Hulk Squad

Hey I want a squad with Hulk and Ironman. I am curious what would be a good 3rd person to complement them. I am trying to make a squad adept at assist killing if that helps with the suggestions. I know BB Hood is great for that but I am looking for a more flexible character than her. And yes I know she is decent but I get bored playing keepaway characters.

Thanks in advance :rock:

Im/hulk/doom is great… tho it lacks a standard AA (doom rocks being more utility than AA)… but doom sets up double crushes well and he also sets up IM inf well…

Psy is also great… her AA gives you another way to setup IM rejump inf… and air butterflies xx gamma crush xx proton cannon is about as mean as DHC’s get…

Ken is spectacular… a hulk who is a skilled blocker is already tough to get in on with his superarmor and high priority/long reach attacks… so giving him AA with invincible startup will give some people fits… plus shinryuken DHC’s out of gamma crush very well…

Thanos strangley is also very good with hulk… gamma crush DHC POWA pause POWA pause POWA… is one more POWA than it should take to kill anything… plus you can dash jump while calling thanos… lk , tick throw and they wind up in the thanos bubble… then its just A1+A2 for a double crush…

With Hulk/IM already on the team you’ve got the assist kill potential… I’d learn toward the best AAA/best person to 1v1… probably psy. Of course I think doom is better overall so its really all about who you are good with. With doom on the team I can sometimes PIN people down with smartbombs/unibeams while calling doom rocks… and chip away insane life… so its another tool you get with the dr.

Doom sounds like a good choice due to the fact that Hulk does not cause much chip on his own and turtling anti air players seem to give me the most trouble. That said whenever I finally get in on them I start dropping planets :slight_smile:

Ken is my favorite way to go here. As I’ve said before, Super Armor + Invincible AA=Juicy. And Hulk’s boss stamina makes up for Ken’s pixie status. Plus, odds are half the players you face will try to snap out Ken for an easy kill, but his Shoryureppa starts out invincible as well and DHCs beautifully into PC or GC. But aside from keeping people off your back, he doesn’t do much else for Iron Man, so Psy’s good here, too.
I also agree with Doom for all the aforementioned reasons, but also cause any air combo of his into Photon Array also leads to GC or PC.
Ultimately, for your third character you’ll need someone that can not only fight on their own or survive a snapback, but can help you ‘get in’ against Scrub, Santhrax, etc. Everyone plays differently and many have great advice, but keep in mind :

  1. Hulk is a big target, so Sent lockdown is mean, and he has a hard time chasing Storm.
  2. IM’s best combos and even his ability to stay on top of tier characters are affected greatly by his assists.
  3. Cable/Capcom will make mincemeat out of you at arm’s length without a good third cause Hulk can’t get close and IM can’t beat out their AA with Hulk’s assist (most of the time)

If you can find the right anchor for you that helps cover all these bases, you should be fine. Sorry if this comes across as long-winded, but I love when people pick up Hulk and I want him to get more (good) play. Make sure to buff up your Iron Man, though; he’s your best bet against Cable and Storm, and how many teams don’t include at least one of the two?

Post Script

If you are brave enough to seriously play Spider-Man, his AA assist sets up IM infinite, Gamma Charge into super, or pretty much any super you want. Also Maximum Spider can be tacked on after GC, PC, or both. My only problem with Spidey as a third is the same I have with Jin; you can do really cool stuff with this team, but you have to use Spider-Man (Jin).

Storm is pretty easy for hulk to “chase”… when she goes runaway… you can gamma charge under her and xx gamma crush… just be patient… hulk can absorb some chip while you wait for he right moment.

Mando can’t do anything to hulk from distance that hulk can’t punish with gamma charge… so he has to get close really.

I know the basics of Iron and Doom and I am still learning all of the BNB DHC and combo stuff with Hulk.

As far as learning the combos are BY FAR the weakest part of my game. I defend decent and punish well, but I never think to combo or remember the actual combos when I have an opening. I always go for the sure damage with a super :frowning:

Also I keep reading about this Double Crush what is it? Also is there a video of it in action? Thanks in Advance guys you have been very helpful!

