Hulk AV Request


Just realized I messed up my last request. Here’s hoping I do it right this time.

Can someone make a 160x60 AV of Hulk & She-Hulk using these pics of their faces side-by-side, in gray tint…

And have Team Gamma in Dark Green Letters at the top of the banner, and ‘Smashing is our Specialty’ at the bottom in Purple Letters.

If you can do this, thanks.


Just a bump…


I’ve been totally meaning to do this one, but I’ve been lazy. I’ll try to have something done tonight.

not so ninja [e]dit:

If this av request is for SRK, the file size dimensions for non-prem are 160 x 64 pixels.



str[e]ak, this is exactly what I wanted! Can’t thank you enough man, they both look excellent!


Glad I could help. :tup: