Hulk anyone?

Anyone else been working up a nice hulk. I can’t wait for the psn release so I can hopefully show some of what I’ve been working on. Excited enough to post anyways… mean mr. green has been working wonders for me the last couple years… after I swore off god tiers.

Almost more excited to see what sort of monster characters people who never appear in videos online or american tournaments will be whipping out.

For me… its hulk on point.

Basicly I only play with 2 other guys (who both worked at an arcade with me a few years back… we are all adults… who have seen the best and know how to compare… they are both very good… not pro lvl… but good enough to steal a match here and there on one)… they love the god tiers/super common teams…

I’ve found… against mags/storm hulks super armor/ 2 frame crouching LK/a quick assist make for excellent rushdown defense if you don’t get caught doing something stupid. It wait… and punish. Mags is harder for hulk but not b/c of anything he does… its that he doesn’t give it away by getting crazy in the air like storm. Which bring me to my second point. Gamma quake… hulks oft overlooked hyper combo and my personal fav… This move is god’s gift to mr. green against a flying sent, storm, or a jumping/beaming cable. They really only have to be in the air in the 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen that hulk is in… and if they aren’t in that part… its simple to gamma chargeXXgamma quake. It can be an issue if they choose stay flat on the ground and proj/assist… but if they are doing that… then the pace is slowing… which favors hulk.

Really the idea is to exploit hulks superarmor and gamma charge at every available moment. Make it almost impossible to get in on you… granted you can still have an uphill battle actually putting your grubby green hands on some people… but thats usually b/c of hulks terrible air game. Really putting superamor and 2 frame crching lk together with great timing is what has to happen. mags might have a 1 frame attack… but properly exploiting the armor and timing the kick will land a big green foot in his mug. This works even better on storm… tho often you wont need it as much for her.

Again… gamma quake… rocks literally materialize out of this air above you… in a totally (as far as i know) random manner. If storm is above you mindlessly gaining super where she always feels safe… she will eat it hard. quake like i said… seems random… and sometimes it will hit for gamma crush type dmg. it works like a charm on mags as well… b/c when he tri jumps… and you pull quake… it wont matter what he does to you after… b/c onces yer green fist hits(always does)… those rocks… they’re coming… whether hes comboing you or not.

There are so many mind games that go into hulks slow recovery attacks b/c he can cancel just about anything into a lot of hypercombos. this goes especially for his crouching HP… the super armor… mega priority… and ability to bail it at any time into a 99% safe(don’t do it against cable) gamma quake that will both protect you while chipping and pushing them back. … point being that while it may look like hulk has terrible recovery… really he just has a half second window where he looks open and then eats your face for trying to get him… with a cancel to super and ultimately a hyper.

What’s not covered? Almost everything… but some of these simple principles that made hulk real run of the mill and an underachiever a few years back… have breathed some life into hulk now in an age of only 1/2 dozen or so commonly played characters. Low tiers are what surprise me at this point…hehe

My teams…

hulk point… pys for AA (it really helps hulk weave an impressive def)… doom AA
hulk point… ironman beam… doom AA (ok… flat said… hulk crouching FP XX THC (gamme crush + photon canon… ouch) this is to easy to land…

I have gotten my buddy mike’s MSS so flustered with da greeny. I hope I can get the same effect online… i know i will against all the noobs and kids/wtver… but I’m hoping to earn some respect for mr. green. That being said… I know some matchups can go sour fast if hulk loses even 1 assist… so no need for a lecture about how he’s hosed w/out :slight_smile:

I’ll keep sharing a few more specifics if people express interest and/or have insight to share…

(notice how i never said how badass gamma crush is? b/c (while it is) hulk has no need for it… …for me… its just a little bonus if I find the right situation for it)

Any other fans of the big green gonna be showing off some new stuff?

Here’s an interesting team…

Magneto, Hulk-b, Sentinel-a

Since everyone that uses Hulk should know the Magneto-Hulk unmashable Tempest, and the Magneto-Hulk kill DHC by now, we’ll focus on the Magneto-Sent-a portion.

Sentinel-A assist.

1.]Dashjump over their head and call Sentinel-a, land, dlk. If they get hit, activate. [Memorize this timing for the next combo I mention…]. You can DHC into the same character for the kill.

2]Dashjump lk, mk, land, dlk, call Sentinel, Dmk, gamma charge, crush.
-There are 2 timings that work. One where you whiff the gamma charge, and one where you don’t. In the latter case you want the rocketpunch to hit almost immediately after the gamma charge touches them.

In either case you get that weird float into crush effect that’s almost if not utterly impossible to escape.

