Hulk changes we'd like to see

With Capcom asking the player base for input on what changes we’d like to see I figured it’d be nice to see what my fellow hulk players would be interested in.

Changes I’d like to see are

Changing command throw L or M to either become active faster or have quicker recovery time. As it is now the L and M version are pretty much identical.

Xfactor lvl3 speed boost. Hulk is the only character in the game he doesn’t get a speed boost in any of the Xfactor levels, it doesn’t even have to be a major speed boost. I’d gladly sacrifice damage if I could close in on people with more ease in Xfactor lvl 3.

I’m pretty happy with the way Hulk is now and I don’t want to be greedy and ask for to much stuff, like I would if hulk could gamma charge in the air or extra armor on his st.H so he can actually have a chance against Zero and morrigan but that’s probably asking to much.

I love seeing Hulk go to town on fools just as much as the next guy, but the st.H doesn’t need anymore armour. The fact that certain characters can blaze through it needs to be there to make you think while playing him. Agree with your other changes though, Xfactor speed boost is definitely a must and would be an acceptable trade off for less of a damage boost, he hits like a truck as it is.

Give him a 3 bar super too, “The Loki Smash”, which would work similar to Haggar’s lvl 3 (0 frame grab on standing/crouching opponents).

I was thinking of some sort of projectile move for him as well, like a boulder throw, maybe just ONE that travels upwards at a 45 degree angle. It might not be the best idea, i know he’s a bruiser, but i’m just spitballing now…

armor on gamma tornado. k done

Armor on his j.S would nice

You already have that if you kara it with H or M.

What I would like to see changed:

  • Corner gamma wave to gamma charge links working on every character with full hits. Some fall out or are extremely hard to link.
  • Faster dash.
  • Further normal jump.
  • A few frames less recovery on ground gamma charge second hit. Not enough to make it safe though.
  • Make L and M command grab go a slightly shorter distance, but have the throw arc be higher to allow more time to gamma charge over and perform a l. gamma wave or plink assist.
  • Fix corner gamma wave > gamma crush so that it always connects. Sometimes the initial launching hit of gamma crush will be negated by the second hit of a gamma wave making the character never get launched and causing the super to wiff.
  • Give standing L faster startup.

Oh having consistent corner gamma charge and wave would be great. The random whiffing can cost matches.