Hulk Corner Combos/Strategys



This thread is for posting Hulks corner combos and strategys (obviously)Lets do our man some justice and leave out the Juggy strats:lol:

My favorite thing to do in the corner w/ Hulk is what I call the stomp rushdown. Alot of j.HK’s w/ sentinels ground assist for cover. It builds meter like a sonavabitch and you can mix it up when it’s getting predictable. Your opponent (if he’s smart) will inevitably try to find a way out of the corner. Once he does, remeber how he did it. (usually will be done w/ a pushblock followed by a superjump and some attack) Next time he does it, just wait till you see him jump AND attack. The pushblock done by your opponent will set you at the perfect range for a gamma quake (or crush if you wanna risk it). It’s also fun to do the Juggy mixup in the corner. Just j.HK xx juggy splash, Wait for the splash to hit/be blocked. Now if your opponent blocks the splash(which is what you want him to do), he has to be guarding high. Bust out the c.LK into any free combo that you wanna do. If your opponent blocks low (fearing your impending attack) let him eat the splash. It grounds your opponent and he can then be OTG’d into the combo of your choice.

NOTE:The OTG is not always guaranteed.


Yay, something I can speak on! :slight_smile:

Hulk corner stuph:

j. hk can be very effective, but as Gammadynamite already said you have to mix it up. Along with the Sent drones (which are tailor made for this), you can corner rushdown with:

  • j. lk x 2 (almost as B&B as j. hk)

  • j. lk, j. mp (preferably on tall, grounded animations. If you catch them in the air high enough, you can land & then try to do a quick airthrow)

  • j. hp. (which will hit crouching opponents if done deep enough)

  • empty jump in, throw (dont forget this one)

  • jab rocks xx Gamma Quake (good to reset the momentum)

  • c. lk, c. mk xx Gamma Charge xx (another GC/super). old classic

  • c. lk, c. hk (if you want them to stay on the wall; make sure c. lk gets in first)

  • ground jab/short xx command throw (just to mix things up)

  • very deep j. lp, launch (which will link)

  • ease up for a half-second and see if theyll jump into an airthrow

So as you can see, you have a lot of options. This is by no means a comprehensive list, merely some of my more standard corner rushdown selections. Other Hulk styles will of course have other aspects that I may not be aware of, or avoid for some reason.

Just remember. keep the blockstun rolling, and you should be OK. :smiley:

Another important point try not to depend overly much on jump-ins with with your rushdown, it gets very predictable (not good).



I can’t believe I left this one out.

(w/ jin AAA),, xx Assist,, slight pause, gamma crush. This is my infamous hulk/jin combo that I’m named after “Gammadynamite”. This combo will damn near kill anyone due to it’s DOUBLE CRUSH property.


Hmmmm…why is it that this thread seems to be dying???

Anywho, Juggy Dash assist(glitched): j.HK , c.LK xx assist , c.MK , (assist hits) Gamma Charge(HK) , Gamma Quake…if backing opponenet into corner, proceed w/ the stomping rushdown.



random gamma crushes everywhere… or wait thats no good

yeah um j HK is your best friend, sent or jug assist makes it really easy to get in deep and i like the j.HK, ducking lk, launch. :slight_smile:

if u can really pressure them in a corner, most likely you will be able to do empty jump-ins and throw them which is nice b/c u can slam them back into the corner and if u jump by the time they get up you can repeat more j HKs to keep them there


um … midscreen,,, c.hp (1 hit) XX Gamma Wave gets them to the corner


anything to gamma wave gets them in the corner :o


eh yeah i just posted a simple combo that links to Gamma Wave …


Anyone know his infinite???


I’ve always wondered about this as well…


(corner only) Launch (1 hit) XX [Roundhouse Gamma Charge (u, u/f)]; repeat brackets…

…at least I’m pretty sure it’s Roundhouse…



You’re spot on about the execution of the infinite being done with hk.

The second hit of the bracketed portion can be either a lk redirect or a hk one. The lk redirection works better.


