Hello,haven’t posted for a LONG time,been busy blah blah.:slight_smile:


Just saying hi to those who remember me and i’ll will be posting more once i have some SF/Capcom or at least game related art.:smiley:

Random art below.

Hey damon welcome back! :smiley: :smiley: So long never see… and where is BlueSilver… his stuff rocks.

Well… hmm… that’s a pretty cool sketch. But the body seems a little to masculine for my taste he hee.

Well I guess that’s all. Hope to see some SF stuff from you.:smiley:

Yeah long time no see. Only crit would be make the head bigger. Peace.

allos daMON :slight_smile:
nice to see you again, how are you yak yak yak


<-- in a slightly manic mood


It’s good to be back…well,sorta back anyway.:smiley:

Mr.Twelve:Well,you see,I have this thing for big girls…:smiley:
Ex:The Chunster, R.Mika…

BlueSilver?Well,here’s a game related drawing from him.

Probably gonna draw some Rival School/Project Justice art since i been re-playing that game recently.:slight_smile:

SFMC:Alrighty,bigger head.Peace back. Thanks.:slight_smile:

rook:thanks i am fine blah blah :smiley:

random art below.this time somewhat game related.:smiley: