Humans and Mutants will never co-exist. Magneto Thread


It will be a crime against humanity if this man, my favorite Mahvel character of all time, gets a whack from the nerf stick.

So ya, Magneto dudes, what do you want to see from everyones favorite Holocaust surviving metal bender in MvC3?


I just want his grunts to be back.Like when you ROM and stuff



I want to see the Zoom combo again.

I also would like to see him regain his Forcefield from X-Men: COTA, which allowed him to move while taking attacks and receiving no damage.


I want to see a Magneto vs M. Bison trailer.


Do you seriously think he won’t get nerfed? Take off your pink glasses sir.


Not confirmed.


I know he will. Still doesnt mean that i cant hope he wont

dude, its freaking Magneto, probably marvel’s most popular antagonist of all time. he’ll be in the game, rest assured