Hulk infinite?

now i know how to do t he infinite c.hp(1 hit) (gamma crush lk. up, then lk. gamma crush UF) repeat. but i need to know what is the best way i can connect that inifinte in the game when playing people that are all over the place please let me know if anyone has a way and also do u need to have timing with that infinite?

The infinite is easily the most requested information regarding Hulk; it comes up about every 2 or 3 months or so (at least).

Please check any of the previous Hulk threads (including the one besides this one that is currently among on the “most recent activity” list). If they don’t outline how to do it somewhere in the thread itself, then they probably have a link to the Hulk thread that does (Deathfist was pretty good about that).


I know this isnt a MVSC2 question but does any1 know hulks MVSC inf.


thanks for telling it me it was in the other forum please if u have any more combos or anything please post it for me

Guardbreak that shit. Dashjump [hold DB]lp,mk or lk,mk chain. If they…
-Take the hit, try to airthrow them [hard to time]
-Guardpush you Gamma Charge, wait, Gamma wave.

I don’t think Hulk has an infinite in MvC1. He might, but I went to gamefaqs and didn’t see one. That said, he does have kill combos. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of them. Too far back.

Wow…watch meikyousisui vol.6 and you’ll see the Hulk MVC1 infinite.

Where can I get this wonderful product?

i know for sure there is a hulk inf in mvsc but i havent seen it with my own eyes yet, please let me see where you saw this or got it.

I got it from Gamecombos like ages ago, but i think you may still be able to find it on kazza