Hulk Double Crush Combos



Anyone have an idea of a perfectly balanced team that can help Hulk deliver his glitched Double Crush combo?

Here’s a video with Hulk and Ken taking 90% of Magneto’s HP.


The only problem with those combos is that they require that the opponent be medium sized or not hunching over. The bigger the better.


Wow, Why didn’t I think of that one? That’s kinda embarrassing of me to not know that one.

I don’t know if this team is perfectly balanced, but I’ll throw it out there for you.

1]Hulk, Storm-y, Jin-b
-Don’t use Hulk in this team on a player that has the Doom assist till you kill Doom.
=Crush combos are with the Storm-Y assist [vertical tornado]
-Dlk+Storm-y, dmk, hard gamma charge, wait, gamma crush DHC in Storm. [this can be done of jump in attacks]
-Airthrow, call Storm, flying hk, hard gamma charge, wait, gamma crush, hold back, DHC in Storm.
-Both of the above combos can have Storm be both an assist and a DHC.

=Corner Hulk-Jin-b Unmashable
-Dlk, dmk, call Jin, Gamma charge, Gamma Crush. DHC in Storm if Jin is third to make it a kill.

=Hulk Using the Jin-b assist properly
a- DO NOT call Jin-b until the opponent calls their assist first.
b- Dashjump and be hell-bent getting close enough that the opponent is in blast radius of Jin-b.
-Make sure that all your dashjumps are empty until he gets the message that he can’t call assists.
c- Countercall every assist your opponent calls [provided your opponent’s pointman won’t be able to evacuate blast radius and the assist isn’t Doom] just before you block their assist. Dashjump over their head, or superjump away. I prefer dashjump.
-The only way your assist dies is if you call him first, or you call him when the opponent isn’t in blast radius.

=The moment that your opponent realizes that they can’t call their assist, use a dashjump, and try to sneak a ducking lk+Storm-y, dmk, gamma charge, wait, till you fully cross-up, gamma crush, and hold towards your opponent [who is back where you initially started the combo]. If they jump back, try to airthrow them. If they eat it and don’t roll, quickly call Storm-y, flying hk, gamma charge, wait, gamma crush, DHC in Storm, and kill the character. IF they tech hit the air throw, dashjump into them with flying lp while holding back. If they block the lp, gamma charge them as they leave blockstun for the guardbreak and cancel to a gamma wave, or gamma quake. DHC out of the quake into a Hailstorm, or if you’re good at airthrowing, you can try to airthrow them after they eat the quake setting up yet another OTG.


I looked over all the thread titles from the beginning. I’m surprised there’s nothing on Hulk’s glitched up Gamma Crush.

Speaking of which…is there an official term for this version of the Gamma Crush? I read this off an article on Gamefaqs and the author coined the term “Double Crush”. But it seems no one knows much about it.


Try to avoid posting combo videos on multiple sub-forums please. Read the new rules. If you posted this anywhere else please delete the threads.


The answer to the first part of your post…

Okay, there was an error in the combo I typed in earlier, so I edited it. It can still work the way I typed it in, but this version is easier and FAR more stable.

I just got my Dreamcast fixed this Saturday, so I can do some testing. It’s possible to call Storm Gamma, gamma charge, wait, then Gamma Crush, but that version is mucho-unstable-oso. I’ll have to do further testing to find the best method again. It’s been a long time since I used Hulk last.

The crushes are intermixed. They are in the posts that I made. I’ll try to find them…

Okay, from page 2 of Help with Hulk on, the first post with Unmashables is the one I made. It isn’t contained in a Hulk Unmashable thread per se.

It turns out that I may have to reconstruct the list as many of them were lost when the original Hulk Thread was wiped out.

May edit later…


The answer to the second part of your post…

The unmashable crush is the name I gave it when I created it. Or at least I think I created it. Nobody in the world used this tactic before I made it, nobody used it till after I leaked it on SRK under a different name before the SRK apocalypse.

The Double Crush property is something I overlooked when discovering Hulk unmashables originally. I didn’t care why the super was doing 20-30% more damage than it was supposed to, so despite discovering the unmashable crush, someone else found out about the double crush property. I probably detected it then, but primarily subconsciously.

While every unmashable crush isn’t a double crush, every double crush is an unmashable.

IF you say Hulk unmashable or Double crush, everyone that knows anything about Hulk will know what you’re talking about.


New Combo for the above team. I always knew that there was a DHC combo from Storm to Hulk instinctively that would yield a doublecrush. Now I know it.

1]Standing hk [launch], hold UF+[lp, pause, lp, lk, mp(actually a second lp,) mk(actually a second lk), Lightning attack UFx2, Lightning Storm, DHC Gamma Crush]
2] Off tag ins and otg’s, it is as above, but you omit the mk.

-The trick to getting the right super to come out is to watch the victim. If the victim is facing right while being lightning stormed, you do the quarter circle ending in the direction he’s looking.
-This will cause the double crush effect.

-138pts damage on the low end when done properly, 143 which is a kill on the high end.


=Jin on point [Mainly combos]
With Jin on point, anytime you hit with a hp, you can tag in Hulk from anywhere and it will combo. Hulk can then call Storm-y assist, gamma charge [this hits], and gamma crush once he crosses up causing the victim to land on the typhoon. Difficult to time this combo in terms of double crushes for stability, but it’s there. You can always gamma wave them into the corner instead.

jumping hp, slide technique ducking lk, triple will kill instantly. Also, lpx2 point blank, triple team will kill instantly. Point-blank DF hp and immediate triple will kill instantly.

