Humanity Disgusts Me


Really, WTF is this world coming to?

A mother kills her two children and had this to say:

“She added that she had given the children the “perfect” three-day holiday before she killed them.”

What? And then, their father was a pedophile and psychic TV presenter.


I don’t get the reference to Magneto


That’s his quote from UMVC3. He says it after he wins.


because the crazy bitch squeezed her kids…to death :coffee:


Those kids were defeated.


At least the father would have let them go it with a BANG!!


Why did I laugh at this??


Because you’re evil.


Fuck the death penalty, where is the torture the accused until they take their own life sentence.


What’s with all these threads where people find a random fucked up news story and then tell us all how they hate humanity, or society, or whatever and that they are much better because they would never cook their children in a microwave oven.

Also, you made a disgusting typo in the thread title, shame on you! I thought it said “Humanity Digests Me”, like this was a thread about cannibalism. And why do all the words start with a capital letter? What is Magneto doing there? I don’t play Marvel 3, is “nerd reactor” the name of one of his moves? What does it look like? Does it actually damage the player, in stead of his character? Why did voodazz laugh at that?

I need answers!


These dudes act like they are these upstanding citizens talking about humanity as they masturbate to child porn and swallow a handful of pills. Fuck outta here with that shit faggot. You came from the same cesspool and smell just as delicious as everyone else you fat turd.


Why’s your title Akuma Thurman yet you have an avatar of Charlie?

Magneto is there because of his quote, read the posts, or get Charlie’s glasses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why did you go for my title, in stead of my name? If it was because of the glasses joke, you could have still joked about missing an eye.
Why do you call yourself Intuitive2011, when you joined in 2012? Why didn’t you correct the thread title yet?


Goddamn. Cannot stop laughing at that Magneto reference.


I have fixed the title now, happy?
It’s my XBL live name.
Why did you boost my ego by checking out my page?
What’s an in stead?


if you want humanity to disgust you then look up the deep web or the hidden wiki to see some messed up stuff



That’s what instantly came to mind after I read the story and saw magneto. :rofl:


Squavity Greeze!

Do are yefeated?



This thread.:rofl:


I have a healthy appreciation for humanities habits of doing incredibly fucked up shit, but, why is it that people never post threads about humanities accomplishments and feats of grandeur? Sensationalists fuckers, its like the loot of you like to be tied up and then have stories like this poured on you like hot candle wax because it gets your dick hard.