Hulk Smash (the video thread)

old version stuff… [media=youtube]BcQjFKSdskw[/media]

the new wayz… [media=youtube]Jqcwz3ZQkOc[/media]

Never do another sj. magic series with hulkie again… these all work on any normal sized or bigger char. Timing easiest on large toons…

Hulk Match Vids–> mix opp quality…

Thats some sickness with Hulk…

Im imagining the assist crossup/mixup possibilities after the air hp g-break. Im sure you have a team around him, but I was thinking maybe Doom rocks after landing hk xx gamma crush. Or IM RB after landing hk/gamma charge xx gamma crush. Nice stuff, youve influenced me to work with Hulk in some basement practice.

Just to clarify a bit… xx charge is what you want. Hk will knock them away. The thunderclap doesnt guard break… just an x-up with options should they block the x-up. it wont gb b/c after the launch they are in sj. state and cannot be guard broken. Now… land the same thing off an assist setup… and it could gb… but most assist setups are gonna land you gamma crush anyways…

I do play a lot of doom with hulk… for double crushes… for safe gamma charges… to pile on the chip… and dooms bnb to air photon array xx g.crush works out real nice…

The hk was actually landing, but it was the lk otg. And yeah I meant hp crossup. I dont play Hulk much so I didnt really pay attention to that lk (because I was actually focusing on the hp block xx grab) I went back and watched it and got the commands for it. I was thinking though, lets say you let them drop from the clap and landed into gamma crush, would that work? He would be on the opposite side so it would be a bit tricky I guess…

After the crossup clap you need lk, mk… as you fall… for the gamma crush to combo… gotta be extra tight to get that unmashable version also.

You can otg with falling hk… but its harder bc it takes longer to come out and your so low while throwing… often hulk will land b4 the hitbox comes out

Curious why you never start Hulk on point?

I normally run hulk/IM/doom when I play that team… but certain match-ups encourage me to start IM.

For the thanos/hulk/ken team… I like thanos on point. His air priority… spamming bubbles like hell… then hulk dash assist/ken AAA cover your angles pretty well.

Then there’s the very big reason… thanos > any standing combo xx powa DHC to gamma crush --> its a double crush and utterly unmashable :slight_smile:

In the second vid tho I do start hulk tho. I also start hulk in the 2nd match of the 4th vid and get hulks most basic reset into a double crush on storm right off the bat.

Yeah I am still having problems getting my gamma charge to come out on reaction so that setup for me is a more than a few training sessions away. And as far as Thanos consider myself schooled.

Also BTW the guy in the 4th vid doing a team super after Hulk has punished him EVERY time?! Cmon wise up dude lol

And finally you probably know this but if thanos is standing a few feet away from the corner and hits a cornered opponent with a his lightning chain super you can get an easy double Crush DHC.

definately… it’s also a decent unmashable single crush midscreen if timed properlike… <- the thanos soul DHC

that doom combo for double crush is easy one you get it… its funny b/c to get that timing… a lot of times im charging and canceling to crush automaticaly and near instant on the cancel… no hit confirm at all. Hulks hitbox going up is so leet tho… anyone even in the neighborhood gets hit. so that is a pretty easy setup once you get it down.

gamma charge is the shit. I can do so much with hulk that I never bother to try… b/c gamma charge xx super is all you need 95% of the time. Fastest shit ever!! One of those vids I finish by hitting cable with a gamma charge during the recovery of ground hyper viper AFTER he hit me with the super (from full screen)…lol

side note… been thanos filming lately. Some ridiculous stuff to show… 100+ hit comboz…lol corner to corner inf… tighter resets… easy bubble inf setups… the corner madness in previous vids is more mad like… sjc to a rejump combo… tons of fun stuff… might release a preview tomorrow.