Hulk infinite

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge. It’s pretty easy on Sentinel and She Hulk, but I’ve experimented a little and I think it’s possible against a large portion of the cast if you kara cancel cr.M into gamma wave, or simply dash cancel into gamma wave.

That said, it gets very very difficult if the character isn’t large.


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This is pretty fucking sick - good find. I doubt it has very many practical uses because of damage scaling, but it could be useful for building meter if you somehow find yourself short, or if you need more meter to DHC after a wave xx crush.

It actually kills pretty fast because Hulk’s moves only scale down to 30%. Sentinel would have been dead in a real match.

It’s very difficult to do anyone other than Sentinel and She Hulk, but I’m fairly certain it should work on a good few characters.

Cool hul infinite :slight_smile: also STUPID SRK NOT LETTING YOU CHANGE TITLES ANYMORE >=[

Very good find.

Hul is looking pretty good, makes Hulk look redundant.

white text on green background makes me glad i don’t need to read it to know what’s going on

Yeah, it looks fine in 720p, but youtube uglified it alot. bleh

Good find Duck Strong. Thanks for doing the Hul players’ work for us, but couldn’t you have waited until after UMvC3 was finalized?

Just a follow-up to this. I meant this mostly as a joke - I’m pretty sure this has already been removed from MvC3. Someone reported that corner Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush was tighter timing. The reason the timing is so leniant right now is because of how high Gamma Wave lifts the opponent (and the way the multiple hits are spaced), but any change that would make Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush have tighter timing will most likely result in this loop being removed.

Nah, I did feel kinda bad about it. Whenever I figure out something new for a middling character, I’m always reluctant to say anything about it because I know that Capcom will probably use draconian measures to “fix” the problem and weaken the character significantly in the process. Even if the technique has little to no impact on the game.

Look at what they did to Sent. His problem was never really his life, but rather the absolutely ridonkulous damage you get out of ABCS combos when in X-factor. So what does Capcom do? Give him the biggest life nerf in the history of sf. It’s just lazy really.

Conversely, I get the impression the real bullshit characters like Phoenix, Wolvie, Wesker and Dante are only receiving band-aid solutions that won’t do much to change their placement or ease of use. Bah

Regarding the loop, I’ve been able to do it for a few reps against Haggar and Chris as well so I assume it works on a good few other characters. You have to either kara cancel the gamma wave off of cr.m or jump cancel a dash into gamma wave for it to work. I’m also thinking that if you use M or H vertical gamma charge, the angled followup might get you closer to the corner because it will have slightly more time to travel. It is much more difficult that way though.

Anyway, I don’t even play Hulk, so you guys might know better.

If I get some time, I’ll play around with it, but if it’s too difficult to do consistently, then I’ll probably abandon the technique.

Nice find! I’m not too worried about it getting him nerfed, since it’s probably already gone from umvc3 with the wave changes (as Liquid stated). Also, Hulk doesn’t really NEED an infinite, especially in the corner. If the difficulty and risk of dropping it on certain character is pretty big, it’ll be more benificial just going for one of Hulk’s 100% corner combos. Still, it looks like a fun way to troll people. I’m gonna mess with it some tonight too.

Ok, so after some more testing, the infinite works quite easily on Sentinel, She-Hulk, Dormammu and Hulk. I think it’s worth learning just for them because you’re quite likely to run into the first 3 characters and it never hurts to be able to kill for 0 meter.

I’ve gotten another variation to work for a few reps on Thor, Captain America, Iron Man (guess Hulk hates the Avengers :arazz: )Doctor Doom, Chris and a few others. The only problem is that you need to jump cancel his dash into gamma wave, but you can’t go too close to them, otherwise it will only hit once and the infinite won’t work. Holding back to charge(rather than down back) to take a slight step away from the opponent helps with the spacing. It’s by no means easy, but neither is it impossible to get down with a little practice. Consider that you would usually only need a few reps before doing a super to kill them.

On the plus side, any time you have them in the corner after and air combo (i.e. feet first), you can get at least 1 rep of gamma wave, vertical gamma charge into ground bounce on pretty much 90% of the cast. This is great because it allows you to, for instance, launch into Gamma Crush after calling Doom missiles, to get 2 Crushes in a row.

Basically, if Hulk hits you, you die, but I guess that’s nothing new.

Seems worth learning as she-hulk is a character that you will be running into a lot, it sucks that it doesn’t work on smaller characters though. Thinking about it, you really don’t need an infinite to kill smaller characters since once you hit them they should be dead anyway.

You’re referring to a forward dash, correct? Have you tried this on both sides? Someone reported a while back that charging back, going neutral and pressing 2 button dash, then performing TK Gamma Wave only worked on one side. I tested it as well back when it was first reported and if I recall correctly, the game always seems to register a back dash when you try to 2 button dash from a neutral position after holding back on the right side. While I only played with it for a few minutes, I was able to forward dash, TK Gamma Wave on the left side consistently, but was unable to perform it once on the right side.

While I was able to do this technique in training mode, I’ve decided against its practice. I take a bit of pride in the fact that I do not and have not used any exploits with my team. I don’t have a problem with the exploration of it, but I’m not going to utilize it, regardless of how effective it is.

I had no idea that it only worked on the left, but yeah, that’s the side I was doing it on because it’s usually the one where stuff is more difficult to do (landing vertical grapples off of Doom missiles with Spencer etc). What a strange bug.

As for using exploits, that’s your prerogative, but I don’t think the guys playing Wolverine, Wesker, Phoenix and even Dante really care about how unfair some of their tools are compared to the rest of the cast. I’d use every advantage I could with Hulk if I actually played him.

Edit: It actually does work on both sides, but for some reason I have a much harder time doing it on the left. I’ll test some more, but the infinite might actually be pretty easy on the right against more characters.

Yeah, it’s definitely my choice and I know I’m outside of the norm for it, but:
[]I don’t share the opinion that I’m at a disadvantage because I play Hulk over any of those characters listed (though I do play Dante in 2nd slot).
]None of those characters have non XF infinites
[*]Hulk’s infinite doesn’t work on any of these characters, so it’s not like it’s a tool that helps to make those match-ups more “fair”
Basically, I feel that the idea of an infinite like this works against the spirit of fighting games in the same way that DHC Trick does for some characters. I don’t think it’s right to be able to TOD characters while building tons of resources.

I understand where you’re coming from with that statement, but I feel my team is just as stupid as those characters you pointed out, except nobody seems to believe that about Hulk or Doom outside of the Hulk and Doom players. lol

Exactly. I’ve always said let everyone else have fun with their DHC glitches (it’s gone Ultimate anyway), because with Hulk, we have touch of death combos too.

Lol right, exactlyx2. Every time one of my friends mentions losing the DHC glitch as a nerf to their mains, I give them the “good thing Hulk doesn’t have that problem” response.