Hulk/Sent/Hagger Counter



Im just what you guys would think would be a good anti move against these characters.I found it pretty annoying today seeing someone use this team they just corner trap you with Hulk grab,While using Sent assist.I was wondering what would be some good counters.Also when you attack they just mash the spin with Hagger im not Complaining but i just want to get better.I was thinking Hsien Ko gold suit.


I have been playing that team since Day 1 vanilla. Beating it is easy, lol. Just respect the armor and the Haggar assist. Just block and counter, or fake some attacks to bait out Haggar and kill the assist. Or just play a zoning team. Half the characters in the cast can zone out that team, lol. A lot of characters also have crouch Ls that they can mash without being touched by Haggar and also hit twice before Hulk’s H will hit (beating the armor).


Hsien Ko would look amazing with a gold suit


Lol thank you but i’ve tried many of these things I respect the armor alot except Hagger assist i’ll admit that Im not really good at zoning much but the funny thing is if i fight Hulk they Zone me many of them use Hulk’s QCF Special to be me out also when you’re cornered there pretty much calling in sentinal assist and if you try to special Hulk just does the GFB special.If i use Hsien Ko they just kill her as soon as i assist.Many of these guys fight similar to KaneBlueRiver.Also i use Team Trench if found the best way to beat these guys are using Vergil SS as soon as the match starts after that zone them out with Judgement orbs i’ve a few things from them but after their pretty annoying.


Use Ghost Rider/Hawkeye/Doctor Doom

Spam chain while calling missiles and mash :b:+:h: with GR if they get close.


Lol thats a pretty good idea never thought of that but what if Hulk uses his QCB special and DHC’s? I figure that the best way to call assist is after their Sent is gone or During it so that way they wouldn’t be able to DHC?


Jump back S with GR + Hidden Missiles is pretty safe against that team. Watch his meter so that when he gets 2, you can switch up your assist call to Hawkeye so that he has a very small amount of time to attempt a punish your assist. You can also call Doom and super jump over Hulk so he can’t focus on Doom.


Depends on your style but as far as Hulk goes, it seems to me that Morrigan has all the tools to counter Hulk. cL beats out his armor normals and I believe shell kick does too. Plus, her having a projectile fly cancel into another can give HULK headaches. Just play the ChrisG team, haha.


Shoot niggas to death. Kill Hulk. Done.


Lol thanks i’ll keep try it out next time.


I’ll try practice more with Morrigan i use Trench Coat i manage to win some matches but with alot of concentration.I would like some counters because many people like to talk smack when they get a win with this team and i just get tired of it.