I was only thinking about Capcom’s assist backing Cable. It can be tough to get through if your Hulk’s not tops. Commando on point doesn’t shake me at all. Ever just walk through Captain Fire? It looks like a zombie flick. Especially with Grey Hulk.

Against cable hulks options basicly go…

if he does ground vb or hvb… block… punish with gamma charge xx super…

if he does ground shooty (fp,fp,fp,fp)… block… punish with gamma charge…

if he does air grenades/jumping vb… wait for the right moment (usually a grenade) and gamma charge under him xx gamma crush.

if he comes at you… laugh and own him…

So there are options that don’t require you to jump through mando… yes you can walk through him… or even gamma charge through if you time the start up during mando’s startup… but its tricky.

Really its like hulk vs storm… you’ve got plenty of ways to get/hurt him…just need to be patient and likely absorb some chip… which hulk certainly has the stamina to do… the opp thinks they are gaining ground… just building meter and chipping you… but really they are giving away their pattern… and the best moment to strike for most or all of their lfe in one swoop.

I haven’t tested this team out, but it does have some really rude properties…

Rogue-y [throw], Hulk-b[dash], Ironman-b [anti-air].

If they get hit by Rogue’s assist with Hulk on point [and Ironman in the middle], activate the gamma crush when you see the grab. If you time it right, the asteroid comes down on them from above, and you can DHC in Ironman. This can sometimes kill outright. Unblockable, unmashable, doublecrushes are extremely mean. We won’t even get into all the mean things Ironman can do with these assists right now.


With rogues grab assist… you can use gamma quake early… so that they dont pop out of her grab til the topmost rocks get low… then when those rocks connect… gamma crush (unmashable).

This Hulk team is rowdy! Hulk is still new for me but I am winning at least 60% of the matches with him. Although a patient Cable with Blackheart Anti Air wrecked me bad. Either way thanks for the help with Hulk I never knew he was this good. I always thought he was a really awkward character, did not know how good he could be!

Yo man, I am a big hulk player and Iron man is another part of my team.

I use guile with for my GUILE/HULK/IRONMAN team.

You say assist kills well hulks dash assist goes through pretty much everything and is good at stopping dash characters like cammy.

Not to mention you can do guiles kick into a triple hyper combo and it sets up a perfect way to kill all the people besides jug or sent.

Shizz even a double hc with just guile/hulk is beast.

Gotta use guile a/a… hulk dash… and i use iron man a/a since it sets up hulk real nice.

Not to mention if you h/c someones assist character hulk will kill them almost every time.

I would run that team IM/Hulk/Guile to keep his assist for last plus use it to help setup IM/Hulk. As hulk… you can land guile AAA and gamma charge fwd xx gamma crush… very easy to land. Unmashable when done right… and can cause corner double crushes.

I run guile first because his trip is what gets me quick wins. If people let me do it I usually do the back breaker inf and instead of using the lk to launch them again I use it to do the triple or double or whatever.

I put hulk i the middle cuz I usually will swictch out iron man for guile so that I can do im trip trip lk mp protonon cannon with hulk being the next one in line.

Does crazy damage.

Hulk is either first on my team or dead last for the sheer amount of damage.

I like hulk last becasue if its my last character (hulk) vs there character. I can just do one gamma charge/ super and murder more then half there character with one move.

Not to mention the insane hits he can take and the super armor. I rank hulk up there with the best of them. Not to many know how devastating the gamma charge/ super is.

I would go as far as saying he is top tier with just that move. with a good assist hulk is almost cheap to use. I do see alot of rage quitters when hulk is involved. He almost always kills off 2 people before he dies. Unless of course its mag/storm/sent or any variation of the god tiers.

which imo are cheap… specially mag’s crazy damage and ability to keep you in the air for 3 or 4 combos.

The guile sweep is gonna be good against a lot of noobs playing online matches… but more experienced players block better than that. Even moderate skill players tend to crouch block a lot.