Credit goes to Ratio1Beatdown.

You use Hulk, Ironman-Doom? Okay. Here’s some old combos you might like.

Dashjump, or just walk upto them…, Call Ironman-Beta, Gamma Charge, Gamma Wave, DHC to Ironman just before contact, DHC in Doom.

As above, except DHC in Doom [Photon Array or Plasma Ball] into Proton Cannon.

Honestly, I like Hulk, Cable, Ironman as well. If you get thrown into Ironman-b with EITHER order by Hulk, your character will die. Unless you have rediculous stamina.

Launch with Doom on point, lp, lk, mp, mk, hk, AD forwards, Air photon super, activate crush. This is an inescapable gamma crush combo, and usually results in death. If you think they’ll survive, DHC into the next character.

There are all kinds of horrific inescapable crush combos with the Doom assist.

Jump, lp, lk, land, dlk, dmk, call Doom, gamma charge, wait, crush. 143 damage in practice with the option of DHCing out for more damage. [143 is viewed as an instant kill…].

-There are 2 working setups like this. You accidentally hit on the way up [you’re trying to whiff] or you don’t. And in either case it works properly usually resulting in the death of their character from full health.
-There are timings that don’t require you to cross up and still work with Doom Rocks, but they are less stable. They still do

Airthrow at normal jump height, hold back and mash roundhouse. If they don’t roll, they get hit. Call Doom immediately, gamma charge, wait, activate crush, hold back since it becomes forwards.
-See notes about previous combo as they all still apply.

Here’s a link to some old threads about Hulk…

Thanks a lot, both of you. Good stuff… :cool:

I play IM/Hulk/Doom as one of my main teams… honestly if doom + hulk double crush attempts aren’t mean enough… having proton cannon around to DHC to after crush doesn’t hurt either… also… crush, let hulk leave screen, and frame kill to proton isn’t bad either.

Add to this the fact the both doom and hulk setup the IM rejump inf soooo well and it starts to get mean.

Here’s corner only, unmashable, solo crush combo…

(wtver normals) xx g.charge xx g.quake (cancel as fast as you possibly can)… let the rocks carry em down a bit, right as screen is changing back to norm colors… g.charge (crosses up under their feet… and xx g.crush.

another combo with doom rocks…, (call doom rocks), c.fp,,, (drift fwd a bit), air grab, (hulk tosses em down into doom rocks)… (falling) lk, mk, (land), c.fp (launch) xx (canceled after first hit) to… g.crush.

This is a 75% combo only… b/c of no double crush… but it builds over a meter before the crush goes down… so I use it when I start a combo but have no meter.

Last thing since I noticed how much you like the air grab, OTG, to wtver combos deathfist… you prolly know that you can sj. cancel hulks launcher after the first hit… it doesn’t pop em up far… just high enough that you can jump up and lk, mk, (air grab), OTG… ect ect… the sj.canceled launcher pops em up… but keeps em nice and low… and yes… you can use the sj.canceled launcher to near infinite in the corner…

using in the corner…

sj.canceled launcher, hop up, lk, mk, fp, fk, (as you fall), lk, mk, (rep 1 over) sj.canceled launcher, hop up, lk, mk, fp, fk, falling lk OTG, (rep 2 over)…
start rep 1 again…
start rep 2 again…

It’s good to mixup using the throw in the second rep… to keep people guessing on if they will be teching, rolling, or what…

very mean combo… VERY hard to keep going.

Next unveiling will be easymode guard break to hulk g.charge corner inf…

man, you guys are blowing my mind.

check out “Hulk: How to smash stuff”… I put a lot of stuff in there thats here… plus a lot that isn’t… still not done yet… but others have been adding also…

I have a combo I invented long ago with Hulk and Ironman backed by Cable that results in the instant death of a character. Did I mention that it can’t be blocked? One like that exists in your Hulk Ironman team, but with my experimental team, it isn’t team order dependent.

Here’s my version…
1.]Call Ironman, punch throw forwards. [this causes a facing change temporarily that deposits Ironman-b assist in front of you…,] hard gamma charge, gamma wave, DHC in…
a]Ironman. Delay the gamma wave activation as long as possible before activation without blowing the combo, and DHC in Cable. That or…
b]DHC in Cable. Time it so that the victim is close and in front of Cable. DHC in Ironman late, and their character dies from full.

Experiment with your team orders and Hulk on point to find your instant kill DHC order with your team off a Hulk Throw into Ironman. It’s there.