Typhoon people’s assists onto the point man if you can, and cancel into the blodia punch super. If you do this, the last hit becomes unbolckable.

Triangle jumps can be defeated by typhooning the jump or dynamiting if you have the charge saved up.

If you want to typhoon, you should usually use the light one. It has the least recovery.

Jin’s hp combos with Hulk’s tag-in.


very interesting. check out my comments on that youtube vid if you haven’t. (under the same name). wow. the damage is INSANE!

your right, not too much people know. hell, i didn’t even know till recently


Ouch. I haven’t even considered the possibility of Double Crushes in DHCs. And with Storm, it makes a lot of sense.


Here’s another vid. I’m posting these vids in hopes of making the community more aware of Hulk’s potential…and hopefully someone else will find a way to make the Double Crush more practical to use in a match.


Yeah not that many people know for a good reason. Some assists only help in certain situations (corner, opponent making a mistake). And despite Hulk’s great speed for a person of his stature, he’s certainly not a rush in type character. I find myself constantly on the defensively against the likes of Magneto and Storm. =P


=Cable-Hulk Corner unmashable crush
Note:Cable on point.
-Launch, sj straight up, lp, lk, mp, mk, HVB, DHC gamma crush.

=Capcom, Hulk, dead or compatible 3rd character
launch, Assist 1+Assist 2
-Works in any team order

=Hulk on point, Jin and Megaman[or some 3rd character that’s compatible]
Launch with Hulk, Triple. That or dashjump lk, mk, dash, dlk, dhp, triple.

=Hulk Omega Red-a Coil Crush
-Dashjump lk,mk,call Omega Red-a+dlk, dmk, gamma charge, gamma crush.
-You want to hit with the Gamma charge a nanosecond or so before they get hit by the coil. There is a slight delay before the person gets lifted by the gamma charge. You want to hit them at that time with the coil.
-You can travel forwards slightly with the Gamma charge, but not much. You’ll have to experiment to

I may add even more to this later.


That I believe is one of Hulk’s best ways to get the Double Crush to work. It can even be thrown out randomly and if the opponent blocks the Gamma Charge, usually Hulk will be covered by Doom’s assist.

The Gamma Charge is what Hulk really needs to apply any offensive pressure on the opponent.


Gamma charges aren’t used to pressure your opponent, they’re used for mobility, to punish recovery [with cancels to supers…,], and in combos. You use his close proximity, assists, the dashjumping empty for pressure. If you use gamma charges for pressure, when they block it, you lose a level of meter trying to cover yourself. Sometimes that isn’t so bad as if you time the cancel right, when they leave guardstun, they may try to attack you only to eat the super…]. If for some reason you don’t have any meter, you get pulverized by your opponent.

This is why I don’t use it in that fashion as much as I probably should [and often opt for low lights to punish thins instead…,]. If I do gamma charges when I have meter, I might without thinking do it when I don’t and get raped.


But isn’t that what Doom and Sentinel’s assists are for? They’ll help him during his recovery from his Gamma Charge


Well, if you’re calling the likes of Sentinel-y, or Doom-b, you can probably get away with the gamma charging for pressure thing I guess. It’s all about the timing.

Getting snapped and your Doom assist killed sucks.

Your point makes sense. After all, that’s what I do sort of when I have those types of assists. It’s more of a bait for a gamma wave hit that drags them into the corner. I’m just a little nervous about calling assists first sometimes as the opponent can just block the assist and call their own.


Hulk Capcom-b Mid Screen Gamma Crush

Point-blank Dlk,dmk,Call Capcom, immediate gamma charge, Gamma crush.
-This is a floating unmashable.
-If too early, you MIGHT get the drop effect.
-If too late the rising effect [and thus the fall effect] will fail/miss or the drop effect [can mash out]

Difficulty: Medium-high
Combo ability into it from air attacks: Medium low.
-Must ground dash between the air attack and the first ducking light or it won’t work
Damage: Very high
Stability: High
-You only have 1 hit to worry about, so that makes it surprisingly stable despite the difficulty.

Solo unmashable crush
-Dhp[1st hit, mid-screen], gamma crush.

-Also edited above post.


Hulk-Doom Unmashable crush.

1]Dashjump /normal jump over the opponent’s head and Call Capcom-b, Juggernaut-b, or Doom-b on the way. Cable-b may also work before you land.
2]Ducking lk them timed to combo with the assist. If it hits, gamma crush.

The assist will lift them into a position over you where when you fly up, the effect of hitting them will cause a floating crush that they cannot mash out of.

-Doom is especially dangerous as the person is pinned. You can possibly re-jump and lp or lk them on the way down, or ducking lk them and either hit will make you able to floating gamma crush them on reflex. It’s sort of like when Strider drops Doom, high teleports behind you, and then lp’s you on the way down if you crouch, or ducking lk as you stand.


+100 Marvel player points for Deathfist, you are too nice on these threads man. Wish i could rep you.


Thank you.

I treat others the way they wish to be treated, and demand that others do the same to me and everyone else. When they don’t, it is then I turn into an asshole and go after them until they do. If everyone takes this approach, we all win. Just because we can’t agree all the time about everything, doesn’t mean we should mistreat others because of it.

I haven’t used Hulk enough recently, and now must completely reconstruct and rediscover nearly all the unmashables I found since I forgot most of them.

If continued feedback is done in this thread, I’ll probably do it.