Then with Hulk Do c.Lp c.Hp+Storm Assit Gamma Crush.

You hit them once Then the Variety hits from storm poping them back into the air for hulk to combo the rest of his Gamma Crush This does Sick Damage. I love it lol Try Anybody who wants to.