Mad Titan hit me up on PSN if you have a Ps3. I have a pretty serious Hulk, I’ve been playing him for years. Learned a lot from a friend of mine I played with. I play the real steroids team Hulk/Juggs/Colossus.
I find Juggs ground assist to be the best assist (from Juggs) for Hulk. Helps keep pressure and provides adequate chip.
Hulk’s air throw to RH kick, Gamma charge, Gamma wave (the opposite direction) is my BnB. Occassionally I’ll DHC to Juggs headcrush. If I delay the Gamma Wave long enough it puts them at the perfect height for a painful headcrush DHC.
I use his jumping LK poke combined with Colossus’s assist (either tackle) to achieve simple 2 hit combos on the point or assist character. His LK keeps them out just long enough for Colossus to tackle their ass. His Gamma Quake is definately a great Super, but with the slight delay on PSN (maybe X-Box) even with the proper mashing the rocks hardly ever combo at all. On Dreamcast I had no problems, but the PSN has forced me to adapt, so I Gamma Wave a lot now. With this team Juggs is pivotal, even if Hulk or Colossus dies you can still do THC’s with Juggs and either character left. Crouching LK, MK, THC turns the tide of battle my friend…Quickly. It demoralizes you opponent too.
He has some advanced corner combos into throw resets that’ll do almost 100% on most characters. Like Launch LK, LP, MK, Clap then immediately after the clap as you’re falling next to opponent, LK, MK > land< SJ back up grab opponent, throw to ground, HK, Gamma Charge, Gamma Wave across the screen watch their life bar plummet. It’s a tricky combo and the placement of the opponent after the corner launch takes practice. I assure you it works on everyone I’ve practiced against, Storm too. Although I believe I use LP, LK, MK Clap or just LK, MK Clap on the launch against her (I’ll get back to you) the rest is the same. The falling LK, MK has to come out immediately but it combos, just takes hella practice.

I can hold my own against the Gods, but Cable and Spiral are my toughest opponents. MSP is always annoying but Colossus’s AAA helps against their rushdown, keeps Sent grounded too. Try to keep Sent on the ground and you can rush down with Hulk and call Juggs ground assist when Sent pushblocks Hulk so you can jump back in with LK, MK. I jump in LK, MK (if Sent is standing I’ll throw a HK in too) call Juggs>> repeat. It does damn good chip (all the while pushing them to the corner) and if they get hit jump in LK, MK, crouching LK, MK Gamma Charge, Gamma Wave.

Another BnB for my Hulk is, I always jump around with LK, MK and if you hit someone with it the MK pops them up slightly so I (very quickly, and takes practice) Sj right back up, Throw to the ground, HK, Gamma Charge, Gamma Wave (Quake)
most of the time you actually have to quickly dash forward, SJ, Grab since the LK, MK pushes them away slightly. You can also normal jump up and grab, but that doesn’t always work and the opponent has more time to react with a LP or some jazz. This is an integral part of Hulk’s game so incorporate it immediately. Feel free to invite me on PSN and we’ll share Hulk tactics.

I’m pretty sure that we have already fought at least 1 series on psn… your screenname is really familiar and I remember being surprised at actually fighting another hulk online that knew what he was doing… believe we split matches pretty evenly with your juggs/my hulk being our relative claim(s) to fame in the matches.

I recall the juggs overhead assist being really annoying b/c I like to operate out of crouch when at full screen w/hulk.

Confirm for me that gamma quake is nerfed now… if you could. The timing on connecting it (properly) has always been tight… but I swear it has been nerfed on the new releases. I even played at a buddies last night on the shitty ass ps2 version and it was doing 60 - 70ish dmg like it always did at the arcade… and ps3 it does <50 most of the time. The rocks are random so it has always varied… but it seems to vary on the lower side every time now…

The, for hulk is dominating and I use it to for a ton of stuff… the rejump->grab, OTG you mentioned is great. You can get a similar effect out of launch, lp. lk, pause, drift to their other side, grab very close to the ground, OTG… ect… its tricky but stable once you learn the timing.

Here’s something next level you can do… I’ve been working it over lately after taking a break from working on it. Timing getting more stable every day…

(in or near corner) launch, sj.lp,,,, sj.lp,,,, relaunch, repeat… WORKS!! Not easy but its a strait up corner relaunch infinite for hulk…>sj.lp LINKS!!! and the major key is the… b/c they are in corner instead of knocking back and causing flying screen it puts em in a serious hitstun. DON’T do it to fast or they will pop up to high. The input speed is a definite 1-2-3-4,1-2-3-4… with the “-”'s being small pauses… Side secret… after launch sj.strait up… but as soon as hulks body evens up with them… hold fwd to drift a bit… inward… as you are comboing. You may need to OTG before the launch on every third rep…

I first saw it on one of the miekyousisiu vids but it was being done on an assist. It looked like it might tight link on point… and it DID! Its tough tho and I could really use more hulk heads working on timings/position to stabilize it.

