Hulk Mirror Match



So, I’m doing fine against Weskers and whatnot with my Hulk + assists team. However, I keep getting bodied in Hulk mirror matches. Any tips, suggestions, or strategies you guys have found to work?


Wait for s.H and rape. I havent seen a hulk that has the power to hold back random/unsafe s.H.


I find most Hulk Mirror matches are pretty easy, ( also depends on who’s using him skillwise ). If he is spamming s.H wait for it, the last person to do it will get the launch. If you see him doing the s.H, do yours immediately, as the super armor will soak up his hit, and then you will get the launch. Also you need to use your assists properly keeping him at a distance until he get’s overly aggressive and makes a mistake.


Makes sense. I guess I was just being the overly aggressive/stupid one. This seems pretty easy to remedy with this in mind… Interestingly enough though, the guy that beat me last in a Hulk mirror was primarily using gamma charges. I guess I just simply wasn’t expecting that one, since most people spam s.H, of course. Thanks for the replies, guys.


I know this sounds simple but stay grounded. Hulk’s armored attacks and supers all are ground only, use that to your advantage when fighting another Hulk. Hulk doesn’t have a rapid hitting aerial move or super to break armored attacks. If you play patient and he tries to jump in with an attack a M or H with beat it out. Also M xx kara throw works wonders if he gets patient too.


Ah, that totally makes sense - I never thought of it that way. Is the Kara Throw the Gamma Toss?


Use alot of Lowkick, into Gamma charge H, H for +5


s.M his s.H and launch most hulk players just throw out that s.H all day since most people don’t punish.


Try to keep this fight mostly on the ground instead of in the air.
If s.H trades with s.H, don’t be the last person to not follow up with something.
Air blocked normals like s.M or s.H are super punishable.
I try not to jump at Hulks too much since ground attacks have armor - air attacks don’t!
Cancelling a blocked s.H into forward gamma charge is a good idea.
Cancelling a blocked s.H into an up gamma charge is a bad idea as you can eat a s.H from the up charge wiffing.
Another alternative to counter Hulk’s jumps is to use his H command grab.
Use gamma wave as It’s often best get your opponents to come to you rather than you going to them, thus Gamma wave is a good way to bait jump-ins. Have a plan when Hulk approaches you as he’ll be forced to come to you with rocks being thrown at him. If he jumps at you without attacking, punish with an air throw or a command grab once he lands.
Don’t use gamma tsunami to counter gamma wave zoning.
Unless you’re maybe trying to throw, don’t press buttons on wake-up. This isn’t really a vs Hulk tip more than a general tip, it’s just that meaty attacks will beat all of Hulks attacks (except Gamma Crush - but vs Hulk, you might not want to do that).

This matchup is really like most other matchups against characters who can get zoned.


Isn’t this a bad idea since the forward Gamma Charge is unsafe on block? Of course, using the followup H to retreat quickly is a fairly safe option, but you didn’t mention it so I wasn’t sure if you meant to include that detail.


Seems like you answered your own question. Gamma charges are hit confirmable so you can decide whether your follow up should be another H or an L or whatever you want.