Humble Sig Request

Sig Request

If someone is willing, I’d appreciate it if they made a sig for me using this image:

Basically, I want the image of Ryu in the pic with perhaps an orange background and any other nifty effects you’d like to add. I would like to use this sig for 2 seperate sites so if it’s not a problem, getting two copies (one with a slight variation) would be awesome.

The first is for this site, with no name tag added on.

The second is for a site where my tag is: Counterpunch. The size restrictions for that site are as follows:

  • Height must be less than 300 pixels
  • Width must be less than 500 pixels
  • File size must be less than 40kb

Thanks again, :tup:

I nabbed a copy of photoshop and gave this a try myself. Here are the results:

My first photoshop effort…

Still I’d like to see if anyone has something more refined up their sleave.