Hulk in MVC1


Is there anyway that Hulk can fight Strider or Wolvie and dominate them? This is mainly towards the people that know the game inside and out. Keep in mind this isn’t MVC2 Hulk still has a chance lol


I can’t really give you any advice with him, but here are a ton of matches you can watch with Hulk in them:


jump lk


that shit is legit for more than hulk its legit for Chang in kof also.


Hulk does ok against Wolverine and not so well against Strider.

Wolverine potentially risks a lot by attacking Hulk from a number of angles both due to super armor and the general lack of block stun in many normals throughout this game. Even if Wolverine hits Hulk, outside of infinite or throw resets, he can’t hurt Hulk much by himself since Hulk has more life than most (all?) of the cast and Hulk weighs more so the uncombo stuff is tougher or impossible in some cases. Part of the appeal and utility of this character comes from the fact that you can make a mistake and potentially not pay as big of a price.

Strider in general has no reason to attack Hulk without Ouroborus or assist/animals. All Strider needs to do to win is keep Hulk out (which is pretty easy for Strider), chip and/or bait and punish mistakes. Build meter free, duo smartly, repeat - this will rape Hulk and much of the other cast that also doesn’t have a good answer to this or can do it better. Much like vs War Machine and Red Venom, the Hulk player has a hard time unless the other guy plays into his hands.

In short, Hulk cannot dominate a competent Wolverine or Strider player IMO. Post up if you want to know more about the character or other known matchups.