Hulk Smash and Bash! (UMvC3 combo thread)



Shouldn’t there be separate threads to avoid confusion? A lot of old MvC3 stuff doesn’t work anymore, or a lot of vanilla combos can be easily improved with new tools.

Here’s one I found so far… Works anywhere on the screen and does a lot of damage. Often carries to corner from midscreen… I’m sure it can be optimized further. Tested on Wesker and Doctor Doom.

No assists, one bar, anywhere on the screen, about 900k damage. Can easily open with cr.l, too.

BNB #1
Standing :m:
Standing :f: :m: (Incredible Punch)
:dp: :m: (Anti-Air Gamma Charge)
:m: (Followup)
Aerial :m: (May need to dash before the jump)
Aerial :h:
Aerial :s:
Standing :m:
Standing :f: :m: (Incredible punch)
Standing :s:
Aerial :m:
Aerial :m:
Aerial :h:
Aerial :s:
Next part depends where you are. If in corner (which you will be if you started midscreen), Gamma Wave then Gamma Crush (~894,000 damage). If not, dash then Gamma Tsunami (~835,900 damage)

And another! A Corner Combo (1 assist, 1 bar, 1,016,900 damage) (Tested on Doctor Doom, Super Skrull)

Corner Combo #1
Aerial :h:
Aerial :s:
Standing :m:
Standing :f::m: (Incredible Punch)
Standing :s:
Aerial :m:
Aerial :h:
Aerial :s:
(OTG Assist. I used Sentinel’s rocket punch)
Standing :m:
Standing :f::m: (Incredible Punch)
Standing :s:
Aerial :m:
Aerial :h:
Aerial :s:
Charge :b:, :f: :h: (Gamma Wave)
:qcb: :2p:(Gamma Crush)

Other stuff…

Also a blockstring: air.:l::l:, cr.:l:, s.:m:, s.:f::m: (Charge if you like), s. :dp::h::h: (That’s still +5 on block, right?). Can also add on Gamma Crush to counter certain things in a pinch with invincibility frames.

Any ideas for improvements are definitely welcome, and I’ll keep the first post updated.

UMvC3 Forum Off-Topic thread. You down with OTT?

So I did some quick testing last night and I have confirmed that you do NOT need a dedicated assist to relaunch from an airthrow. The new decreased charge time from Gamma Wave allows you to pick up the opponent with nearly any assist.

Air Throw -> :l: Gamma Wave -> :a1: (Dark Hole) -> cr. :h:, cr. :s:, etc.

This even works for other assists like Ghost’s Chain of Rebuttal…

Air Throw -> :l: Gamma Wave -> :a1: (Chain) -> Dash, j :m:, j :h:, j :s:, cr. :h:, cr. :s:, etc.

Some other quick combos I came up with…

:a1: = Dark Hole
:a2: = Heartless Spire

cr. :l:, st. :m:, Impact Punch -> :l: AA Gamma Charge -> :h:, cr. :h:, :s:, j. :m:, j. :m:, j. :h: j. :s:, :a1:, :l: Gamma Wave, cr. :h:, :s:, j. :h:, j. :s:, :a2:, Gamma Crush

1 Million Damage Opponent stays in Corner. You might be able to do :h:, :l: Gamma Wave, Gamma Crush, but that damn spire and HSD kept screwing me up.

:a1: = Dark Hole
:a2: = Chain of Rebuttal

cr. :l:, st. :m:, Impact Punch -> :l: AA Gamma Charge -> :h:, cr. :h:, :s:, j. :m:, j. :m:, j. :h: j. :s:, :a1:, :l: Gamma Wave, cr. :h:, :s:, j. :h:, j. :s:, :a2:, :h:, :l: Gamma Wave, Gamma Crush

1+ Million.

:a1: = Heartless Spire

cr :l:., st. :m:, Impact Punch -> :h: AA Gamma Charge (Get all of the hits) ->:l:, cr. :h:, :s:, :m: , :m: , :h:, :s:, :a1:, Impact Punch (Full Charge), cr. :h:, :s:

This does 769K and builds 1.35 bars. If you cancel into Gamma Crush, it pays for itself and does nearly 1 million damage.

:a1: = Dark Hole
:a2: = Heartless Spire

(Not sure if this works, but…In theory)

cr :l:., st. :m:, Impact Punch -> :h: AA Gamma Charge (Get all of the hits) ->:l:, cr. :h:, :s:, :m: , :m: , :h:, :s:, :a2: :m:, Impact Punch -> :s:, :h:, :s:, :l: Gamma Wave, :a1:, Impact Punch (Full Charge), cr. :h:, :s:, Gamma Crush

Trying something like this mid-screen…

:a1: = Heartless Spire

cr :l:., st. :m:, Impact Punch -> :l: AA Gamma Charge ->:l:, cr. :h:, :s:, :m: , :m: , :s:, :a1:, Impact Punch ->, :l: AA Gamma Charge -> :m:, Gamma Charge -> :l: -> Gamma Crush??

