Hulk Mobility & Zoning Basics


I was going to make a video but I barely have the equipment let alone the time but thought I’d at least make a thread about it. I often see people claiming Hulk is a one trick pony with poor mobility and no mixup. Luckily I don’t do tournaments, last one I did was in 2007 and then I didn’t touch a video game until MvC3 came out so I don’t care about keeping things to myself I’d rather share the goodness of the world breaker. Anyways, onto the knowledge:

Hulk’s Dash

  • Has excellent range.
  • Is a hop which creates some unique properties only Hulk can do namely hop over characters. Let’s look closer at this one because its a lot deeper than most know considering I think I discovered something yesterday that I haven’t seen or read.

G = Can hop over grounded
C = Can hop over crouching
S = Can hop over standing (say what? yup standing)

Jill - G/C
Wesker - G
Chris - G
Doom - G
Shuma - G/C
Dorammamu - G
Akuma - G
Tron - G
Zero - G/C
SuperSkrull - G
Taskmaster - G/C* (He’s strange when crouching you can hop over but only from very close range)
Modok - G
Chunli - G
Ryu - G
CViper - G
Ironman - G
Capt - G
Thor - G
Trish - G/C
Dante - G/C
Spiderman - G/C/S
Storm - G/C
Amaterasu - G/C/S
Spencer - G
Viewtiful Joe - G/C/S
Wolverine - G/C
Deadpool - G/C
Magneto - G/C
Hseinko - G/C
Morrigan - G/C
X-23 - G/C
Pheonix - G/C
Sentinel - G* (its strict and doesn’t work so well off a throw but off F for example you have the recovery to do it)
Arthur - G/C
Hagger - G
Hulk - G
She-Hulk - G

Moves Hulk Can Dash Over (this list may not be extensive so if anyone knows more let me know. I tried all the ones that looked like it might be possible). Assist ones in general are easier but there are some normals that are pretty easy to hop over.

  • denotes a normal that could be practical to hop over in match

Pheonix - c.b
Deadpool - assist A quick work
She-Hulk - c.c* Torpedo/Torpedo Assist
Spiderman - c.h
X-23 - Ankle Slice if she does it from point blank range, as soon as she’s about to land from the back somersault input two buttons and she’ll slide right under you. Ankle Slice assist is easier and works even if not point range, just input when she lands on the screen.
Wolverine - Berserker Barrage assist - easy as anything!
Hsein-ko - f+h medium difficulty but really if you need hop tricks to beat hsein ko you may have bigger issues

Plink Dash
Plink Dash is Dash Cancelling into a move and cancelling that move into another dash. Hulk can’t wave dash but he can plink dash and with the range on his dash this really works well. With some characters I do two button but with Hulk I’ve had much more consistency doing three button plink dashing.
:atk::atk: then right as he is about to land start rolling over all 3 in any order :l::m::h: or :h::m::l:

That will I think cover basic dashing.


Okay in my previous post it mentions how to Plink Dash. Learn it.

I’m still experimenting with different setups and assists but in general Plink into Karathrow is an obvious choice.
:atk::atk: then piano over :l::m::h: and then immediately karathrow.

Another useful setup is mixing up Plinking into throws and Plinking into j.a as we all know Hulk can’t cancel his dash into a crouch but he can cancel into a jump. Finally mix it up with plink and then just block. There’s a good chance you’re opponent will stick something out at you that you can then punish.

Can also use Plink Dashing after a hurricane instead of gammacharge.

Similarly you can call assists while Plink Dashing so after certain attacks you can plink assist plink. Just overall even if you assist before plinking this can setup some hard to block combinations or get you in to zone a lot better behind something like Sent Drones, Doom Meteor Shield, Modok Balloon Bomb, or Dormammu Hole

Hulk No Like Projectiles!

Well going a bit out of order but someone posted how to deal with projectiles and it was something I was going to cover at some point in here so might as well do it now. I’m starting a bit late so there’s a good chance I won’t cover everything tonight but at least some tips and tricks to get ya fellas started on smashing.

First thing to remember is your opponent is shooting projectiles at you because they are scared of you. This fear is the biggest advantage Hulk has.

The first way to advanced through projectiles is to block. Not advancing guard just block. Advancing guard will just push you back where you started defeating the purpose largely.

Sentinel Drones - Gammawave is really the best option besides blocking
Closely chained Sentinel Drones - You have no choice but to Short Jump in between them and then get hit by the last one and repeat. Don’t give up on making those Short jumps though or Hulk will just be pinned down in the corner.
Sentinel High Beam - Block just block
Sentinel Low Beam - Short jump and block

Trish Beams - Too fast to really deal with but because of how fast they are you can short jump easily, triangle charge or box charge. If you tricharge or bcharge bea sure to use fierce to get off the ground or you won’t go high enough. This is true of most projectiles but beams typically stay out to long to use this method.

Arthur - He’s designed to keep everyone away not just Hulk, don’t get discouraged just block and slowly make your advance it is a winnable fight.

Ryu/Akuma - Block, Short jump, Tricharge, Bcharge, s.b, s.c (you will take damage but you wont go into block stun)
Akuma air fireballs - depending on height of fireball and distance you can pretty easily charge under it, dash under it, plink dash behind akuma, or if you’re close enough absorb it with a fierce and knock akuma out of the sky into a combo. You can jump over it as well but Hulk’s air options aren’t as good as Akuma’s so I wouldn’t suggest it.

