Hulk vs

I didn’t see any threads like this, but I wanted to possibly compile a Hulk vs thread (I’m sure we are all wondering how to deal with Sentinel and a good assist, the thread below inspired me)

I’d like to throw in a tidbit vs Magneto if you haven’t run into it yet (many of you have I’m sure)

When Magneto does his slide, you normally can punish with a launcher. However, he does have an annoying force field that will counter all physical attacks. You can either play mind games and wait for him to whiff, or be like me and take a the safe route, and throw him. According to the guide, it’s -12 and Gamma Tornado L is 11 frames, so if you are fast, you can do this. If not, regular throw will work also

I feel I have a lot to learn still, so hopefully some fellow Hulk users can add to this thread and it’s succesful

Nice tip, man.

vs. Mustache Man! (Haggar)

The prime thing to always remember is WATCH OUT FOR THAT PIPE (Haggar’s :s:)!!! It’s hit-stun counteracts Hulk’s standing :h: and sets him up for some big combos! Haggar’s more stationary that the Hulk though, but his normals are just as good, if not better. When facing Haggar, stay smashing distance away from him (the maximum distance that Hulk’s standing :h: can hit). When you see his Spinning Lariat, counter with a Gamma Wave. Haggar’s 3 Hypers all need to be done at close range to hit, but his body punches cause the most chip damage when blocked. With his Flying Body Press, quickly backdash and time your counter with a Gamma Tsunami. And it goes without saying, stay out of his kara-range to avoid his Piledriver and Level 3.

And once again, watch out for that damn pipe.

What about Hulk vs people who like to fly around the top of the screen spamming projectiles and running down the timer, like Trish or Phoenix before she can’t control it?

My favorite matches when I play Hulk :slight_smile:

One move is all you need: Gamma crush.

Gamma charge when Phoenix is in the air. If she tries to throw a fireball, you can cancel gamma charge with gamma crush. It has invinciblity and it is the strongest level 1 super IN THE GAME. It kills Phoenix straight up.

This match-up is easily in Hulk’s favor if he has meter because if he has meter, Phoenix HAS to rush him down or else she just can’t win.

But what is even more hilarious is Hulk’s armor in his st. H and his st. M. If Phoenix isn’t smart when she attacks you, that is 100%. Welcome to USA nigga.

Hulk armour normals are rather mediocre when she is in dark phoenix mode due to the small flames added to her normals. The flames easily break the armour.

The best thing to do would be to play defensive until she commits to a move and react accordingly. One wrong teleport and she dies to Gamma crush.

I’d like to know more on Haggar. How do you counter a Haggar that is constantly super jumping and laying down the pipe. ? I always thought level 1 Gamma Crush had invulnerability, but guess what, Haggars pipe beats him back into the ground. Anytime Hulk attempts to beat him in the air, the Pipe negates everything.

If he’s not using any covering assist it’s pretty easy to catch ‘the pipe’ with super armored moves.
I think that match up is in Hulk’s favor. Just stay on the ground and watch out for lariats and assists. You can also keep him away with gamma waves (and assists) and when he’s super jumping you can run away with gamma charges.

I find Haggar to be a really easy matchup for me. Haggar’s pipe < Hulk armored normals. Just control the ground, wait for him to get within range, then open up with an armored overhand and then combo him to death from there.

You can easily force him into the air by just repeatedly throwing gamma waves at him (this will also prevent him from using covering assists at range, and you can do the assist-killing-infinite if he tries for what basically amounts to a free kill) until he tries to get in on you with an aerial pipe, then just swat him with the armored heavy. Don’t try to get in on him… force him to come in on you, then swat through his pipe when he comes back to the ground.

Hulk smash puny mustache man!

Any tips vs taskmaster the air arrows f me up and you toss in drones to the mix and I feel locked down.

Vs Hsien-Ko armor pendulum assist, if you’re fullscreen you can Tsunami when she comes out for a little over 1/3 of her health. Up close she’ll hit you out though. Crush is too slow, to do on reaction, she’ll be gone by the time you come down.

Vs. Doom hidden missile assist, you can Tsunami as soon as you hear him say “hidden missile” and it will take about 1/2 his health. You can use Crush too to try and use the invincibility to get through whatever the point char is doing, but you’ll get hit by about 6 missiles, which is a problem if you didn’t catch the point character with crush as well.

If they get predictable with these assists though, you can always preemptive Crush to try and hit them. Tsunami in general is a good assist killer. It’s relatively safe to do, negates most projectiles and does a chunk of damage to assists.

Anyone have tips against Ammaretsu? Him being under is just frustrating.

Just to add to this: If you’re facing a Dark Phoenix that like to spam, then teleport in for a big combo, Gamma Tsunami.

Time it right when she spams her flame orbs, and there’s no way she’ll escape it. Plus it’s a 1-Hyper Kill if she doesn’t have BOTH X-Factor & her Healing Field activated.

Try the AA Gamma Charge, it’s fully invincible on the way up. I’ve used it to success and worst-case scenario is you trade hits, with him taking a little more damage.

vs. Little Man (Wolverine)

This is a match-up where you NEED to watch Logan’s speed. His attacks can be stopped by Hulk’s SMASH (standing :h:), but he can get two hits on Hulk quickly, and convert them into a big combo. Don’t hesitate to switch to the AA Gamma Charge, especially if Wolverine’s airborne. If it doesn’t hit, Hulk’s recovery is quick enough that you can throw out the standing :h: if Logan charges. Also, try to avoid any air-to-air situations with him. Wolverine’s air down + :h: causes a ground bounce, giving him a free air combo. All of his specials can be stopped with the SMASH. Berserker Barrage X can be SMASH stopped, but Fatal Claw can take a chunk out of Hulk, so watch out. The most dangerous move to look out for is Weapon X. It has complete invincibility during his charge, is quick as hell and (if X-Factor 2 or 3 is used), can take down Hulk on contact!

In short, just stay close, stay on the offensive, and don’t get predictable.

what do you do to get inside someone that just keeps to the other side of the screen … i got zoned out hard by a guy using cap/dead/sent … keep away with pineapples shield slash and drone assist … with the shield slash the 2 hits kept me down while he did sent assist … what can i do to break that shit down ?

Hulk is terrible without assists to cover him. Try not to leave him for last.

As for your situation, you need to utilize jump cancelled dashes. Also, wait for an assist and use Gamma Tsunami.

if i meet up with the guy again ill have to try it … im still new as hell to this , my team is Skrull/Hulk/sent … most people dont get past hulk but when i get zoned like a whore like that every time i called sent assist he did shield slash … hit me and then sent on the way back -_-

Skrull/Hulk/Sent is my third team. Use Skrull against zoners. He’s got those “falling from the sky” moves.

Hulk has a really tough time dealing with keepaway by himself. You really need a cover assist in these matchups. Sent drones, Doom rocks/ missiles, cold star, Arthur dagger/bottle. Call the assist and then approach behind it. Also like Astaroth said make use of jump canceled dashes and attacks. Dash and u/f you can cover a lot of ground and air block immediately. Also if you dash and do any special but end the command in an u you can cancel his dash into specials (i.e. instead of :d::d/f::f:+:atk: for charge, do :d::d/f::f::u/f:+:atk: to be able to cancel it from a dash.)

Any tips on what to do against berserker slash covered by assist? Shit is invincible until the “hit” part of it. And the fact that it can cross up is really annoying

If the Haggar player is smart they will start using Headbutt instead of Pipe Smash. Headbutt will Dizzy Hulk in his S.H Armor frames.

That said this match up is probably in Hulks Favor, just because he can keep Haggar out with Gamma Waves and Haggar can’t afford to get close on the ground because of Standing H.

Hulk Vs. Dormammu:
Between hard-hitting keepaway, flame carpet, lightning fast hyper spam via Chaotic Flame, and a certain propensity for “get off me” assists (like Haggar or Tron), Hulk can’t get in on Dormammu easily. The trick is to realize that he doesn’t have to… he forces Dormammu to come to him or let him in.

Dormammu can’t throw out any of his projectiles through gamma waves (gotta love that high priority projectile), so just keep throwing them at him until he gets the picture. He will then typically proceed to do one of the following.

a) Chaotic Flame hyper spam. You cancel into Gamma Crush during the flash, dealing damage (and opening DHC possibilities, of course) and getting in pretty close. You then proceed with the Hulk Smash part.
b) Teleport. Avoid his combo and you’ve got a Dormammu in Hulk Smash range. Sweet.
c) Jump/Fly around. This just gives Hulk an opportunity to control the ground or get in close and smash things.
d) Call an assist. Proceed with Eskimo’s gamma wave anti-assist infinite until he tries A-C. If they’re slow on the uptake you can get a full kill out of this.

Of course, if he’s already throwing out projectiles and you’re stuck blocking and thus can’t start the gamma waves up, there’s two things to remember. A) His attacks don’t hit quite full screen, and you can call out a pretty safe projectile assist behind a blocking Hulk, then proceed to gamma waving. B) Dormy generally has to predict where you’ll be. Dash/jump cancel and start the gamma waves on landing when he whiffs.

Seems like a good matchup to me. I will often switch in Hulk on Dormy and watch 'em squirm as I punish everything.