Hulk 101 (Comprehensive Guide of Strengths/Weaknesses)

I discovered a nice new corner combo the other day using Vergil’s Y assist (rapid slash). I originally didn’t think you could do anything extra with that assist, but you can do a st. :h: while they are spinning in the air into a launcher.

:a1: = Vergil’s Rapid Slash

:h:, :s:, j. :m:, j. :m:, j.:h:, j. :s:, :a1:, :l: Gamma Wave, :h:, :s:, j. :m:, j. :m:, j. :h:, j. :s:, :l: Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush

942,900 (ending in Gamma Crush)
1,072,700 (ending in Dimension Slash)
1,215,800 (ending in Dorm’s Stalking Flare)

Builds 1.25 bars

If you lead into that with more hits then you will have to end the second air combo with j. :h:, j. :s:


Wow otg assist be damned Hulk is looking more solid combo-wise this time around. Won’t be able to get hand on the game until later this afternoon (late to the party I* know >.<) anyone test the hulk semi-infinite in the corner? Oh if your not aware it’s just looping Gamma wave into gamma charge with H follow up.


Yeah, Hulk’s infinite works on 80% maybe 85% of the cast now with no problems thanks to the lowered Gamma Wave charge time buff. Even funnier is if you X-Factor after a Gamma Crush, you can re-set it. Check the last combo in my video.



Full combo video for Hulk in Ultimate created by me.


Skrull’s Tenderiser is a great assist if you want to use his new Incredible Punch move (F + MP)

Comments, feedback are welcomed.


A little too much XF for me. I’ve said this before, but the main problem is that Hulk doesn’t need a combo video. None of his stuff is flashy and they all look the same.


Thanks for the feedback man. I tried my best to not abuse XF for damage but more for extension of combos, that and the fact that air XF is one of the new changes for Ultimate so I wanted to showcase it.


Been using doom’s hidden missiles, with some timing at the start of your combo before hulk leaves the ground, you have the missiles hit in the corner for otg and fully charge his new f.M punch for a wall bounce and longer combo. Can also follow the missles otg mid screen with a gamma charge and continue to relaunch as well.

Playing around with the the new wall bounce with the anti air gamma charge, and if in the corner with wall bounce it seems possible to xfactor and jump fast enough to get on the other side of them and combo them back into the corner for big damage.


Sweet, I dig that a lot. I’m going to experiment more with Hidden Missiles assist in my Doctor Strange video.


They have worked well so far for the midscreen and corner you call him out around the time you connect with sh or a little later, you have to cut the air combo short but you’ll get more damage. On top of the fact it’s just nice to hit someone with a fully charged punch guaranteed.


So i dabled a litte with hulk after dropping him for nova in the vanilla => Ultimate version.

I tried some stuff with the new wallbounce on gamma charge AA M version.

Without assist

(crL or sL) sM :f:M gamma charge AA M version jH jS sM :f:M S jMMHS then it’s either gamma wave if the opponent is not in the corner for 744k dmg or if the combo started from middle screen, Gamma wave OTG gamma crush for 896k dmg.

it’s assistless and can be started from pretty much anything.

If you got a nice OTG assist you can do it from a airgrab but then you can replace the first sM :f: M by sH and cancel it quickly enough to gamma charge AA M version so it doesnt use your groundbounce. from the air grab you get 856k if you got him all the way to the corner or 745k if end it with gamma wave. (using rocket punch OTG)

of course you dont let impact punch charge.


Isn’t that just the first combo I posted?


Oh sorry, because of the vertical listing i thought it was the moveset like in the others combo thread.

So yeah i didnt invent the wheel ^^,

About this combo, i find much harder (near impossible) to ling gamma charge AA M when i used sM on a jumping opponent (eating dive kicking happy wolverine for instance) any tips?


Did you try doing a fM after sM, before AA-G.Charge?

[S]I’m surprised no one here posted a new sH bNb yet.[/S]
Damn smileys not showing up in my ipod… -_-


sH, SRK-X-M (preferably two hits), dash cancel’d jump, jMM, sL, cH, S, jMMHS, [QCF-H, QCF-XX] OR [(Charge)-fL, QCB-XX]

I’m almost sure this works on the whole cast, anywhere. If the first hit of AA-G.Charge whiffs, they don’t get knocked away as high, so doing jM after becomes almost impractically difficult. Snapped in RR to demo that the combo works on midgets. Sadly, doesn’t build a full bar on it’s own (maybe with assists?), but does 600-700k+ easily.


yeah i do the fM but still the second part of AA-G.charge almost always wiff :confused:


Try do s.M, f.M kara cancelled into AA charge - the kara cancel should move you close enough for the AA charge to not whiff


ok so FASTER.
thanks for the tip ^^


^ more importantly, fast enough to not actually connect with the f.M - you’re using it strictly as a positioning tool.


Huh. This may be a nooby question, but how do you kara cancel into a gamma charge? I’m only familiar with doing it for throws.