Thanks very much for the clarification, Deathfist; I’ve always been unsure about that aspect of the infinite, so it’s great to get some confirmation from a reliable source.

Hope everything’s going well… take care. :cool:


Check your E-mails Juggerknott.


I’ve never gotten Hulk’s infinite to work. When you repeat, do you have to get the launcher to do one hit again? Also, everytime I try to repeat it seems that they hit the ground first, in which they can roll out of this. Can someone clarify the timing for this combo?


I’m not quite sure, but I remember someone saying something about the infinate only working on certain characters. I’m sure it will be hard to do on people like megaman ,roll,etc.(but seriously who uses these guys anyway) . I think someone told me it only worked on female characters.???

Anyone wanna clarify that shit?



stoopid corner combo i found:, c.fp XX (fk) gamma charge up, (fk) gamma charge up, land, XX (fk) gamma charge forward, wait till they’re just over hulks head, gamma quake XX hailstorm.

i swear i got this next combo to work, but i havent been able to redo it. i think it was just a random thing the way the rocks hit the opponent. anyway it was:, XX (fk) gamma charge forward, wait till the opponent is just over hulks head XX gamma quake, as soon as the super screen ends, (fk) gamma charge forward, pause, gamma quake.


Juggrknott here, posting under my alter-ego… :evil:

As far as I know, there are no character restrictions on the infinite, although it may be tough on really small characters (MM-sized on down). I never really messed with it much, seemed impractical to me, but I’ll kick it around a little more just to report some findings (no promises regarding when I do that).

I’d also like to highlight the importance of the short Gamma Charge (all variations, single & double). In addition to the obvious mobility aspects, I find that he can often recover from a hit quickly enough to retaliate with something like j. lk, j. mk (land) c. jab XX off to the races… :cool::evil::cool: Classic Hulk-type gameplan, to be sure.

The old “double crush” stuff on the wall is golden, too; makes Hulk/Commando (& others) just that much deadlier…

Being ready to do another short ground charge right behind an initial one can be critical… in fact, it kinda highlights the inherent problem in playing with the Hulk. Trying to be prepared to gamma charge, super, wavedash, command throw, dashjump, etc. and so on at most any given moment requires excellent execution as well as responsive & compliant sticks/buttons. It’s like trying to be 5 places at once. If you are lacking in one (or both) of these come tourney day for whatever reason, what happens to most people is that they “play it safe”… too safe, to the point where they may not be able to capitalize/finish when they get those small windows of opportunity to beat Cable/Sent or a 1-hit-kill Mags…

Eh, such is the life of a Hulk player. :frowning: So I guess I’m kinda claiming “Strider/Spiral syndrome” a little; so sue me… :lol:

Anyway, I don’t play nearly as much as I used to (who does?), but I still check regularly to see if anybody’s got Hulk questions. So even though you won’t see many posts, I’m still around…


no second launcher. Period.

If you use U hk, uf lk, you should always land first. A light redirect carries you up less but still shoots them just as high.
Hold D, U+hk, UF+lk provides the optimum balance between precision requirements, and safety.

Sticking points include…
-Admiring your work at the expense of charging to continue your work.
-Not Gamma Charging up the moment you hit the ground.

If this is STILL a problem, substitute BOTH up charges on the contined portion [AFTER THE FIRST REP ONLY] for light ones. The timings will be WAY tighter and different, but I was able to get this to work on my Dreamcast. This adds more sticking points in that…
-you have less charge time
-you may need to wait at the bottom alittle since they’re sent so high. [This can compensate for the charge time loss, but then you can whiff the vertical charge by doing it too early]
-your timing between the air hits is WAY tighter [Don’t be late with your UF lk by a moment. Unlike after D, U+hk hit, they’ll airblock between the hits if you’re late :eek:]

This is worth learning because it’s one of the few killing infinites in the game [not because it’s practical]. It isn’t necessary to win, but it helps. It can proove useful off a fall in GB. What? I just killed 2 of your characters? I’m so sorry :rolleyes: