Hulk: How To Smash Stuff

This will serve as an ongoing guide to help out anyone looking for more info on big Mr. Green. Hopefully some more hulk vets will help me fill this thing out.

I.) The Basics

A.) Stamina.. hulk has a lot.  Only sent, juggs, and collossus have more.  He can take some attacks that will leave weaker characters crying for their mamma.

B.) Super Armor..  not much to explain except to state that hulk can make better use of it in close quarters than almost anyone.  Juggs doesn't get as much out of it b/c his normals come out a lot slower, and sent simply doesn't need it as much with his insane chip patterns/stomp o' matic action.

C.) Priority.. hulk has a ton.  His normals when properly combined with super armor, will beat out just about any other normals in the game.

D.) Cancels..  hulk can cancel any normal into almost any special at just about any time he chooses, and then go onto cancel any one of those into any hyper he has (and he's got 3 good ones.)  You can vary all of said cancels with whatever timing needed to create some very interesting combos both solo and with assists. Hulks (seemingly)slow recovering normals are really a mind game in disguise.  What timing will you cancel with? Which will you cancel to?  Each has different properties and guessing wrong will make your opponent hurt.  If you opponent is acctually foolish enough to attempt to punish your slow recovering normals never fail to cancel and make him pay.

E.) Damage..  everything the hulk does hurts.  He even does nice chip damage with his jabs.  All his specials setup his hypers well and all of his hypers hurt a lot.  Hulk can stand and trade normals with just about anyone but sent all day long and come out on top.

D.) Gamma Charge..  this attack gets it's own category because it is: 1.) Is ungodly badass and insanely important to your game if you want to play a good hulk.  ..and.. 2.) If used improperly will get you wasted and make your hulk a complete piece of crap.  It really involves rules. Do it when you KNOW it is either safe or you have a free bar to cancel into something safe (this also means knowing what is safe.. and when.)  NEVER do a random gamma charge that you can't cancel out of.  NEVER.  EVER.  Only other rule is end every single ground combo with this attack.  Learn well what attacks this thing will blast right through as it will go strait through a reliant share of stuff.  I make the rules sound like you will barely use it and nothing could be more wrong.  For a move with soooo much recovery.. it is in fact perfectly safe to use it very very often.. even from a full screen away.. but never randomly.  

E.) Gamma crush.. here is where hulk gets mad.  This attack is devastating normally.. and with the double crush glitch.. it is pretty much the most damaging thing there is.  To learn how hulk works you can't just learn how to land this one in a combo and run free.  It can be mashed TO A POINT.  There are dozens of ways to land a crush that cannot be mashed both solo and with assists.  

F.) LK..  yea.. hulks lk is good enough to be on the basics list.  Standing, crouching, jumping..  they all come out in 2 frames. Super armor 2 frame normal often times works even better than a 1 frame normal w/no armor.  obviously jumping lk has no super armor but it has even better reach and priority.  It's so good that you wont even need hulks amazingly good b/c doing lk, mk.. hop, lk,mk.. ect..  does more chip.. is faster.. more reach.. longer hit/block stun.. better combo chances.. 

G.) J.Hk.. its very good.. but.. see F.

H.) Hulks Dashjump.  It's very good.  Reaches full screen pretty fast and helps compensate for hulks poor wave dash. The angle is also pretty much ideal for landing jump ins with lk.

II.) Combos (solo)

A.) Jump In..,, land,, xx g.charge xx hyper (of your choice.)

B.) Dash In..  ..s.lp, xx g.charge xx hyper (of your choice.)

C.) Air Combo.. ..launch.. sj.lp,,, sj.hp 

D.) Air Combo (corner only).. launch.. sj.lp,,, sj.hp,

E.) Air Combo Airthrow mixup.. ..launch..,, airthrow back

A.) Double Hyper (corner only).. ..(whatever normal chain to), c.fp xx(after first hit), gamma quake, long pause, gamma crush (will sometimes even double crush.)

B.) Double Hyper Midscreen (uses cross up).. ..c.fp xx(after second hit), gamma quake, charge back, pause for hyper bg to go leave, gamma charge  xx gamma crush. (crush comes out after you cross under their feet, and hits from below.)

C.) Air Combo to OTG(corner only).. launch.. sj.lp,,, sj.hp,, pause while falling, (OTG),, xx gamma charge xx gamma quake.

D.) Air Combo to Air-throw Mixup to OTG.. ..launch..,, airthrow back, charge back, pause while falling, (OTG),, xx gamma charge xx gamma quake.

E.) Air Combo SJ Cancel Relaunch (corner only).. launch xSJCx(after the first hit), sj.lp,,, sj.hp,, pause while falling, (OTG),, Relaunch.. (Not infinite.. few reps possible tho.. very hard..)

F.) Gamma Charge Infinite (corner only).. charge down/back, Launch xx (after first hit), [u+fk, small pause, u/f+fk], charge down, feet touch the ground, rep []'s.

   G.) "The Air option stuff"...  launch, sj. lk, (do both nice and slow (its easy)), hold fwd + fp (time it so you cross up under their feet.)  If they block correctly 1 if they don't manage to block correctly 2...   1.) immediate fp air-throw, falling OTG lk, gamma charge fwd xx gamma quake (or wave if you time it).. 2.)falling lk, falling mk, land, gamma crush. (unmashable)  

  Semi Advanced Extra's (Combos)
   A.) Quad gamma charge xx super(corner)...  anything, launcher xx g.charge up xx g.charge up/fwd, OTG, cr.fp xx g.charge up xx g.charge up/fwd.  (Also sets up the g.charge corner inf in a nice flow.)

   B.) Triple charge xx super(corner)...  anything, launcher, xx g.charge up xx g.charge up/fwd, OTG, s. fp, g.charge fwd xx g.quake.

   C.) Back to the wall(corner.. sorta)..  s.lp, xx g.tornado, OTG, cr.fp xx g.crush (double, unmashable.)

    Assist punishment
A.) Gamma crush..  your best friend against sent drones, doom rocks, blackheart, tron, and any other assist that like to hang around.  Proper timing is needed.. i.e. doing it BEFORE the doom rocks hit you, or waiting til AFTER blackheart inferno assist is blocked.. ect..  combine this with a safe and/or damaging DHC (I use proton cannon), and you can flat kill almost any assist in the game short of sent(whom you could kill with a second DHC.)  This is a fairly risk free tactic when done right :)

B.) Gamma charge xx gamma quake, pause, gamma charge xx gamma quake, pause...  is a pretty safe and easy assist kill loop.  Takes bars obviously.  Some people like cable can punish you through the quake rocks still...

C.) launch xSJCx(after first hit).. [sj.lp,,, sj.lp] <-- slow speed button presses, relaunch, repeat.. in corner.. combine with other corner combo strats.

    D.) "The deathfist".. launch an assist, pause,, jmk, land, repeat..  

    E.)(SOME BROKE ASS SHIT RIGHT HERE) g.charge an assist xx g.quake (cancel late.. this sends the assist flying higher)..  soon as you recover,, land, gamma crush..  uses 2 meters.. kills or nearly kills.. the assist.

	-prefix- These combos are not as damaging as some other options but instead serve to move the opponent to a favorable location.  Hulk can rushdown ok but these help provide the mixup he needs.  They also help serve to move the opp into the corner where hulk is most devastating.

A.) ..launch.. sj.lp,,, sj.hp....  Look familiar?  Apart from doing 45 damage this combo knocks the opponent down/away.  This give you a chance to rushdown or cross-up by quickly doing a fwd+fp in the air and going rushdown on their other side.

B.) ..launch.. sj.lp,,  This combo is used to knock your opponent about a screen distance back into the corner.. it causes flying screen.. doesn't let them roll, and hulk comes into the screen in a big dash.  While they are down you can advance and attack.

C.) lp, fp xx gamma charge xx gamma quake...  This will knock the back into the corner, put you in their face, and make them block some rocks while you prep your next attack.

    Ghetto Air dash Movement "The clapp"
  Hulk's got one in his sj.fp.  Hold a direction while you use it and drift up to roughly 3/4 screen.  Mix that shit up and it's very effective.  Even rewind.. like s.jump at someone expecting a mando AAA call..  at your jump peak hold bck + hit fp and you'll "rewind" out of his range.  AAA's like cable  sj. at them.. then do a fp drift fwd and the AAA will pass below w/out contact.  Sometimes do it quick as hell.. like TK speed or damn near and you'll start to see a tricky tri-jump you can mix in.  Hulk's sj.fp also has serious fucking priority in air to air situations.   The cloud that come's out of his hands can hit but not be hit.. which even makes it good against some of mag's and storm's broken ass air normals.  You can sj. strait up and do it quick against sent in fly mode.. add a drift direction to move around safely while you do it.  Neat thing with the "drift" is.. you can sj.up/back and at your jump peak hold fwd and hit fp.. and you will reverse directions completely.. landing past the midscreen point.. even if you hit the wall with your back when you sj'd up/back...  this allows you to s.jump, dodge some shit.. then move in for the attack.. all w/out coming back down.  It's flat needed against storm or sent.
  This 2nd paragraph is further update.  This so called ghetto air dash.. ain't very ghetto.  It's more like the shit..   hulk can ghetto tri jump the entire screen.  HSF.. on reaction sj. up/back.. clap as you crest peak and hold fwd.. you'll be kicking sent in the face before he recovers.  Manage to sj out before cable hvb your assist?  Sure.. kick him in the face then.  You can reach no prob.. full screen.  It will take a LOT of learning how to manipulate your movement with sj.fp.. but its literally 60% of what makes hulk great.  No joke.  Other nice part?  Once you learned to move around using this.. you are HARDER to stop from moving around than a real air dasher.. b/c that shit beats anyone's normals from the right angle.    I land 4 or 5 claps a match just moving around.  To note making yourself move dwn fwd at someone at a hard ass angle and immediately sticking out lk as you come.. seems to magnify the claps movement effects.  Try em together and you'll note you can SJ to any point on the screen at will.. and in much less time than sjing normally.

A few specific scenarios where you can make great use of this.
-vs doom rocks… easily sj.over doom without losing your attack momentum.
-vs tron… do the hold fwd version to crossup the opp… doing this will make it 99% likely that you’ll make her whiff… and/or stuff her freely as you come…
-vs mando… use the pushblock followed by fwd clap… OR bait him out of if you can make him whiff… sj. immediate dwn+fwd clap and you can put the opp into hit or block stun easily before he can come back out. Just do it quick.
-vs sent drones assist… just like vs doom rocks…
-vs sent’s HSF… anytime you manage to sj.out before the first drone sets… fwd clap and come down kicking… it’s your birthday.
-vs cable… get close call your assist and immediate sj. fwd+clap… if he AHVB’s your assit… you’ll be over/past him and net a free combo into wtver. If he jumps he’ll get clapped or air thrown… if he stay’s put youi’ll cross over… get a free hi-low as you come down… ect…
-vs AAA (on recovery from being hit) if you are hit by AAA and throwm or carried up high… doing a clap as you come off the hit gives some amount of Y boost… your clap carries you actually fully out of the screen after being hit by cable AAA. Clap again as you re-enter and the combined movement is enough to let you land anywhere on the screen you like. Try it…

      Guard Breaks 
   A.) opp coming in, j. lk, land, cr.fp...  pretty much the basic easymode.   Also easy to get out of for a lot of characters.