Dante - Probably one of the hardest all you can really do is block so I’d suggest at least short jump block it so you’re advancing. This is against his minimissile things that home

Pheonix - Timing is really hard because of how fast or slow she can send them so while you can b or c them its safer to short jump or box jump

Magneto - Short jump, short jump, short jump. Its actually a pretty balanced fight if you let Mag get started you’re probably going to lose Hulk but its pretty hard I’ve found for Mag to get started. Just be really careful not to stick out the S.Mp as it will whiff c.Mag


Alright let’s discuss Hulk’s toss a bit more because it’s an extremely important and one of Hulk’s only Mixups.

Tick Throw Setups
A move that is not utilized nearly enough is Hulk’s light attack. Everyone likes those big meaties but his light attack can hit low when crouching and can setup some tick throws.

  1. c.a into s.b XX l.tornado
  2. c.a into s.c XX l.tornado
  3. c.a into c.b XX l.tornado
  4. c.a into c.c XX l.tornado
  5. s.a into s.b XX l.tornado
  6. s.a into s.c XX l.tornado
  7. s.a into c.a XX l.tornado
  8. s.a into c.b XX l.tornado

For those following along you can do any light attack and then cancel Hulk’s chain into a command throw and the timing will hit.

Hulk Reset Setups
With Assists Hulk has many setups for reseting the opponent. I’m going to first try to identify a few he can do without assists. Honestly, I’m not sure why you’d want to use these unless you’re using Phoenix perhaps and trying to conserve meter… but nonetheless to give you some mixup options…

In corner -
Clap S land s.a c.tornado
you’ve got time to input the standing light so take a step back and then it will work even if they forward recover. This works midscreen as well but only if they forward recover. Again, I’m not sure why you’d want to do this but I’ve seen people ask if Hulk has any reset setups so here it is.

With assists it becomes a little useful to know the resets, off the top of my head I only know in the corner. A few that I’ve used successfully are Phoenix erm charge assist (B?) / Dorm’s Dark Hole / SheHulk’s OTG / Dante’s Jam Session

The basic setup most of us probably already know but for those that don’t since that’s the point of the thread is corner combo assist gammawave assist hits and then you do c.tornado. Different assists require different timing and if you’re using Shehulks OTG you have no reason to gammawave. The only time I really make use of this is Hulk/Pheonix to save meter since if I use Pheonix I don’t usually have an OTG but use Hulk/Sent Charge/Phoenix so I’ll trap them in the corner and at the end of the combo instead of gammawave into gammacrush I’ll save the meter and do gammawave call phoenix and then c.tornado then call sent drones and dash in to start the pressure all over.

How to do Hulk’s Kara. Every Capcom game these days seems to have Karathrows and they’re always a little different timing. The EASIEST input to cancel for him into a grab is any crouching motion just because of the nature of the inputs. To get better speed and accuracy hold down the first input button while pressing the remaining buttons.

So with Hulk you might do half circle back pressing C when you first start to get a crouching C and then HOLD the C down and hit M at the end.

Practice that and then go on to standing ones. Still much easier with the holding the first button down technique described above. For example:
Walk towards your opponent by holding the joystick forward. Press and hold down the B and then immediately after do half circle back A and you should get a decent ranged light grab. This is especially useful for the Tick Throws discussed earlier.

Likewise you can do S.C and hold it which a lot of characters fear and cancel it the same way into m.tornado.

Practice these to really up your game. Then the hard one for maximum range is canceling s.b into b.tornado. This is still best performed with the above technique of holding down the first input - I don’t get the mechanic and why it works but I promise you it does. Here’s what to do for better consistency at landing this.
Press B and Hold it down roll the stick from back to downback to down to downforward, at this point release and tap the B quickly while finishing the roll to forward.

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Delicious information… can’t wait for the rest.

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updated some more info

Very nice, how do you do hulk’s karathrow?

I personally do it with s.c but you can also do it with s.b. I think s.c works better because people know its a slow but hard hitting attack so they’re more likely to block when Hulk lifts his arm over his head and then instead you grab them.

The actual motion I use is inputting s.c as I hit the forward or downforward and then swing around and do the grab. You have to input it very fast otherwise the first armored hit will come out and you’ll miss the the throw.

haha genius, my friends will love that. thanks man

No more info? I needs more hulk knowledge!

On a separate note I’ve been canceling my dashes into j.H is that better than doing the normal Plink dash? I usually have sent drones out or Dorm dark hole out just to keep people at bay.

Sorry life got me busy, I’ll add some today especially since with the new forum I can see this has been receiving a lot of views where I though nobody was reading it. Was also taking some time off from practicing with Hulk because I love him so much I neglect other characters and really needed to find a third. I’ll be posting some stuff today hopefully.

Just to throw this in here, I’m also very interested in any other things you have to say about Hulk.

I just added a decent section on some uses for Tornado and how to KaraTornado more easily.

Cool stuff - but a small correction on your definition of negative edge

Negative edge is not holding down a button while pressing others - it’s the release of a button to activate a special - i.e. press (and hold) C, do the half circle back motion, then RELEASE C to do a kara AA grab.

Keep it up Ender - some nice info in here

Thanks electric for noting that, I don’t use negative edge in that case and not even sure you can do it that way. But holding the button is definitely working and giving me 100% accuracy