Practice landing the after… and then linking the to sj.lp… and you’ll be well on your way… side note… sj. cancel hulks launch after the first hit seems to make it easier to land the relaunch and tougher to land the>sj.lp link…

To the tune of gamma wave instead of quake… yea… online its a good idea… but other than Proton cannon xDHCx gamma wave… I normally use g.crush w/doom rocks to get unmashbles/double crushes… and mostly target assists. They really have no defense unless that have mando… tall toons (sent, juggs, doom, bh mostly) often get natural double crushes when you hit them (when they are assists) so DHCing after normally just kills the assist outright. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to deal with sent drones, doom rocks, ect… I’ve had even good players rage quit when I iced their full life sent before he ever came in…

On the vs the gods note… cable is pretty easy… you can gamma charge xx whatver if he a.) does ground viper beam b.) does ground hvb… you can also bait out a ahvb with you assist and gamma charge instantly… you should wind up under his feet by the time he’s hitting you assist… GOOD cables don’t do ground stuff very often tho… THOSE cables can be just as easily owned by waiting for a jumping grenade… and do g.charge (to get instantly under their feet) and xx g.crush. (that last thing owns the shit out of storms meter building, dooms jumpy beams, sents flight, cables jumping grenade.) Against mags… well he gets excited and spends to much time air dashing instead of blocking… and eats gamma charge to the face. a LOT.

Sorry for this novel I just wrote…hehe But finding other hulk lovers who take him seriously really does it for me…lol

I love hulk throw into ironman… in about 7 ways…lol

I use thanos sometimes in a similar manner… hulk on point…

… dashjump fwd, tick with lk while calling thanos bubble, and fp throw fwd into bubble, single wavedash and you can unmashable g.crush then DHC to thanos powa xx powa… (most of the cast requires no second powa.)

thanos on point, lp, mp xx powa xfast DHCx gamma crush… its a flat footed 2 bar… 146 dmg doing double crush combo…

Thanos + hulk can be mean. powa and g.crush both have a very low hit count to dmg ratio… and scale extremely well…

I’ll play around with that Hulk corner infinite. I usually just launch (in or near corner) and do sj lp, sj lk, sj mp very slight pause, sj lk, sj mk while falling ( 7 hits) > land< sj grab, otg hk, gamma charge, gamma wave or delay it into DHC Headcrush. Works on almost every character, Sentinel you just launch and do sj lp, sj lk, sj mk, clap, immediate sj lk, sj mk while falling, the rest is the same. The combo alone virtually kills amost everyone because of the throw reset and that’s with the Gamma Wave and no DHC’ing to Headcrush. I like this because its consistant, sure they can tech the throw or possibly roll it (not sure because it’s in the corner) but your opponent is usually dumbfounded and never expects it, plus the throw is so quick it’s hard to tech and/or roll.

Another fun one is (with Colossus AAA) in corner, c lp + Col, launch, Colossus hits and knocks opponent out of the screen, slight pause after Colossus connects, Gamma Crush, you’ll get a full double crush a lot of times and if not you still get most of a double crush. Either way it does stupid damage, only takes one meter and leaves your opponent cringing. The timing is pretty easy too.

We may have played, but I never use Juggs Splash assist, only the Earthquake.

As for the Gamma Quake being junk on Ps3, I’m fairly certain. On Dreamcast I always did Gamma Charge into Gamma Quake and albeit the rocks are random, with proper mashing they always came fast and hit the opponent. On Ps3, however, I mash and they always fall very late, the opponent just falls to the ground and the rocks come after. Could be me but I’ve been playing Hulk for years and never had a problem on DC. No matter Gamma Wave Is more than sufficient. I just use the Quake for safety if a GCharge gets blocked, if I need chip, or if I catch an assist.

Thnx for the confirmation… I’d say even when I time the quke perfectly and it does connect… it does like 1/3 less dmg than on the arcade… big bunch of crap…

I’ll friend you here in a few mins… but I warn… you’ll probably get a face full of my new low tier team rather than hulk… unless you are kicking my butt and I gotta change to mr. green :slight_smile: We’ll see…hehe

P.s. - nice thing bout that corner inf… is you can keep doing what you are doing… just put a couple inf reps in beforehand :slight_smile: