Hulk + Sentinel Synergy (tips?)

I recently finally picked this game up (focusing on Sf4.) and began to take it seriously. i’m currently using a Hulk, Sentinel and Pheonix team.
I chose Hulk and Sent as my batteries because my reactions are not usually up to par but im a smart player and play by catching my opponent slipping, so thats why i chose two character with IMO have the best armored moves in the game.
I win matches but still my team lacks any real pazazz, I call drones get hulk behind them if im trying to be zoned if not i just wait for my opponent to come to me. i Refrain from using meter obviously so most my “Combos.” are usually just a single aerial exchange into Sent then vice versa with Hulk.

Is there anything else i can be doing with this team i should know about or really check out?

I played somebody the other day who called their assist, jumped and option-select air threw me into the assist which was still out, allowing a full combo. Pretty tricky. I’m pretty sure it was the Sentinel assist, though it might have been a different one. BTW, I think this belongs in the Hulk forum.

I wasn’t sure which form to put it in because im not just talking about Hulk, here all the whole team synergy is what im looking for help in.
And i have done something similar to that Option-select i just find it hard to get a opponent to jump, because Hulk doesnt have the best lockdown options and a huge weakness in lack of mixup or anything like that, if you sit back and block/tech then he is a training dummy.

That option select seems only reliable in the corner for me, or against a zero or cross-up heavy character.

Thank you for the thoughts though, maybe ill take it into the lab and try something else with Hulks air-throws :]

i would get rid of phoenix for a different 3rd member. hulk’s combo’s even with x-factor level one are easy and kill almost every character in the game

i thought about doing that for Wesker, after putting the odds against to two options i chose to stick with Pheonix. I just DOn’t have enough faith in hulk really… at all. If he gets blocked he gets blown up. And if i had a team where “Oh ill use lvl 1 X-factor Hulk” and kill off one or two chracters and then he gets blown up by the third.

I just like my teams odds more with Pheonix on anchor because of the comeback factor. Ive heard many commentators say the fight hasnt begun until Dark Pheonix is out. And that is how i play, anything up until that point is just free damage

Have fun in ultimate.

My advice is the same as the guy who said drop Phoenix. Do it while you’re ahead, considering you just started. Learn someone who you might actually use in Ultimate, rather than someone who has had months of personal anti-tech made, on top of huge incoming nerfs.

Personally though, if you’re going to be using this team for the entirety of Vanilla MVC3’s duration I’d just switch up the order of your team and go with Sent/Phoenix/Hulk(Anti-Air Assist). This allows for you to use sent as a good rushdown/keep away battery for your incoming Phoenix, who if gets snapped in, has a near-invincible assist that works VERY well when doing some nasty cross-ups on top of the assist working very well for sentinels corner pressure, and keep away game.

If they ever get caught by the assist and Phoenix is in, you can instantly teleport->dive kick for a full combo, then just super jump use 2 slow moving fireballs and hard tag sentinel back in. And not only that, playing her second will greatly increase your play with her, rather than relying on her with xfactor and dark phoenix. Trust me, you may be surprised with how potent regular phoenix’s gameplay can actually be if used correctly. Maybe after a while of playing her second, your Dark Phoenix would become godlike, eh? Just a thought.

I prefer no flamage for this, considering you came here for advice, and this is me giving it.

Translation: you are using Phoenix as a crutch to make up for how much you suck with your other characters and how you are unwilling to learn to use other characters. With that mentality you can forget about being good in this game.

If you don’t have faith in Hulk, don’t use him. If you want to use Hulk, you better make sure you feel 100% comfortable with using him. If you want to build a team based on counterattacking and catching your opponents slipping give Taskmaster a try. If you want to have an anchor at the back to make comebacks with, as an alternative to Phoenix, give Wesker and Spencer a try. In any case Hulk is a poor battery and a poor choice for point in a Phoenix team, so you will have to change something about your team.