Hulk for Beginners



****I am a relatively new player at all fighting games. SF4 the first and I could demolish friends with a huge handicap but moving to playing online only showed how much I am horrible at fighters. I have found it intimidating to utilize the documented combos for any character. With this thought in mind, I want to make a thread for new players like me that would like a simpler set of combos that can be hit reliably with emphasis not on overall damage damage but ease and reliability. This will help players get into the game and without being too discouraged and putting down the game. I wanted to start the thread on Hulk since I find him harder to utilize in techniques but much easier to combo. Due the the vast amount of info for beginners, we can ignore the basics of the game: advancing block, DHC, hyper management, etc. I want to focus on a couple simple combos not to beat pro players but give a great bang for buck for difficulty and risk in a match.

Mid screen combos:
for a non-aerial approach
cr.:l:, cr.:h:, XX, :s:, :u:, :m:, :m:, :h:, XX, :s:, :qcf::atk::atk:

for an aerial approach
j.:s:, cr.:h:, XX, :s:, :u:, :m:, :m:, :h:, XX, :s:, :qcf::atk::atk:

Corner combo:
for a non-aerial approach
cr.:l:, cr.:h:, XX, :s:, :u:, :m:, :m:, :h:, XX, :s:, :dp::atk::atk:.

for an aerial approach - the midscreen combo can be used but for a small increase in difficulty adding a j.:h: before the j.:s: can increase the damage a bit.
j.:h:, j.:s:, cr.:h:, XX, :s:, :u:, :m:, :m:, :h:, XX, :s:, :qcf::atk::atk:

These are a few setups with plenty of hit-confirm before the hyper combo.

Tips to help execute these combos safely: include utilizing gamma charge to close the gap to the opponent, frequently use assists to cover your weaknesses (EX: anti-air and projectiles).

I hope this helps. Please tell me what you think and contribute. Good gaming!


Good stuff, looking to try out Hulk today!


Nice idea mister. Something I find pretty useful and easy with Hulk is that after you’ve done, let’s say any corner combo into launcher and ground him like in the corner combos you showed, you can go for a gamma quake, x-factor cancel it and go for another hyper (gamma quake and gamma tsunami is possible i believe, quake is probably better though. I haven’t tried crush yet though : D). Anyways, I just thought I’d mention it because for beginners, this is an easy way to employ x-factor in a combo without having to do ridiculous combo chains to capitalize on it.


The thread title is redundant.



most of this is mission mode,… which is there to teach you these basics I think :wink:
Gamma Quake KFC Gamma Crush is easy btw.


I too am fairly new to Capcom fighters, though I’ve been doing quite well online. One of the rules I’ve stuck to is not to attempt to do the most effective combo that I can accomplish in training mode, but to do the ones that are both effective and reliable, both in the sense that they are difficult to avoid and in the sense that they are forgiving of small errors in timing or positioning. After all, a combo that takes off 70% of an opponent’s health that you can always do right is much better than one that does 85% which you whiff 50% of the time.

With this in mind, I developed a couple of bread and butter combos for various situations. Or rather little variations on one simple, reliable one.

As a general principle, you can get in an extra hit at the beginning of a combo by using your standing :L: or some other unarmored attack. However, I often find it useful to abuse the Hulk’s armored standing Medium or, more often, Heavy in order to blow through and counter an enemy attack at a considerable range.

That said… I started out by simply using variations of this combo for just about every position:

Not-Corner combo: Standing :h:, :s:, air :m:, :m:, :h:, :s:, :qcf::atk::atk:
For a jumping approach, add a :h:, :s: in the air, or :l:, :l:, crounching :l: (depends on the enemy’s position & size, really)
Try using an assist when you do the standing heavy in order to make it safer on block (or make an unblockable setup with a low assist)

Corner Combo: Pretty much as above, but if the aerial :s: knocks them down into a corner, use an OTG assist (Such as sentinel’s rocket punch) to knock them back up, and use Gamma Crush (hitting them on the way up and on the way down) for considerably more damage than you’d get from using Gamma Tsunami.

Enemy in the air: Use an aerial grab, then use an OTG assist (such as Sentinel’s Rocket punch) to bounce the enemy back up. Use standing :m:, then follow the original combo. :s:, aerial :m::m::h::s: (Gamma wave or pickup & gamma crush in the corner).

All of these combos will take more than half of an enemy’s health. The corner combo will 100% various characters in X-Factor. I presume you can also use a basic charge :b: :f: gamma wave prior to the Gamma Tusnami for a little extra damage, but I’ve been sticking to what I know works for now.

Hope that’s helpful. And of course I’m open to hearing improvements on my own ideas as well. :slight_smile:


Just wanna say to all of the Hulk beginners, don’t underestimate the value of his backdash. It’s one of the quickest in the game and can get him out of a lot of jams (like Zero’s Hyper Combo), and give you a chance to counterattack with Gamma Tsunami.


I gotta admit my Hulk play at the moment is pretty much restricted to the basic combos in this thread. one thing I like to do is jump cancel Hulk’s dash a lot to get in more safely.

btw you can combo Gamma Crush in the corner OTG without an assist if you use Gamma Wave to pick them up. but the timing might be easier using an assist instead, if you have one.


Whats the XX for i think its cancel but how do you do it?


Some hints:
Gamma tsunami bounces the enemy and you can DHC some nice stuff after it.

You can punish long block strings with XFC xx Gamma Crush, there are videos of Hulk killing all the whole team after they do a team up super.


s.:h:!!! Use it! But not too much.


Try to space your S.:h: and your Launcher a little, in case your S.:h: is blocked. It has better recovery than his Launcher so you won’t be eaten alive by counter combos…


You can jump-cancel Hulk’s dash. This is a good way to close ground on someone, and it’s a bit safer than gamma charge.

Jumping :s: can be a good cross-up after a dash xx jump-cancel.

:m: xx :hcb::m: is a kara command throw for hulk. I’m not sure if it gives any extra range (since the range is pretty good already) … but it’s pretty good to use in a string.


s.:l:,:m: xx :hcb::m:

I think even if the standing :l: hits, or is blocked, you still can get them with the command throw. A really fast move or an invincible move would maybe win though, not sure.


This is great info for all of the noobs like me. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person that feels this way.

I agree but I think even more can be done with the throw easily. I just need to spend a little time in the training room. I’ll figure it out and post some combos for the throw since it is a relatively quick, at 11 frames. I think it would be a really powerful anti-air attack but I am not sure if there is any invulnerability with the attack that might aid in its use. I’ll get on that and see what I can find.


You are correct, XX is for cancel. This is a great question that isn’t explained all to often. A cancel is where an attack interrupts the recovery time for the previous attack (ex: the punch retracting after the hit). This allows for an attack that has a higher recovery time to “cancel” into another move that it shouldn’t be able to perform without the cancel.

An example would be Hulk’s: cr. L, cr. M XX QCF+H.

To accomplish this, you can press cr. L and cr. M one after another then the quarter circle forward and the H needs to be completely inputted before the cr. M attack completes. In training this should show a three hit combo and yield a little bit less damage then the total damage from the three attacks. Also, put on auto block and if you don’t make the combo the dummy will block.

There might be a little bit more to it but that should get you running.