   B.) opp coming in,, land, g. crush (double, unmashable).. also very easy.. much harder to get out of b/c most any speciel they do.. the crush will still get em.

   C.)opp coming in,, land, s.fp xx g.charge fwd, g.crush (double, unmashable)

   D.) Mix other stuff up with these.. like..   opp coming in, j. lk, land, cr.fp..  g.charge up xx g.charge up/fwd, OTG, cr.fp xx g.charge up xx g.charge up/fwd. (At this point you can go into g.charge inf for a 100% GB on incoming char.)

 Break that flying screen
Gee.. something else hulk smashes.. the games engine.  Doesn't even need assist help.  If you look at the "air option stuff" under advanced combo's.. you'll probably notice it had you comboing even midscreen from a move the causes flying screen.  It's b/c the cloud from hulks sj.fp (the thunderclap) extends behind him and will hit behind him in cross up situations.  This will cause flying screen but b/c of the crossup hulks sprite turns around and the flyng screen sends them into your chest.  That's why option 2 in that combo works perfectly.  There are other situations where you can get to do this... once you master going air 2 air with,, crossup.. its not real hard.  

 This really applies to hulk/doom.. and to warn you.. it will probably make your opp punch on in the face if you keep doing it..hehe   Some characters have a really hard time getting away from hulk doing repeated, (repeat)..  looking at people cable size and up..  adding doom rocks to this scenario allows you to leave very few gaps..  sooo... add in meters.. 3 will do..  and instead of doing the previous repeated stuff..   do,, land,,, call doom rocks, xx g.charge xx g.quake (at this point quake rocks are finishing.. dooms rocks are getting to the opp and you can start over with hulk's      this is 100% lock down series until hulk runs out of meter...  3 meters worth is about 75% chip dmg off the average character.. and 3 meters worth will put them into the wall no matter where it starts..  pushblock does nothing b/c gamma charge makes up all that space.. plus any extra without skipping a beat..   you can pin a sent all day..

more later…

Assist Combos

With opponent in corner:
Dashing jump-in -> j.lkx2 (hold down), land, cr.HP, cancel to upward Gamma Charge after first hit, uf Gamma Charge, land, to otg, s.Hp -> Gamma Quake.
Massive, easy damage if you think you can’t continue the Gamma Charge juggle. Throw in a Proton Cannon, Hailstorm, or HSF and you’re golden.
I’d normally do Gamma Crush after the HP, but when you otg sometimes the last hit of GC misses…

Also, if you dhc right after the last hit of GC, you can connect CapAm’s Final Justice for over 100 damage with no preceding combo. Way to scale!

I like to use Ken with Hulk for

  1. The great AA coverage (super armor point w/ invincible AA = juicy)
  2. The Invincible startup with Shoryuu Reppa can cut through nearly anything from half-screen or closer, including Silver Sam’s lightning, which is BS. You can counter Ken in while blocking it, or HSF, cancel his uppercut into super, and anyone hit by it, point, assist, or both, gets a free ride on the meteor when Ken leaves the ground.
  3. Easy pie guard breaks. In or near corner call Ken when new opponent is about to appear. If they block Ken, wait until they fall to about chest height and GC. If you think they’ll try to mash jabs, back up a bit and do Gamma Charge into GC instead. Then maybe DHC to Iron Man so if you kill off the second guy you can GB the third, too. Sweet deal.
    Other cool folks - Gambit … Like with Cyke AA assist, dash in with Gambit, cr.lkx2 while calling Hulk dash assist, Hulk connects, HP Trick Card, lp Kinetic Card-> Royal Flush -> GC or Gamma Wave.
    Magneto… Got 2 meter to blow? Dash in, cr.HP-> THC w/ Mag/Hulk for the easiest double Crush of all. Off a lk! Does not work in corner, but kills Strider instantly!

Awesome info. Thanks, guys!!

