Hulk Assist Question

Probably a noob question but here we go.

I use Wesker as an OTG assist with Hulk ( im sure many do ) but one of my combos that i’m pretty sure should work isnt. It’s

j.M-L-c.MxxDP.H~H-M-S j.M-M-H-S P1(wesker)-M-S-sj.M-M-H-S-Gamma Tsunami

It all works up the the last S it always whiffs in the air. Why is this? Is it just a gameplay mechanic im unaware of or something? Please help, Thanks alot!

Please don’t leave any rude comments about my notation or how i don’t know the answer, thanks.

Hitstun decay - it’s a mechanic to ensure that people don’t die in one combo. What’s happening is that the hitstun becomes so short that it’s actually less than the start up of the last S you’re talking about - try omit some of the earlier hits (just do M H S instead of M M H S) and it will probably work

Check out the Hulk combo thread. It contains the correct version of this exact combo. You can’t do so many hits towards the end because of the hitstun decay.

Thanks guys helped alot :D!