Hulk vs Tron Hitbox info just to share. (Video)

Recently I had a friend as me if I could get the L gamma wave to work on Tron in the corner as this seemed to be rather difficult to setup due to her odd body. Also it was hard to do the anti air gamma charge against tron and it seems that the only way you can do it is with the anti air L to H vs the anti air M or H to H for the ground bounce. Here is a video showing this so effectively with my team at least i can kill tron off a single s.M punch from mid screen or the corner. Here is a video example.

i covered this in my cast vid, use kara-M (as you’re pushed back during the aerial rave. otherwise it’s simple positioning). it’s not really hard to extend combos on her, just have to delay properly for H-AA and need an assist for front knockdown. that combo is bit suboptimal as they can fully ToD Tron off that sM if starting w/1 bar

edit: lol i take that back. it’s a clean 1 bar ToD if you exploit Katanarama’s forced/saved groundbounce to give another AA-G.Charge