I think the thread topic explains it all. With Hulk, you can get away with whiffs or mistakes, more than any other character in the game. Which makes him somewhat invincible. He takes a lot of damage, which strikes fear in the hearts of many, GAMMA CRUSH!! I use either Dhalsim or BlackHeart to set up Gamma. To do this, just launch, assist, then Gamma. It doesnt smash all the way, but it seems to hit in a way that takes more damage than when it connects flush. An example is Jin’s Blodia punch. If it connects all the way through, it doesnt take the same compared to the opponent being hit by the tip of the fist. So, I prefer combining the Gamma with a anti-air assist, to get them in a certain spot when I come down with my big ass rock (lol). Blackheart’s anti-air knocks them up to the Gamma, but the Gamma hits twice, when theyre at the top, and then falling down. Dhalsim’s is different… When you launch, assist with either Dhalsim’s anti-air or ground type. When you launch, they’ll be around mid-screen when you come down. It takes a crapload this way.

gamma madness

The best way to use gamma crush is very very easy. One of the meanest assist punishers out there… on a standing doom assist… it will do 70% (I normally DHC to proton cannon at that point and just kill em off.) Also… short of CC doing captain sword… there’s very little that can stop you…

It really funny watching people n.jump backward and block as the crush comes (normal procedure when its aimed at point) and then see them floating helplessly backwards while you smash their assist. It also puts them in a terrible position to attempt to punish hulk.

Doom is the best for double crush setups by far… as calling him during one of hulks basic combos and then xx gamma charge xx gamma crush… pretty much smashes face. Like 100% on some toons… 90% on cable type.

Beyond landing double crushes or assist punishment… hulks real rage is best opened when you got em in the corner… just master the sjcing of hulks launcher after the first hit… and see where that takes your air combo and corner combos…

What you mention revolta about using AAA to set it up is the standard for doing a corner double crush… b/c in that case doom rocks will fly off screen instead of juggling. You can get a double out of an AAA sometimes midscreen… but it’s not nearly as reliable as doom rocks. A FEW AAA’s like chun that carry em for a moment… give you time to g.charge xx g.crush and get a more favorable angle… but even then… a crap shoot.

If doom isn’t on the team and you are comboing midscreen… see combo B. above… as it is very safe and does insane dmg.

Storm’s Variety assist holds most characters long enough to double crush midscreen or corner. Even off an incidental hit or dash-in, as long as you call Storm right before you launch and hold forward while you GC it works most of the time. More often, in fact, than Blackheart’s AA. In the corner you can call Storm, HP-> Gamma Quake, storm hits, GC, but the timing is TIGHT and you get as much damage for less gauge with the double crush. It’s really just for show or assist kills.

You can also thc Hulk with Jin AA and it will always double crush a grounded opponent because of the little pop up at the end of Blodia Punch. Either lk->THC with Jin on point (close to enemy) or launch with Hulk, pause till target is at max height->THC. The pause is there so Blodia drags the enemy along the ground and you get the max benefit from Gamma Crush. Depending on your timing and their sprite size, I’ve seen this do up to 140 dmg. Only problem here is you have to play Jin, but I think he works well with Hulk/Doom. Much like Sent/Hulk/Doom you get two aggressive point characters with chipping normals and Doom rocks backing them.

Been rolling a lil hulk thanos lately… few very mean things…

thanos POWA xx gamma crush will double crush…

as hulk… dashjump while calling thanos bubble… tick throw… they land in bubble… gamma crush (unmashable.)

gamma crush DHC after last hit to POWA hurts a lot…

Hulk/Thanos/Collossus… get three bars… see an assist 1/2 a screen away or less… hit A1+A2… its dead now… lol

I dunno if you guys know but you can gamma crush from a gamma charger.

My fav character and fav move for sure.

I just assist, wait for then to attack assist and then gamma charger… as soon as it connects… gamma crush.

