Hulk OTG Assist Options

Looking for a little help here. Consensus says Wesker’s the best option for Hulk with his OTG assist, but he doesn’t really fit into my playing style. I’m thinking about trying out She-Hulk’s Torpedo assist but I’m wondering if there are any more out there that could work for Banner…

Dormammu’s works if you’re just going to go straight into a Gamma Crush, but you might as well quake into crush yourself… Sent rocket punch is a good’n. I’m testing Hulk/Tron/Sent, and with my main assist being Gustaf flame, I can spare the sent drones for the rocket punch. Tron does have combos using sent drones though… gah! decisions decisions. /useless post

I use wesker because it is so fast and because wesker is pretty versatile as a battery or point character. however, sentinel’s rocket punch has wokred well and if u can learn the timing, super skrulls flame punch thing also works, although it causes wall bounces so some techniques like gamma tornado into otg work a little differently, but still work.

I think all of them can work (minus maybe Arthur’s super-slow bottle OTG), you just have to adjust your combos a little bit. Wesker’s is just generally the easiest to combo with since it’s fast. It’s also nice for the low-hitting property, along with She Hulk and X23.

Team building thread?

you know in the corner you don’t need an OTG assist. You can also pick an assist that keeps the opponent pinned for a bit when you OTG them yourself with wave.

Even beam assists like Dooms allow you to call doom, OTG with wave, and then relaunch with S. Of Trons flamethrower assist works like that too.

I use Sentinel’s OTG assist, and Hulk helps out Sent with his armored AA gamma charge. Remember, you can call assists when double jumping and flying around (just not superjumping), so you can basically have an unseen Hulk pass up targets to a runaway Sent’s frying pan :wink:

I just started using hulk and decided to use x23 over wolverine cause she works better wit hulk but I use hervakle slice assist

Eh, doesn’t Wesker’s assist whiff off of an air throw?

@GodlessPaladin Thanks for the help on DPh never would have thought of it.

If anybody uses Shuma and Hulk on a team has anyone been able to get the OTG off of Shuma’s ray assist? I can’t seem to figure out the timing.

Have you tried out Shuma’s mystic ray, Deadpool’s cuttin time, or X-23’s Ankle slice? I like Shuma’s mystic ray OTG assist because it just feels like it lifts them a little higher otg or maybe floats them a bit longer - whatever is actually happening i’ve had the best success with OTG assists from Shuma.

@majinthanos - it’s really tricky, the window is small. I believe if they block it, its way too late. If it misses totally, it was a little too late. Took me a few days to get, spending a couple minutes each day trying it out. There might be a decent tutorial vid out there now, but I can’t search/watch youtube at work here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help Robotronfiend. I was able to get the Ray assist just not too consistent just yet but still workin on it. Is it possible to Wave Self OTG with Tatsu to carry into another combo? Sorry my execution is pretty bad and cant seem to do the things I’m thinkin about lol.

doom hidden missiles!

yes…they hit OTG!

combo into -> S+A, j.MMHS, (missiles hit OTG) s.M xx GAMMA CRUSH

you have to hit j.MMHS instantly otherwise the missiles wont hit OTG but in the air…to avoid this just do j.MHS

this assist is also awesome when done before tornado throw!
just mash the throw button until all of dooms missiles are in the air!
than dash xx j.H into the combo of your choice!
works FULLSCREEN no matter where you are

Yes, you can. I was messing with this last night. Once you land, call tatsu assist then use L gamma wave as soon as the tatsu approaches them… Then you can connect standing medium or a gamma charge. Couldn’t really figure out a finisher, though, with scaling biting me in the ass. Pretty sure this is only good in the corner, also.

I have been using wesker but recently replaced him with iron man. I use iron man with his smart bomb assist. U can use it to otg just like u would with wesker. I feel better using wesker but iron man has good dhc options and such.

What about Dormammu’s Purification or 3 Blue’s Liberation as OTG assist? What are the OTG assists for the Green Giant in MVC3: X-23’s Ankle Slicer, Dante’s Jam Session, Wesker’s Samurai Edge Low Shot?

What kind of assist should be good for him: OTG, wall bounce, ground bounce, projectiles, etc.?

Thanx in advance for you expert advices.

I think Shulk torpedo works really well for him too. Easily allows you to get OTG j.:h::s: relaunches and good Gamma tornado combos.

I’ve been playing Hulk and X-23 since day 1. And if you don’t end up in a corner with them to OTG Gamma Wave into an option you can use her and drop a combo. But standard air string drops cause of hit stun. That and you can do a sting and call her go into anti airt GAmma Charge with the downward follow up for an unblockable bounce to break through or call her on jump in for the same effect. UnblockaHulk is a real beast lol.

downwardgamma charge followup + low assist is not unblockable.

Sent’s rocket punch is a really good assist to have if you can spare the drones. Its adds a decent amount of damage to hulks combos, or at least the combo I have set up. Its not a whole lot of damage but in this game is seems like the more damage you can push out of a single combo the better.