Humble avatar request

To anyone willing to tolerate the fervent plea of a noob…

I’d like an avatar; black and white background containing either of the fripp files, and whichever of the animated iori gif’s in the foreground. Username would also be a plus (capitalization IS important).

I appreciate anything that anyone can offer me.

man, did I do something to piss someone off?

Anywho, when perusing the work of av artists, I’ve found I like AsianDemon’s style. The Cable av you made for Viperbeam was incredible! Not sure why he didn’t use yours. So, if you’ve got jack to do, and want to help a guy out, I’d sure appreciate it.

should probably pm the guy incase he dun see this.

depending on how much time i got when i get back from ninjutsu, i might do it for ya. Just need to get adobe image ready again.

nice work

Sweet bearded Jesus!

Incredible job, dood. I owe you my first born!