Or you can gamma and wait till hulk is on the other side (connects and passes underneath opponent)… then just do the rock super and keep mashing the buttons… Keep in mind that this can only be effective if the character is in one of the corners. What I mean by the corner is either closest to the left or closest to the right. Say there backed up on the left corner, you can gamma charge… wait till you or on the other side and do your rock super. You will carry the opponent all the way to the other corner. while mashing I usually hold back to charge again and as soon as they land you can gamma charge and do it again.

Watch the meteor crush tho because people with arcade sticks can get up and not let you hit them.

If they do that once abandon the meteor crush and use your other rock super.

Another cool thing is if you connect his half circle grab you can charge adn as soon as he throws the oppenent you can gamma charge him.

You don’t need an arcade stick to mash out of gamma crush… but there are ways to land “unmashable” crushes… against big characters like sent or juggs gamma charge xx gamma crush will be unmashable if timed properly (you want them low and just over your head.)

Mostly unless you know how to land gamma crushes that cannot be mashed… its a terrible move against good opps… I use it with doom rocks for unmashable double crushes (does double the norm dmg.) or I assist punish with it… which is where is really shines.

I didnt know, only ones who Ive seen roll out of a meteor crush are usually the same old tired mag/storm/sent combo.

Its usually mag rolling out of it tho.

My team is guile/hulk/iron man

if you trip with guile you can tripple super out of it and do insane damage. It kills pretty much everyone except for the big guys liek sent or jug.

Even the guile trip to hulk/guile double super is devastating.

Guile always puts them at the perfect spot for hulk to kill them.

iron man/hulk double does crazy amounts of damage too.

shoot, hulk with anyone (dash) does crazy ammounts of damage if it hits.

I learned this weekend you can dash/ a/a super/dash/a/a super/dash/a/a super lol

this thread is great!!!

i didnt know you could do an infinite with hulk.

only prob is the rocks are usually random so its hard to catch people perfectly every time.

Hulk has three infinite’s that I know of… tho the gamma quake semi-inf which was randomish on arcade or dc doesn’t work on nextgen. Still works on assists tho.

He has two others… both in the corner… sj.cancel normal linking… pretty fucking hard w/out a programmable pad. Then he has another corner inf… which is just launch, (gamma charge strait up xx gamma charge up/fwd, pause while falling
)… repeat brackets…

Works pretty easy once you get the flow… bu hulk has other corner options that are normally better.

Hulk also has a mid-screen helper infinite. I’m surprised my invention wasn’t listed.
[Dhp, sj lp, lk, mk, pause, lk, mk]XN

N=as many times as you can execute it…

Note: there are multiple variations of this one that can be utilized.

yup… thats the one I normally go for if I land a double snap…

check out the air throw reset thread… not only is the airthrow reset handy… but most of the time you wouldn’t be doing it. If they don’t block the cross up… you can just do lk, lk (land), gamma crush(unmashable.) It’s really new… (i don’t even have a vid for it posted… just the airthrow branch.)

I hear people talk about double crush a lot but I still don’t really understand the concept.

Is this when you manage to use an assist to make gamma crush hit more so it does almost Juggs glitched damage?

double crushes

There are a number of ways to cause it. Sometimes a corner solo crush will double crush.

An assist is the best way. A crush will hit until it hits the ground (and hit once on the ground if possible) so any way you can delay the opp from hitting the ground will help.

Doom is the easiest to start with probably… just call doom rocks and then gamma crush. You’ll see.

Double crushes are pretty much always unmashable as well.

Try ken AAA in the corner also… or anything that takes em really high in the corner.

There are even different types of double crushes in terms of how the rock hits them extra times.

Do you think that one or both of us should try to make a list of inescapable and double crushes?

BTW, Ken’s expansion assist also double crushes in the corner, but you knew that already, I’m sure.

Here’s an experimental sequence for you to look at with Ken expansion. This has no meter involved, so nobody’s going to die.

