Hulk Is More Like Vega



OK, so I made this because I don’t think I’ve seen this in any particular thread. Hulk can Kara all his moves into his Gamma special move set. Pretty common knowledge. But, if you combine this with reset and other frame traps and corner pressure, Hulk turns into a different beast all together. I’m not a pro, so don’t take my work for it. But given that Hulk has tools to confuse and destroy opponents, it’s about time someone recognize it. I’ll try to post a video or at least link one if I can find it on Youtube.


A player can cancel forward medium to extend the grab range just a bit, making grabbing people waiting for H a lot easier. On reset setups,you can kara the H to go to H Gamma tornado and rest the whole setup. On corner pressure, with the right assist, I use Dorm and Wesker, you can wreck havoc on a player with mind games after doing tons of damage by either resetting for throw attempts or up Gamma charge to apply pressure. Hulk is pressure heavy, but if you start cancelling your attacks with grabs, it opens up the door for more pressure because people will be scared not to jump or press a button. So hopefully yall get what I’m saying and test it out for yourself.