Hulk last is good except there are a couple matchups where it becomes rough using solo hulk. Also hulk’s super armor makes him a great point char when combined with a good AAA and using him last doesn’t take to good of advantage of that. The real reason to not use him last is to maximize the “hulk time” you get to bait and hopefully gamma crush one of their assists… and then DHC for a strait kill… it’s to mean and hulk can bait em a lot better if he has assists left to bait with.

I know I am still the noob with Hulk but with the Hulk IM Doom team the most success I have have is with him on point. I Usually get lev 3 meter and wait until they throw out their second character as an assist. I mess that character up with Gamma CrushxxProton Cannon. Then when they try to tag in their 3rd character I just gamma crush em.

If they then decide to start playing safe, thats when I corner them with jumping lk’s and doom rocks.

Again a PATIENT Cable/Sent that knows all of Hulk’s tricks are really what give me problems anymore with him. And thats with me not knowing what that Double Crush thing is :slight_smile:

A double crush is a gamma crush that basicly does double damage. You could call it a glitch but its not really. Try this…

call doom rocks (before they connect) launch xx gamma crush… hulk will knock them down into the rocks on his way up… and the rocks will hold them there while hulk double crushes. There are a lot of other ways to get it as well. Tall characters like sent or BH will sometimes get double crushed when you hit them as a standing assist.

There are a million corner double crush situations with various assists… just try it…

i have him as point and dead last for different reasons.

He serves me best when I lose my first character and then I bring hulk out with iron mans AA.

I usually win every time with hulk and iron man behind because if they get caught in the aa you can jump lk them like 3 times then gamma crush/proton cannon

Of course I dont go for only that move tho. I usually am rush lk’ing people or im waiting for them to do soemthing so I can gamma charge them.

I dont know if you guys know but hulk is the cable killaaaa. If they bring out there big gun at any time you can gamma charge them/meteror crush.

Also I dont just go for guiles trip, theres alot of set ups that I use for that kick. lp/lk/trip is a good one. Or guile’s back breaker infinite 2 or 3 times/lk/triple

Guiles back breaker (semi) inf… is if I’m not mistaken both techable and rollable. For reference of how often a decent player will let you do it… out of the roughly 2k times I’ve fought guile online so far… I’ve not let it happen once.

Hulk can do,… no third kick to add cept fierce which wont combo with anything unless you are in the corner or OTGing… you CAN land an unmashable crush using IM AAA… but just nix the kicks… just let them get thrown over your head by the assist and gamma crush. Not only will this stop them from mashing out, but it does MORE dmg… fucking dmg scaling… You CAN connect a gamma crush out of,, land, crush… but they will be able to mash out.

Hulk vs cable… i certainly posted a few above… what hulk can do against him… and 1vs1… hulk can easily come out on top… cable + capcom vs hulk is much harder though. Also its REALLY rare that you will get to gamma charge xx gamma crush a good cable after ground hvb… because… they wont do ground hvb… the air version comes out faster, recovers faster, and combos into itself. He can even tiger knee it to make it come out at ground lvl… and that you cannot gamma charge to punish… Ground yes… air… no.

Actually almost ANY special move that cable throws out if on the ground… can be punished with gamma charge. Even his fp,fp,fp,fp shooty can be punished after the last hit. The exception here is lk grenade while on the ground… which will catch you up if you try to charge through it. Actually hulks gamma charge is SO FAST that you can even do it to cable AFTER HE HITS YOU with ground hvb and the move ends… now thats fast.

Against a GOOD cable… hulks best bet is to wait for a sj.grenade throw and gamma charge under his feet xx gamma crush… time it to cross up as well… and its even more insured.

Also I dunno bout winning everytime with IM AAA… I only call him when its a sure thing or mid combo… b/c cable, sent, storm will own his face off. Seriously… call IM out against a good cable with 3 meters and watch what happens…lol You wont get to use IM for even a second that match. Same with sent. You might get away with calling him once on storm… do it again… he’s gone.

I speak of playing good players… 95% of people you face online are terrible… 4% more are ok… and the remaining 1% are good players… so you don’t have to stick to these guns all the time… but it’s better to learn it that way… than to try remembering in the middle of a fight.