Hulk SMASH Camera-Man! (MvC3 Hulk Video Thread)



It’s barebones out there right now, but if you can find some good vids of the Gamma Giant, post them here.

I’m still looking, but I plan on putting a few up once I get the game next week…


Every Hulk thread should be named RAAAAARGH.


Togabot recorded some videos of some resets:





I got around to recording the combos, resets and air throws I found in my time in the lab. I’m sorry the videos are such terrible quality, but they get the job done.

Here is the [media=youtube]pJOlGmQUQtc[/media] I posted in the general/team building thread. Immediately begin charging for Gamma Wave after you press j.:s:. When you land, you’ll have to wait a bit to complete the charge, then let it rip. This combo can be performed midscreen, just end it with Gamma Tsunami after the j.:s:. Also, after the first :f::d::df::h: > :h:, smaller characters will go behind you, so you’ll have to adjust your timing.


:l:, :m: xx :f::d::df::h: > :h:, :l:~:a2: xx :f::d::df::l: > :h:, :s:, j. :m::m::h::s:, land, Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush

For those of you not intimately familiar with fighting game notation, “~” translates to “quickly followed by.”

Here is the [media=youtube]r60yc8mtDrU[/media] I found; I asked Togabot to record it for me pre-release. I wanted to make the reset as tight as possible, so I altered the timing to fit the way I originally imagined it. If you don’t have an assist that hits OTG, you can actually charge a Gamma Wave midscreen and cancel it into Gamma Crush. I’m glad this one will work for anyone, regardless of their team, the other ones are a bit more specific.

Here is the [media=youtube]XmMhX2Ri0bc[/media] I discovered. It’s fairly simple to perform but very effective. You can mash L-Gamma Tornado for more hits and damage (150K as opposed to 60K). I screwed up the mashing here, but whatever. If you think they’re going to try and jump out, punish them with cr. :l: and go into the combo I posted above.

To perform the jump canceled Gamma Tornado, just press :l:+:m:, then quickly perform a 360 motion + :l:. It’s a little sloppy that way, but it’s the best way to stay consistent.


:l:, :m:, :s:+:a2:, j.:l:, j.:s:, land, :l:+:m: xx 360+:l:


Indeed, that air throw reset is much much better since the other two vids had Sentinel with the Rocket Punch assist (you really don’t want to just assume you’ll be able to get in easily).


Great work Tofu!
Few questions:

  • Why are you using :l: beetwen gamma charges in the corner combo? Using c.:h: would make it harder to time right?
  • In the air throw reset setup - why there’s not a single hit before second gamma charge? Is it also because of timing?


For some reason, you can’t call Doom right away when you land from the DP+H > H, you have to wait a little bit. After you wait, s. L is the only normal fast enough to continue the combo.

After the ground bounce, I let them drop as low as possible before hitting them with the Gamma Charge. I found that doing something like s.:m: xx DP+L would send them too high to allow for the :m: follow up to hit.


Here are some combos just posted by trag13, some cool stuff here, you can work an air throw reset or a Doom Rocks command throw reset in these:

[media=youtube]0ZESOI1q1Ps[/media] Probably the best combo Hulk can do on his own, even though I think the Hulk+Doom combo I’m doing midscreen does more damage.

[media=youtube]H9j94utGv70[/media] We had more damaging combos than this pre-release :razz: A full 80 000 - 90 000 more.

[media=youtube]3dM_a6_5Xd0[/media] I really like this one, I’m going to incorporate the Hulk + Doom command throw reset into this.

[media=youtube]F89u08gRk0Y[/media] It’s exactly like he says, it’s pretty situational but it still works.


That rejump combo is almost the same as the one I created few days ago. Though I don’t know why tragic didn’t use j.M (or even two) in the last air chain.
If you’re in the middle of the screen then you’ll end up in a corner for a nice Gamma Crush opportunity (with otg assist or gamma wave).


Can someone put up one that has the mashed command grab? I can’t pull it off on the pad (sticks broke)


Mash harder!

It’s possible to do on xbox pad. I won’t say ‘easily’ but yeah, it’s possible. Just mash it as fast as possible.


A gift for you.


note purpose is not the combo - but the instant overhead option on sent. Not exactly gamebreaking, but nice to have!


Good shit Gimpy. I believe Tofu had just been talking about that in the general thread, although he mentioned going straight into jumping H instead of using the light attack beforehand.

I actually like using the light attack as well. FYI you can get 2 light attacks before comboing into the H. I was just looking into that stuff earlier today lol.


it’s not fast enough doing it with jumping h to be considered ‘instant’ though - and that’s what we’re after isn’t it?!

haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i’m not sure how much longer hulk is going to be on my team - i’m liking him a lot for now but i dunno. cap/somebody/somebody will be my final team but i’m just not sure who those somebody’s are just yet - atm it’s cap/hulk/arthur.


I’m liking the instant j.:l: better than my set up too.


Ok with the 1st combo you have listed, which AA Gamma Charge are you using enitially, and does the first hit need to miss in order to connect the air:l:, air:m:, air:m:, or is it ok to get the first hit in and complete this combo with everything else staying the same?


You have to do it exactly as shown or else it won’t work. And it’s an :l:-AA Gamma Charge.


ok cool. The timing for the air:l:, air:m:, air:m:, (land) :m: is it strict because i can get the two air:m: in but the s.:m: keeps missing for me


you know what never mind i just figured it out. But another question I do have is how are you getting the first AA Gamma Charge to miss? do you delay the input??


This is fulfilling: [media=youtube]9Oaw14oTCTc[/media]