hulk super

is there some trick to getting the full damage off of hulk’s gamma crush super? i can never get it to hit all the way down.

The only real effective way of landing a good Gamma Crush is off of an assist. For Example, using Zangief’s Ground Assist you can do d+lk, d+lk+assist, Gamma Crush, hold forward, and that’s a simple 95% combo on Cable. There are plenty of ways of landing a Gamma Crush off an assist, you just gotta experiment a little.

once i’ve connected it, do i have to mash to get more hits? or do you just hold forward and let the meteor do the work? i always miss the most damaging hits and end up away from the character i’m hitting.

It’s possible to get “perfect” Gamma Crushes with Hulk solo; you must either cancel off the 1st hit of the launch, or do it after a very deep landed short Gamma Charge (all spacing/timing dependent, of course; mid-screen is better).

There are some assists that work as well, but generally they’re from the more obscure characters (like Zangief). [EDIT: Semi-exception = Storm-y. You can kinda juggle them on top of Sent drones too, but it’s tricky.]

You should also look into assist-based “double crush” (see one of the larger Hulk threads in the folder for a complete explanation). Commando yields a good one on the wall; BH will give you one mid-screen. Some other assists work also.

The crush is not mashable for more/harder hits as far as I am aware.

If your crush is missing on the way down, try allowing it to autodirect. If they are in between one of the 3 zones Hulk coveres with the super, hold the joystick straight down, that’s the best bet; should yield at least 1 hit.

I strongly suspect that the crush was designed with assist punishing in mind for Marvel; there are no “opponent mashed & got up in time” issues regarding assists. You also get a moment after that last, most damaging hit to DHC into something else, which helps alleviate some of the risk commonly associated with the Gamma Crush.

Hope this helps; gl hf. :slight_smile:

What’s the best DHC to go into after the last hit of gamma crush?

Some of my personal favorites include:

Headcrush (glitched, of course :evil: )
SS Lightning super
Omega Destroyer
Ryu Hurricane Kick super
Sent HSF or Plasma Storm (more dmg for 1 meter)

Capt. Sword is iffy, but OK.

Lots of things work to varying degrees of success; be creative! :slight_smile:

i set it up off a launch with magneto. too easy.

magneto, hulk, cyclops. too good. :evil:

Thanks for the suggestions, I feel so cheap using proton cannon :slight_smile:

could anybody post an list of the most usefull unmashable crush setups using or not assists ( col AAA and sent-y specially)

Already exists; click here.

(link is on page 3 of the thread; props to Racewing for compiling the info, sharing it & getting it hosted.)

d+lk, d+lk+Colossus’ AAA, HK Gamma Charge xxx Gamma Crush. (Colossus hits slightly before Hulk’s first hit of the GC then hold Forward.) Does roughly 80% damage on Cable and is unmashable. They hit the ground at the same time the GC hits them, so there is no time to mash.

just felt like posting this combo with hulk using iron man’s anti-air assist.fairly simple and can be done pretty much anywhere on the screen. lk+assist, mk gamma crush. all you got to do is hold down. like i said easy and good damage as well. :slight_smile: