Hulk's normal-jump cancellable S (w/Vid)



Under certain very restrictive conditions, Hulks :s: attack is normal jump-cancellable. Before you get all excited, this is incredibly situational and I assume it can’t end up too useful because of its strict limitations.

Hulk’s launcher is 2 hits. To get the jump cancel, as best I can tell, the 1st hit of Hulk’s launcher must make contact, and the 2nd hit must whiff. My theory is that the 1st hit is actually normal jump cancellable but its jump cancel window overlaps with the active frames of the 2nd hit. Maybe the move was jump-cancellable by design at some point, and instead of being properly scrapped a 2nd hit was added. Or maybe its just a sick just frame (lol). Either way, since the 2nd hit tends to connect the 1st hit’s jump cancel property is rarely seen. Unfortunately, it seems impossibly hard to reliably get the :s: attack to work like this. I’d expect from max range it’d be easy, or from point blank it’d be easy… but it’s not. It boils down to working only in a sweet spot when possible, usually on blocking characters.

Because it’s jump-cancellable and pre-jump is cancellable as well, you can indeed JCxxSpecial Attack for a blocked :s: -> Gamma Charge for some extra blockstring action. Other standard options apply.

I’ve had tiny success getting a normal jump cancelled launcher on hit. This might lead to some extra comboability if you can keep the other character low-enough, fast-enough. Because the mechanic is so shaky, I haven’t investigated much further.

I did a quick, very unscientific test of trying to find the JC sweep spot against each character standing and crouching. Here are my results (there may be a few I missed):

Storm Sentinel Magneto Spider-man
Deadpool Hulk X23 Wolvie Zero Joe Haggar
Tron Chun Arthur
Akuma Viper Trish Ammy Hsien-Ko

Storm Sentinel Magneto Taskmaster Spider-Man
Deadpool She-Hulk Wolvie Doom Zero Ryu
Joe Felicia Tron Spencer Morrigan Arthur
Akuma Viper Trish Ammy Hsien-Ko

The only characters I could hit it with any real consistency after just a tiny bit of testing, were , Ammy (point blank only), Spidey , and Sentinel. Aside from point blank Ammy, the other two just a couple degrees easier than the rest of the characters who are all roughly the same degree of difficulty (quite restrictive). These make sense because Spidey is extra low and Sentinel is extra wide. The other characters’ blocking animations just don’t lend themselves so nicely to this trick.

Anyway, I haven’t found much else to this, but I think it’s an interesting artifact that offers a tiny glimpse into some version long-forgotten.
At worst, mash up on your blockstrings if you accidentally chain out to S, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway.
At best, extend your blockstrings with uber specific setups. Go for unblockables with a low assist!?



Doesn’t seem terribly practical due to the restrictions, but who knows?

Nice find, Skisonic :slight_smile:


Nice find, is it possible to :s: and tk the AA gamma charge :h: followup?


Dante’s spinny sword launcher move is the same way. If you wiff the last hit that launches, you will just normal jump cancel instead of super jump cancel. Usually this just happens from too much hitstun decay and you can’t really follow up.


wwowowo thats cool. Wish it was easier to do, but Ill play around with it. Nice find.


I’ll toy around with it later, but I’d imagine there maybe an albeit slow, but a semi useful :s: njc :s: land, medium, :s: … so fourth…like a ‘not so instant overhead’ into launcher. hmm :rubs chin: I want ot go home and toy with that now haha.

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will try this in training mode.


The 8 year old Noah actually used this earlier on Saturday. I forgot who he was playing, but he did s.H, waited, and then did his launcher. The first part was blocked, but the second hit wiffed, and he ended up regular jump cancelling it, making it safe.

Just FYI all.


I saw that too. Maybe it was a different match, but I thought it looked like he jumped before the 2nd hit actually came out. I am bummed that I didn’t want to spend the money to go to EVO this year though. While I give Noah mad props for the skill he has at his age, I feel like his Hulk was not really that strong and that I could have made top 32 this year with mine. :frowning:


^ this.

I was not impressed with noah’s performance per say. Although it is impressive for an 8 year old to get that far and keep his composure.

I am shocked by the lack of defense and punishes from his opponents tho. Maybe they didn’t expect that :h: into :s: frame trap but, lol, seriously I feel as if a hulk/sent/haggar team would have a fairly easy trip to top 32 if they face that level of competition. extremely disappointing. And i’m not saying that this is prime smart hulk play to begin with! we are just talking day 1 stuff here

imagine if liquid went. but then again, brackets play a big part of it too


How could you not be impressed? I honestly don’t think I would be as good as him if I was an 8 year old. He understood the important of proper spacing (which is extremely important for Hulk) and had some reactions that weren’t mind-blowing, but definitely impressive for a kid his age. He kept his composure better than several of his opponents which I think had a lot to do with his success.


I said I wasn’t impressed with his *performance. * As in *how *he played. of course i’m impressed with an 8 year old kid placing probably 1000 spots higher than I ever would at an EVO event due to his characteristics. but I was not impressed with his hulk/sentinel play. everything he did was unsafe and either a) not covered by an assist b) not punished correctly because his opponents just didn’t know c) put into in a risky frame trap [H followed by S] which, in light of a 3 game set where one launcher by hulk could guarantee a dead character, wasn’t that bad of a decision.