Hulk in his corner [almost…]. Dashjump, lk, mk, dlk, dmk, call ken expansion, gamma charge, superjump, lp, lk, mk hp, dashjump, into one of the following options…
1]call Ken during a dashjump, cross-up and dlk. If hit, do a second dlk, and light gamma charge to persue, sj lp, lk, mk, hp.
2]dashjump, cross-up, grab them and throw them towards the corner. This can be worsened if you also have Ironman-b, as any throw would result in a combo off of Ironman.

Here are a few notes and random thoughts…
Learn how to silence his dashjump. IF you jump early enough in the dash, no sound will be made, and the person might think you’re jumping forwards normally. Your dash buffered normal jump’s range will more than double out of nowhere and can possibly catch them off guard resulting in a dead character.

I like to use gamma waves on the end of my combos sometimes without regard to screen position. If they’re in the corner, the combo I do will result in a cross-up mid combo, and them getting carried almost [if not into] the other corner. If my back is to the wall, I can always use a combo [dhp-1 hitXX gamma wave] that will carry them to the far corner, and if not, I not only knocked him down, but switched places with him. That’s really dangerous. One hit could result in death, and death could mean a guardbreak [or mixup…] into ANOTHER death.

Other things, are when you’re cornered, grab and throw your opponent into the corner if you can. Hulk’s good at keeping his opponent in the corner when they get there.

True story: I was playing against an MSP using Hulk, Cable, Capcom. I was trying to get him in the corner, but he kept attacking, so I simply turtled and kept calling Cable-b. Since I found he loved to walk into it I adjusted. Everytime he ate one, I then followed with a whiffed gamma charge, or a dashjump. Eventually, he was in the corner. I backdashed, then dashjumped in. Unfortunately for him, he was trying to dash forwards, and ate the dashjump lk-mk chain as the second forwards tap completed. I ducking lk-mk chained, called Capcom, gamma charge XX Crush. 100% damage to Magneto, and tagged in Cable. Even though Cable was empty or near empty, if he died [he didn’t] by the time hulk would be back, Hulk would have at least 2 meters. 2 meters if you’re cornered is 2 dead characters [and if you get crossed up by a lk into Capcom, one of your characters is going to lose 90% there too…].

MadTitan, I hear you like Hulk crush into Ironman DHC. I like it into either Juggernaut or Sentinel. Got me wondering, Should I try out Hulk, Ironman, Sentinel-a?

Hulk and Sentinel do have inescapable crushes together.

Since you like Hulk and Ironman, don’t forget the framekill frame cancel proton cancels. Some Cable jumps back with a viper beam or grenade, and you gamma wave or better yet Quake XX proton cannon his move. That’d be funny. Especially if you have juggernaut or Sentinel behind that.

I did some retesting, and experimentation. There is alot of stuff that I don’t know about this team and it’s effectiveness in actual combat, so be careful…

Hulk-b, Ironman-b, Sent-a[rocketpunch/projectile] combo.

Dashjump lk,mk, OR flying hk, followed by ducking lk, call Sent-a, dmk, hard gamma charge, [they eat the rocketpunch here], activate crush, DHC proton cannon [killing over 90% of the cast outright], DHC Sentinel [killing Sentinel…].

That’s a pretty rowdy team… trying to sneak something in on super armor hulk w/super armored drones assist is a task… plus either character DHC to proton cannon is devastating.

Main weakness I see is lack of a true AAA but that is mitigated by the teams strong ability to stay on the offense. Doom works great in the same place for several reasons but obviously sent has several better match-ups.

My hulk gets better every day. Scrubs online love to pick cable/mando/sent… get ocv’d by hulk… and then send me a shitty msg saying I’m nothing without hulk…lol “man your nothing without hulk”… sorta like playing sf4… picking sagat… losing to feurte and then blaming it on the characters…hehe

Not really though… since hulk is about 6 times better than most people think.