Hulk vs. Wolverine Animated Movie

fixed :wonder:

that looks awesome

Based on Wolverine’s first appearance in Hulk 180-181 lol! Looks fun. :tup:

Holy shit. That does look good.

^Yeah man never knew about this one! Shit looks tight! Def. gonna get this!

movie? looks more like another episode of justice league.

Awww yeahhh!

Looks like it’s a flashback bit from Wolverine and the X-Men.
I remember seeing the Hulk in the trailer they released and Wolverine’s voice by Steve Blum here.

^Ah no!
I HIGHLEY doubt those 2 are connected; firstly the art is different and 2ndly cuz the X-Men cartoon is made by a french company IIRC. This one is made by Liongates.

Is this gonna take place in the DVD Ultimate Avengers universe?

Crap. Missed it! Been taken off now.

Prolly not… I’d imagine for that they’d use comic book Ultimate Wolverine. And Ultimate Hulk too, there are differences if you compare them to their ‘616’ counterparts.

But there has been no official depiction of the X-men in the DVD Ultimate Avengers universe, which is neither 616 nor the comicbook Ultimate universe.

Also, Ultimate Avengers Hulk is green, same as in this clip.

But Hulk is always green (um, grey, red and orange hULK in the Capcom game aside ha ha) and he doesn’t have the Ultimate flat top lol!

Both versions in this cartoon lean towards being 616-ish. Wolvie’s costume is Len Wein’s outfit from the first time he fought with Hulk, just a bit more modern.

Again, probably not for the Ultimate-verse. But who knows. Marvel’s not to keen on connecting their cartoons like DC did for the most part. Closest Marvel got to that was in the 90s where Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Hulk took place in the same world. After that, everything’s kind of seperate.

I suppose the Ultimate line has like 4 cartoons now so there’s that. Still no signs of connecting that to Spectacular Spider-Man or the last Fantastic Four cartoon though. Everything kind of stands alone…

Looks good to me, definitely going to be picking this up.