Hulk relaunch after Gamma Wave Otg



Hello I was just wondering if there is anything special that needs to be done to get S to connect after L Gamma Wave in the corner I’ve been in the training mode trying but nothing seems to work, I’ve watched the Ultimate Hulk Guide by comboman70 and the Hulk guide by Smasher01, I’m getting the two hits of L Gamma Wave to connect but it seems like the S won’t come out fast enough. Is it a timing thing or do I just need to mash on S any advice would be greatly appreciated.


spacing is (for the most part) very specific to get the proper frame adv needed. try practicing on someone easy like sentinel or taskmaster first. the first hit of S is faster than it looks, you may be pressing it too early if it is not ‘coming out’…


Thank you very much Dazed for responding I understand a great deal more of how important spacing is now that I have practiced on Sentinel, Task, and Nemesis, I’m going to keep working at it all this week and see if I can get it more consistently.


Seems like Im getting better at it but a friend of mine suggested that I press up after launching to jump straight up instead on holding S, does that play a factor in positioning? I saw a few times in Smasher01’s video that sometimes smasher would press Up or Forward Up after launching.


Doesn’t really matter. You can do Up or Up-forward and still be able to do the gamma wave combo. You’ll have to re-position yourself on a lot of the cast anyway, so I normally do up-forward and always re-position myself to the right distance by walking back. In some rare cases you need to move forward to get the right space and you can technically do this because your back charge is stored for a few frames which allows you to walk forward a little bit before releasing the gamma wave. Alternatively you can cancel a crouch or stand M into gamma wave to move Hulk forward a bit.

On a side note, you need to turn auto jump off. I notice you said “holding S” to jump after a launch. That can come back to bite you later on in advanced combos and all tournaments turn that feature off.


Ah I see, thank you Ar3s for your input, I am currently trying to learn how to play with Auto jump off now, its different but I’m getting used to it the more I play. I’m still not getting the re-launch consistently but I am getting it to happen and understanding the spacing more so I’m hopeful that I’ll get it down eventually. Thank you both for the advice.