Hulk Resets



Im suprised there isnt a thread about this but now there is so post up if you have any resets that you have with hulk. Try and advance this hulk metagame an inch or two lmao.


I’m not surprised at all really as Hulk has few reasons to perform resets. Against over half of the cast, Hulk (w/OTG assist) can kill with a combo that has a net gain of about .6 meter. If he had half a bar when he started his combo, a single decently compatible DHC wipes out 33 characters in the cast. That being said, I do have some resets that I like. I’m usually pretty selfish about tech that makes my game different than other players, but here are my developed resets in no particular order. *Note: I play Hulk on point, so most of my resets involve assists.

  1. Corner: Near the end of my Hulk bnb, I call Molecular Shield and Gamma Wave L. Usually, I follow this with s.:h:, then another Gamma Wave L xx Gamma Crush. However, I can do the following three resets instead of finishing this combo.

[]I can not attack and Molecular Shield will force them to air tech - allowing for an air grab reset
]I can do my s.:h: slightly early and it will cause the opponent to hit a piece of Molecular Shield instead of slamming into the ground - again this forces them to air tech allowing for air grab reset
[*]I can do :s: while the opponent is caught in Molecular Shield and jump after them. Due to the amount of hitstun - they tech much earlier than most people expect and I can either j.:s: or air throw them. Depending on how you space yourself against some characters (have not tested all characters yet); you can make it impossible for the opponent to air tech out of the corner setting up an air throw situation if they try to tech forward while still being able to reach them with j.:s: if they tech neutral or backwards.
2. After a corner ground throw or launcher into air series, :s:, many players will try to roll out of the corner - I’ll jump backwards just as they are about to cause Hulk to face away from the corner. You can time a backwards facing j.:s: that hits them right as they are standing up. Why would I want to do that? Because depending on how you space Hulk before you make the jump, he’ll ambiguously cross up. If you space it right, you can make the very bottom of the j.:s: hitbox hits just as you cross the character up. Since you choose the spacing, you get to choose which side Hulk hits on and the opponent has to try to calculate if the j.:s: will hit him while you’re still on the corner side. BONUS: Due to the angle of this mix-up, the blockstun allows you to land and then perform a very slightly delayed (read: kara) Gamma Tornado that will grab them right as they come out of blockstun. If you’re going for Gamma Tornado, I’d recommend not cross-up on the j.:s:

  1. Nastier version of #2: same setup and same technique, however I can call Doom’s Molecular Shield assist so the back of it’s hitbox hits the opponent from their front, then the j.:s: crosses up late enough that they have to switch sides. Problem is that it can sometimes be inconsistent to combo after Doom’s Molecular Shield when the opponent fails blocking to block it. I use both #2 and #3 primarily after Hulk’s ground throw as a mix-up rather than a true reset.

  2. My personal favorite - this is one I regularly do for some pretty obvious reasons though it’s not a true reset and it relies heavily on knowing the exact damage of the different variations of your Hulk bnb. Basically, I’ll do my bnb while purposely leaving the opponent at hero pixel. When the Gamma Crush finishes, I jump straight up and call Doom assist. If they hard tag, Doom gets hit, but Hulk gets a free punish against the new character - resulting in death. If they don’t hard tag or use 2 meter to DHC - Doom’s rocks will chip out the opponent (and if it doesn’t, the follow-up Gamma Charge :h: will). Please take the opponent’s meter, their point character, and their first DHC into consideration before doing this though - as Doom is vulnerable to beam hypers.

  3. After conditioning opponents to look for the air throw, you can change the air throw resets to j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:s: resets instead. Hulk’s j.:l: is one of his only fast moves (and is grossly under-used by Hulk players), so it definitely has to potential to catch people pressing :f:/:b::h: trying to tech the air throw.

Edited slightly to make the wording generally more concise, added a bit to #1, fixed a typo in the description for reset #2. Added a 5th reset option.


Liquid you are gdlk. I also use doom but i use his beam assist. Guess il have to give this a try


Liquid, we have a lot in common when it comes to Hulk strategy and gameplay. I agree that Hulk doesn’t need resets. Why risk a reset when you can just kill them anyway? I think when I DHC into Dorm from my bnb, it kills every character except for Thor.

Anyway, here’s a fun reset that catches people quite a lot. In an air combo, use j.MM with a very delayed S that whiffs. You’ll land on the ground as they tech. Quickly superjump and get a free airgrab.


Thanks. I probably wouldn’t have bothered with such a thorough post if resets hadn’t been on my mind lately. I’ve been playing around with Hulk / Dante / Phoenix lately.

I believe Beam allows for the same combos as rocks and similar resets, so don’t feel like rocks are a must. They’re a personal preference because they stay on screen for so long and because Doom actually protects himself a bit better.


I was meaning more as in Mid-screen resets since hulk does less damage in that area. There is no point in resetting in the corner since you should be killing everyone with one combo. Either way though, thanks for the tips and everything.


I wouldn’t say there is “no point”, just that the risk of not killing isn’t generally worth the meter you’d save by resetting.

First, I should say this: other than when Hulk is actually fighting with his back against the wall, you should be always be able to get the Hulk’s combos to end in a corner. In fact, depending on your assists (like Dormammu’s Dark Hole assist), you should be able to finish Hulk’s combo with Gamma Crush from anywhere.

Furthermore, Hulk’s back being directly against the wall should rarely happen, unless you’re just blocking everything and making no advances against the opponent. If they combo you into a corner and you roll away from the corner, you’re no longer against the wall. Even if they move backwards to match you, Hulk should be far enough from the corner to get the opponent to the other corner should he land a hit.

All of that being said, Hulk’s reset options away from the corner are pretty limited because of his speed. You can do basic OTG, s.:l:, air throw resets, but because Hulk isn’t very fast, the opponent doesn’t have to worry about any other mix-up so it shouldn’t be hard for them to just wait for the air tech.

I haven’t actually used this because this reset doesn’t work with Dante’s Crystal assist, but here’s one you can try to catch your friends with:

[INDENT=1]s.:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:. dash + call OTG assist, j.:s: (time this so you’re landing as it hits). Now for the harder part - when they hit the ground, they are going to immediately roll in whichever direction the player is holding. This doesn’t give the opponent a lot of time to make any decisions, nor does it give you much time to react to which way they roll. If they try to roll behind you, do #2 from my earlier post.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]If they roll forward, jump forward and j.:l:, j.:l:, c.:l:. I doubt most players (even Hulk players) are aware that Hulk has this double overhead. It’s fairly difficult to time and it’s success is dependent on the crouching height of the character on the receiving end - I’ve confirmed that this works on Magneto and his crouching stance is one of the lowest in the game, but I have not checked any other characters. After the other player learns that Hulk has this double overhead, you essentially have a 50/50 b/c you can just do the 1 j.:l: and then go straight into c.:l:.[/INDENT]


Btw, I found a corner carry combo that gives people a reason to use s.:m:. It’s not really anything special, just squeezes out a little bit of extra distance to make his bnb work from anywhere:

s.:m:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:, dash forward + OTG assist, jump forward, :s: (or a well placed Gamma Charge AA), walk forward a couple steps, c.:h:, :s:, j.:s:. At this point, they are in the corner and you can still follow up with a Gamma Wave L, assist of your choice, :h:, Gamma Wave L, Gamma Crush.

Thought I’d post it here since it was related to my previous post. This works even if the opponent is touching Hulk and Hulk is touching the corner.


I found something that i think could be worth it if your using a fitting OTG assist:

(s.:l:, s.:m: (optional), Gamma Charge AA :l: xx :h:, normal jump, j.:l:, j.:m:, j.:h:, land, Gamma Tornado :h:.

I got super-skrull so i follow up with:

Dash, Skrull A-assist, Dash xx Jump, j.:s:, land, c.:h:, :s:, sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:s:, Gamma wave xx Gamma Crush

The reason for doing “sj.:m:, sj.:m:, sj.:s:” in the air is because if you would do “sj.:m:, sj.:h:, sj.:s:” it wouldn’t take Hulk close enough to the corner for the Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush if you were to be starting in one corner.


I have never tested this in a match, only in training mode, but it is possible to reset into Hulk’s :h: G.Tornado in the corner. The timing of the command grab is a little tricky. For example: after a BNB into corner, call assist (Dark Hole works), :l: Gamma Wave OTG, st.:m:, (wait) :h: G.Tornado. Sort of like Wesker assist resets, only instead of jump - air throw or :l::h::s: loop its an inescapable(?) reset. After that you can dash, OTG assist and kill higher health characters.

I’m not super familiar with Hulk, though. So I my just be blowing smoke out of my ass, lol.


I think Astaroth uses this if I remember correctly. I know we have a Hulk/Dormammu user that posted this in another thread a long time ago.

I wouldn’t say inescapable. If they forward tech and you don’t commit to a backdash, Tornado, then you won’t get them. Likewise, if you backdash and Tornado, you won’t get them if they back tech. Then there’s double jumps and air dashes to take into consideration. It’s a basic reset, and certainly not bad. Thanks for posting it here.


Yeah, forgot about double jumps and air dashes. Not inescapable. Forward & back air techs can both be thrown, though. Forgot to say that if you walk back and charge the :l: G.Wave OTG then that puts you in a range where :h: G.Tornado will grab both a forward and back air tech.


Hulk really doesn’t do low damage mid screen. 480k is his average of a mid screen combo landing a :l:. I find most of my combos end up starting with a :s: or a Gamma charge ground bounce which nets 500k (this is not including his super!). There is very little reason for resets as said above but if I find myself without my DHC, or unable to DHC into doom’s sphere correctly I do a hidden missiles reset. End the combo, hidden missiles and :l: Gamma Wave, forcing them to stay where they are.


Any time your combo won’t do enough damage to be lethal, there’s a reason to do resets. The only reason I think Hulk can get away with not doing resets is because he can corner carry almost the entire screen and deal over 900k without DHCing. However, I definitely think setting up resets if for some reason I’m not going to deal lethal damage after a full combo. Sometimes, instead of resets, I’ll go for snapbacks at the end of a Hulk combo. Frankly, it depends on my opponent’s team composition.


It’s SUPER rare Hulk won’t kill someone off a hit confirm while he has any meter. I’m also spoiled as I run Skrull before Hulk, and missiles from doom. Skrull and Hulk have amazing DHC synergy, and HIGH damage DHCs, and they generally can on touch kill a good portion of the cast off these DHCs.


I agree with your first sentence. I’m confused about the 2nd part though because you were talking about midscreen combos dealing only 500k before hyper (after hyper that would still be less around 700k) and as far as I know, neither Skrull nor Doom can effectively follow a Gamma Tsunami combo ender. My statement was mostly in reference to the idea of only doing 700k midscreen combos.


just adding my 2 cents about my hulk. i play a hulk/ryu/sentinal task team, with hulk on point. after i do my bnb with hulk mid screen i follow up with H gamma wave while calling sent drones. this normally sends the opponet backing up into the corner allowing hulk to make is approach. as your comming in some players like to chicken guard in the air after drones. usually ill attempt H tornado or for the most part after they drop to the floor ill go for L or M tornado depending on spacing.
ps. Hulk rocks!!


My resets are essentially assist, thc, or tac driven. There’s only 4 characters (Thor, Hulk, Haggar, & Tron) I might attempt to do resets on depending on the amount of meter I have or the situation I’m in.